My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 884

“Jian Yinan, what do you mean? Why do you say that? You and Chuck are good, why can’t you leave her offspring?”
Zelda felt that when she saw Yvette again, her words and deeds were too strange today.
“Nothing, by the way, can you say, what happened between you and him?” Yvette said.
“This…” Zelda was embarrassed.
However, Yvette asked and she said so.
Yvette was surprised, and was speechless, “It turns out…”
“Well, I… I’m sorry, I…” Zelda said embarrassedly.
The matter between her and Chuck is, to a large extent, just beyond control! !
“It’s okay, I was too strict with Chuck then.” Yvette also felt guilty.
At that time, Chuck could only find comfort in Zelda!
This is what she should not be a wife.
When Zelda was embarrassed, Yvette patted her shoulder and went down.
Zelda is sluggish, giving birth to Chuck?
This is what Zelda thinks about? ?
Zelda suddenly wanted to cry.
She went downstairs by herself, and suddenly found that Murong Qing, who had come to eat, was also dull.
She was busy and asked, “Murong Qing, what’s wrong with you?”
“I saw wife Chuck just now, she, she said to me, said…”
Murong Qing was also embarrassed.
Yvette met her and asked about the matter between Chuck and her attitude was too sincere.
Murong Qing couldn’t help saying.
She is mentally prepared to let Yvette slap her!
not at all!
Yvette’s expression was so dumb.
Yes, Yvette heard what Murong Qing said and Chuck, her only thought was to be speechless! !
Chuck, the little villain, did a lot of things!
Yvette didn’t know yet.
“How did Yvette change this time!”
Murong Qing asked.
“I also think, maybe, what happened to her.” Zelda worried.
Anyway, Yvette is also Chuck’s wife! !
They did not hope that Yvette had an accident.
“Ah, what’s the matter?”
The two women couldn’t understand!

“Here, I was brought over and lived with Chuck. I remember that I was five years old that year, and I slept with him on the first night.”
Unconsciously, Yvette came to a dilapidated old house.
Since Grandpa Chuck died.
No one has lived in this old house.
However, looking now, Yvette came back here, and many memories of his childhood popped up!
Yvette smiled.
“He cuddles me to sleep, and feels very strange. A two or three-year-old man, cuddles me to do what to do?”
“Next, get used to it. From that day on, sleep with him every day, read together, get out of school, eat together, stay together all day, slowly look at each other and grow up, now look, it is beautiful.”
Yvette fell into memory.
And Chuck’s growing memories.
Unconsciously, she smiled and smiled sincerely.
Many interesting things spring up.
“In the middle, I was confused, bad, bad for him, fortunately, he didn’t give up on me, and pulled me back,”
“I regret that I didn’t have a baby for him, however, there may be no time… Husband, the last thing I have regretted in my life is meeting you, without you, I don’t know what it will become, yet Nice to have you, but we are going to separate!”
Yvette sighed, and suddenly, she was indifferent, “Come out!!”
A short-haired beauty came out.
Long Yi!
From Chuck, Betty, and Yvette back from the squint country, Long Yi has been following!
However, she was too cautious, no one found!
However, at this moment, Yvette was discovered.
“How do you know me?” Long Yi asked with a smile.
“Feel,” Yes, this is Yvette’s feeling.
Her eyes were cold, “Did you kill Karen li? Kill my husband’s mother??”
At this moment, she was cold!
“Yes, it’s me!” Long Yi smiled slightly!
“Don’t you have a conflict with Karen li? You should thank me for helping you kill someone you can’t kill in a lifetime!”
“I won’t thank you, because you let my husband lose my mother, and make my husband sad!”
“Huh, pretend?? Karen li killed your dad, don’t you always want to kill her? You have to thank me!” Long Yi said coldly!
Yvette was silent for three seconds, “I wanted to kill her, but I never thought of using that kind of assassination, that is shameless, so that she has no bones until now!!”
Until now, Karen li’s body has not been found!
There is no hope!
Too long!
Yvette was suddenly sad! !
Karen li has always been tolerant to her, and still has time to teach her!
Encourage her!
However, he was assassinated…
“Too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Be smart and follow me back!” Long Yi stepped closer!
“Don’t you kill me?”
“Kill you, when my lady sees you, she will kill you! Rest assured!”
“Miss? You are not the one to You Shiwen?” Yvette was stunned!
You Shiwen is the owner.
How could the people be called Miss You Shiwen? ?
“Hey, what do you say?” Long Yi smiled slightly!
Yvette was suddenly angry, “You, you are Wan Ziwen’s person? She let you assassinate Karen li, assassinate Logan, Black Rose!!!”
“Yes, you only know now, it’s a little late!” Long Yi kept smiling!
“Wan Ziwen. Why did she do this? Why!!!” Yvette couldn’t control it!
Having said that, Wan Wan did it for the first time because of Logan? ?
Logan knew that Wan Ziwen was too strong, so she went out in silence.
“Why? Karen li is too annoying and must die! Well Logan, don’t you know she is the spare tire cultivated by Karen li? Oh, you don’t know, an embryo, of course, the young lady will kill her!
As for that black rose , It was purely coincidental, she killed herself!” Long Yi smiled slightly.
Yvette was in horror!
Chuck, Chuck thought that You Shiwen was the murderer who killed Karen li!
“Don’t struggle, because it’s useless!”
Long Yi stepped forward!
Yvette pulled out his gun!
Peng, Peng, Peng!
No bullet hit Long Yi!
“Your marksmanship is so bad!” Long Yi kicked!
Yvette had no time to shoot!
Already kicked!
Yvette spit out blood, still standing!
“Everyone said, don’t resist, you just don’t believe it, you see!”
“I’m going to kill you!!”
Yvette broke out!
She rushed out!
It took what she learned during this time!
Show all!
Most people will be surprised, but Long Yi smiled slightly and directly governed Yvette!
“Don’t obey, you will be punished! Get a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, you will be able to see my lady. You will be very happy, because most people are not qualified to see my lady…”
Long Yi smiled slightly and pressed his fingers hard!
Yvette couldn’t resist, fell into a coma, and finally murmured, “Her…”

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