My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 894

“Huh, you’re overwhelmed, and care about her?”
The fire dragon disdains.
Now is the best time to bombard You Shiwen. How could he let it go? ?
Chuckfang was able to repel You Shiwen, only because he was surprised!
Really thought you could beat You Shiwen? ?
wishful thinking! !
He punched away!
Suddenly felt a blow from behind! !
Fire Dragon was shocked, and the moment he turned his head subconsciously, he was shocked!
Because only one second passed, You Shiwen’s bodyguard actually lay on the ground! !
Only when he turned his head to prepare to kill Shiwen, what happened? !
In one second, did you solve the bodyguard brought by You Shiwen? !
how can that be?
When Fire Dragon was shocked, Chuck’s fist was approaching! !
“court death!!”
He is the first master of Zhang family!
He seemed to let Chuck know what the gap between heaven and earth is! !
boom! !
Fists are banging!
Fire Dragon’s expression twisted for a moment, “ache!”
Fist tingling, arm numbness, shocked!
Why is this punch so heavy? ?
Chuck is a man who can’t afford anything for two hundred pounds!
why! !
Fire Dragon is puzzled!
A fist has already hit him!
Fire Dragon uses a fist!
boom! !
He was staggered and smashed, twisting back, Chuck kicked out! !
In one go!
The fire dragon screamed, fell five meters, and his ribs broke! !
Spit blood!
“You!” Fire Dragon is in horror!
Zhang Family, Zhang Xiang is also shocked!
Fire Dragon, Zhang master first!
Was frightened at the moment and was beaten?
What happened?
“Impossible, impossible. How come your fists are so heavy? You can’t even lift up to two hundred kilos!” Fire Dragon coughed up violently!
He became the Zhangjia bodyguard, the first person in Zhangjia bodyguard, has not been so embarrassed like today!
Two punches were beaten!
He wanted Chuck to know that the difference between Chuck and him was, however, the opposite!
Chuck made a punch, letting him know the gap between himself and Chuck! !
“Two hundred kilograms? You are wrong. I have something close to two hundred and forty kilograms now! Do you know?” Chuck said.
“Impossible, you!!!” Fire Dragon horrified!
Chuck means that he carried two hundred and forty kilos of things with him. So at that time, it was impossible to lift two hundred kilograms. At that time, it was four hundred kilograms? ?
Fire Dragon stunned!
boom! !
Chuck was already frightened when the fire dragon was shocked!
Fire Dragon hastily rebelled!
However, this punch is too heavy!
The fire dragon was smashed down!
Blood spewing out!
Embarrassed! !
Chuck leaped, he stepped on it!
Step on the fire dragon body directly!
Fire Dragon is shocked!
He ran, escaped, rebelled, but it was useless!
Chuck after further study is unstoppable!
He is unavoidable! !
Chuck stepped on it, and the Fire Dragon’s sternum broke, terrified for three seconds, and his body hung down.
“You know? Your strength is very poor!!!” Chuck said.
“You…” Huo’s eyes widened.
died! !
When he was dying, he understood the truth, to underestimate others is to pay a price…
Zhang Family, Zhang Xiang has been shocked!
is this real? ?
Zhang Ze’s strongest bodyguard was solved by Chuck in less than a minute? ?
is this real?
At this moment, the two of them are at a loss!
Chuck didn’t look at the fire dragon’s body anymore, disdain!
Chuck only knew at this time how powerful his mother was! !
Unfortunately, my mother can’t see it because her mother has…
“You Shiwen, you are mine, no one can kill you, only me!” Chuck stepped forward step by step! !
His anger is condensing!
Bloody eyes!
You Shiwen is hiding in You’s home, and Chuck has no way to do it. However, today, You Shiwen is drawn out, so today, she will pay the price of death for everything she does! !
“You shouldn’t kill my mother, kill Logan, kill Black Rose, kill Yvette, shouldn’t it!!” Chuck approached.
“I like it, like it!” You Shiwen has already stood up straight.
Chuck punched out!
This is a furious punch!
You Shiwen can’t avoid it!
Unbearable, be beaten again!
Chuck approached step by step, his blood-red eyes were already blurred, Mom, have you seen it?
I am avenging you! revenge! !
“This is for my mother! For my mother!”
Chuckbang, hit with a punch!
You Shiwen is blocking, being beaten!
“This is for Logan!”
Another punch!
The huge gap, You Shiwen can’t resist!
You Shiwen fell to the ground in embarrassment.
She climbed up coldly!
“This is for my wife Yvette!” Chuck clenched his fists!
boom! !
This is a punch of power!
You Shiwen is also a master of fighting, she did not study in Wumen, so the gap with Chuck opened up! !
However, she also grew up among the dead! !
Her body has been baptized by death, because, she has too many injuries, countless times on the verge of death, she can bear a lot of blows!
“This is for the black rose!!”
The fourth punch, Chuck hit!
You Shiwen fell five meters!
Spit blood!
You Shiwen still got up, “You didn’t eat!”
You Shiwen is already crumbling, but she still said so.
“I’ve already begged you, why do you want to kill Logan, black roses, and my wife Yvette?”
Chuck suffered to the extreme! !
These are the people around me!
At this moment, there are already yin and yang! !
“I am happy, just like you shot me!! Same!” You Shiwen said coldly.
In an instant, Chuck was even more painful!
He came to the crumbling You Shiwen and pinched You Shiwen’s neck!
This man, killed the person closest to him! The closest person! !
“Because of this, you killed my mother? Killed the people around me?” Chuck blood red eyes.
“Yes, you shot me first! So I’m going to kill the people around you, you did the wrong thing first!” You Shiwen growled! !
“Wrong, wrong, I have told you, I didn’t shoot you! Why don’t you believe me!!” Chuck was suffering.
“I don’t believe it, you shot me!”
“I didn’t. I passed by, and when I saw a gun on the ground, I picked it up. The man who shot had already left, and you saw me and said I shot, I explained, you don’t listen, I No shots! No!
However… Now that these are meaningless, you killed my mother and they, now, you Shiwen, you will go down to accompany them!!!”
Chuck’s eyes were cold, pinching the hand around You Shiwen’s neck, and suddenly he exerted force! !

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