My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 882

Coach Qiushui is exercising alone! !
Chuck broke the record and left Wumen. Until today, it was all after-teaching talks of Wumen students!
They admire Chuck!
Envy Chuck!
Chuck is also a new goal!
Because, Chuck set a new record! !
This record may be unbreakable!
This will be a new history of Wumen!
Created by Chuck! !
Coach Qiushui sometimes thinks, when can I receive the new student with such a high talent?
Maybe, there won’t be any more!
It was a sudden that she wanted Chuck to be such a great student!
“Qiu Shui coach, Qiu Shui coach…”
Sweet nearly came down and ran in!
“Tiantian, what are you doing in such a hurry? I said, you must first improve your abilities before you talk about this matter!”
Coach Qiushui was helpless.
This sweet, since Chuck left Wumen, she came here every day!
Begging to let Coach Qiu Shui also accept her as a student.
However, the sweet talent is much worse than Chuck!
Coach Qiushui didn’t want to accept it.
Sweet still come every day!
She can’t say anything!
Because everyone is a woman.
“No, no, Coach Qiu Shui, I tell you bad news,” Tian Tian’s breath gasped.
She ran up the hill far away.
“What bad news?”
“Karen li is dead.” This is sweet, said a friend on the squinting side.
She just knew.
When I knew it, I ran to find Qiushui coach.
“What are you talking about?” Coach Qiushui was shocked!
Karen li is her idol!
“My squinting friend said that Karen li died unexpectedly.” Tian Tian said.
Coach Qiushui was even more shocked! !
How could there be an accident?
“Yes, I heard that when driving, I encountered a road collapse, and Karen li even led the car into the river and died.”
Qiushui coach Meimu fell silent, “Karen li is dead? So is Chuck?”
“Yes, Chuck has no mother.” Tiantian said.
Coach Qiushui was already at a loss, she suddenly sighed with emotion, and felt sorry for her!
Such a powerful person as Karen li died of an accident!
Maybe Karen li didn’t even think about it! !
What a shame that such a master of combat, such a death? !
Coach Qiushui sighed, “Are you sure?”
“Not sure if I dare to come and tell you!!”
Tian Tian repeatedly determined.
“This is a loss, and I don’t know what happened to Chuck, he must be very sad!!”
Chuck is her student. What happened to her student.
She didn’t know it until now.
No way, Coach Qiushui did not pay attention to the news on the other side of the country.
“Sure, Chuck must be very sad! I really want to go to Sui Guo to find him!” Tiantian expects this.
Chuck lost his loved ones, so sad!
“Zhang, Chuck?!” Suddenly, sweet and stunned!
Because three people came in!
One man and two women!
The man is Chuck!
The two women are all beautiful women!
Especially who is next to Chuck, Tian Tian feels that she has never seen such a beautiful woman!
Yvette. .
This is Chuck’s girlfriend!
Suddenly, Tiantian lost his gaze.
Coach Qiushui also had a surprised expression. She didn’t expect Chuck to come back, what is she doing?
Her beautiful eyes also saw Yvette.
Also surprised by Yvette’s perfect beauty!
“Coach Qiushui, I came here this time to ask one thing,” Chuck said.
Coach Qiushui stayed for three seconds, “Well, what do you want to ask?”
“I… my mother passed away. My mother still didn’t mention that request before. I wonder if I can use it now?”
This is the purpose of Chuck.
Coach Qiushui took a breath and really passed away?
She was sorry.
“I want to ask the talent line in Wumen!” Coach Qiushui replied like this!
“Well, then I will wait for your reply. I will stay in China for about three days,” Chuck shrugged.
“Okay… that Chuck, mourning and sorrow!” Coach Qiushui said sincerely.
She sometimes thought that one day she saw her idol Karen li!
However, there is no chance!
“Thank you.”
Chuck, Yvette, Betty are leaving.
For three days, deal with the last thing in China!
“Wait, Chuck.” Tian Tian chased outside.
“What? Something?” Chuck shrugged.
“I also have to say that the mourning goes smoothly.”
Tian Tian didn’t feel much confidence.
Yvette beside Chuck is so beautiful, she dare not say much.
“Thank you, if it’s okay, that’s it.” Chuck has another matter to deal with.
“Wait, Chuck, is this yours?”
“Wife, my wife Yvette.”
“Your wife?” Tian Tian feels sore nose, Chuck saves herself, there is no other idea?
Yes, Chuck’s wife is beautiful, what can you think?
“Yes, my wife, if it’s okay, that’s it,”
“It’s alright,” Tiantian wanted to cry.
Chuck, Yvette, Betty went down the mountain.
“Her husband, how does she look wrong in your eyes?” Yvette is a teacher and has strong observation power.
I found a sweet and sad expression.
“How do I know,” Chuck shrugged.
“You don’t know? Did the little sister just like you? You are in Wumen…Hum!” Yvette pretended to be angry.
Chuck smiled slightly and kissed Yvette.
“Nothing, don’t get me wrong!”
“I didn’t get it wrong, I don’t care about you,” Yvette shook his head, closer to Chuck, “I’m telling the truth, I want to control you, as a child, and now, too.”
Chuck smiled slightly!
After so many days and so many things, I was only relaxed when I was with Yvette.
After so many years, she grew up with Yvette, she still knows herself best!
“Master, are you going to find Yolanda now?”
Betty asked.
“Well, I have to explain something,”
Chuck shrugged.
“Okay, then I will fly the plane now and take the young master, so you will save a lot of time,”
Chuck, Yvette, get on the plane.
Cross the mountains!
“Husband, look, school, that’s the school where I am still a teacher!” Yvette saw.
She recalled her own memory.
Chuck also saw that, yes, the turning point in his life started at the university!
“At that time you were so strict,”
“I… I hate myself at that time,” Yvette shook his head, it was really annoying.
Too much for Chuck, forgot, Chuck was her husband at that time.
“I like you at that time, now you, because, I see that you are changing, the only thing that hasn’t changed is to me.” Chuck smiled slightly, feeling in his heart, he was happy and had a good wife.

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