My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 892

Betty bravely grabbed Chuck’s hand and wanted to calm Chuck!
In this case, you can never be blinded by anger!
There will be an accident!
“Master! I know what is on your shoulders, but I ask Master to calm down a little bit, OK?”
Betty wept!
After returning from China, Chuck never laughed.
She saw Chuck haggardly day by day, but the hate in her eyes accumulated day by day to today’s extreme! !
“I know, Sister Li, don’t worry!” Chuck woke up.
This is now Chuck’s only chance to avenge his mother!
Chuck can’t go wrong!
“I believe Master can do it! Yes!” Betty said.
Chuck suddenly turned her head, “Sister Li, I want you to remember every word I have now!”
“Okay, Master, you said, I will remember all!!” Betty said.
“You should think that if I do this, I will take great risks! If you kill You Shiwen, then the Zhang family will eat the tour home of You Shiwen, and everything my mom will eat, and the Zhang family will eat it. Do you think so?” Chuck asked.
“I… Yes, but Master, your orders, no matter whether it is right or wrong, I will listen. Whatever Master wants me to do, I will do what I want.” Betty said with tears.
“Sister Li, if I tell you, I already knew Zhang’s thoughts, would you be surprised?”
“Unsurprisingly, young master, you are Mr. Li’s biological son! Not only inherits Mr. Li’s fighting genes, but also Mr. Li’s mind!” Betty has always felt that she suddenly thought of something, “Young Master, what do you mean? ?”
“Yes, I know the Zhang family’s thoughts, and I know Yu Shiwen’s thoughts, too…” Chuck’s eyes shone!
“Master, are you?” In a trance, Chuck was silent, making Betty have a kind of contemplative look at Karen li.
“Now, things are similar to what I thought, so, next thing, Sister Li, you must listen clearly…”
Chuck said.
“Okay, Master, you said!!!”

The helicopter on the Zhang’s side flew to the top of the mountain!
The pavilion is ready here!
The deliberation is here!
The Zhang family head, the fire dragon, and Zhang Xiang all appeared!
Came to the pavilion!
“Grandpa, You Shiwen should come over right away. The people on my side said they have seen You’s plane!” Zhang Xiang said.
“Well,” the Zhang family owner couldn’t control the excitement!
“How about Chuck?”
“Karen li’s technology company has developed a glass that blends with the environment and is also a display screen. He used this display screen to hide,” Zhang Xiang learned in advance!
“Humph!” The Zhang family didn’t care.
Rumble! !
A luxury plane flew over here!
“Grandpa, You Shiwen is here!” Zhang Xiang was excited!
“Okay, people are ready!” Zhang Family lord ordered.
“Grandpa is assured that as long as You Shiwen comes out, she can’t leave!” Zhang Xiang’s eyes shone!
For this day, she hasn’t slept well these days, and I don’t know how many times I worry about it!
Today is absolutely foolproof!
The plane stopped!
Come down a few people.
“That’s Yu Shiwen?” Zhang Family head asked.
Headed by a woman.
Twenty years old.
There is a domineering.
“Yes, she is You Shiwen, she appeared!” Zhang Xiang said.
The Zhangjia family smiled slightly and appeared! !
Not easy!
“Hello homekeeper!” said Zhangjia homeowner with a slight smile.
You Shiwen beautiful eyes shone, “This place is good!”
“Oh, this place is beautiful, and you like it. You can give it to you.” Zhang Family smiled.
“No, let’s talk straight, Alliance, how do you want to alliance?” You Shiwen asked.
“Haha! Of course it’s your home visit, and I have cooperated with Zhang Family!” Zhang Family Master laughed.
“Oh, how do you want to cooperate?” You Shiwen is indifferent.
“Join the power of our two heads of households to deal with 10,000 families together…”
“Union? I can understand that you Zhang family ate my wandering house, and then deal with Wanjia, does that mean?” You Shiwen asked.
“Well, what do you mean by the housekeeper?” Zhangjiazhu said with a smile.
Zhang Xiang sneered, Fire Dragon was indifferent!
“Okay, the Ming people will not talk secretly, let your people come out!” You Shiwen Road!
“Haha! You know there are traps today!” Zhang Family head smiled slightly!
“Yes, I’m not stupid! In this case, you suddenly made an appointment, the purpose is obvious!
And I have the same idea as you, just don’t know who will succeed today?” You Shiwen Meimu Bing! !
“Haha, what do you say! This place belongs to my Zhang family! What do you think you can do!” Zhang Family said angrily.
“Not necessarily! Your people don’t come out? Then. Just let my people, force your people out!!”
You Shiwen said!
There is a person falling from a big tree!
Is a man in black, is arranged by Zhang family!
Dead on the ground!
The owner of the Zhang family is angry, isn’t his own person arranged? How could someone be assassinated? ?
Fire Dragon was shocked! !
“Do you think your mind I don’t know? Do you think I will agree to meet here, I will not be prepared at all?? You are too small to look at me.” You Shiwen indifferent.
This place, she has been secretly detected!
Manpower has already been arranged!
Her assassination is very strong!
This is her own design distribution!
It is bound to destroy the Zhang family today!
Because it was the Zhang family who killed themselves! !
“Humph! Kill me alone, come out!!!” Zhang Family head was angry!
The trees around the top of the mountain are shaking!
Dozens of helicopters appeared in the air! !
You Shiwen remained indifferent to this, “This is your means!”
“Haha! What do you think?? In order to let you bury yourself here, I’ve worked hard! By the way, do you know who brought this up?”
The owner of the Zhang family smiled slightly! Zhang Xiang calmed down, Fire Dragon calmed down!
You Shiwen’s preparation is useless!
Just dying and struggling! !
“Who brought it up? Isn’t it your Zhang family?” You Shiwen Liu frowned!
The person behind her whispered that the meaning of this sentence was not the Zhang family? ?
Others? !
“Haha! It seems that he still has some skills, you don’t even know it until now, you are led by him!” Zhang Jiazhu laughed.
Yu Shiwen beautiful eyes are cold! Whoever thought of it, anger in my heart!
“Yes, I tell you, you can come out, he told me what to say, but he is going to kill you today! You don’t know who he is yet? It doesn’t matter, I tell you!!!”
The Zhangjia family laughed and said, “Where did you die Chuck?! Your enemy, Shiwen, appeared! Not coming out yet?!”

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