My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 895

“Have you really shot me?” You Shiwen asked uncomfortably.
Her neck was caught by Chuck’s big hand, and her breathing was difficult!
At this moment, it was her closest time to death! !
More serious than ever!
“Answer me, let me know!” You Shiwen’s face was pinched red!
“No! I was to save you that day, but you killed my mother and killed Tang…”
“You didn’t shoot me, then I didn’t kill your mother, no!” You Shiwen shook his head in pain.
“Useless, you will definitely die today!!” Chuck was indifferent.
“You don’t believe me? Okay! I’ll prove it to you!!!” You Shiwen suddenly raised her hand!
One place, one bullet came over!
A pit appeared on the ground! !
Then, a red dot appeared in Chuck’s brow! !
A sniper has been pointing at Chuck!
This You Shiwen has never shot!
“When you hit me, I would have let him shoot! I didn’t, because I have to ask you if you shoot!!”
You Shiwen coughed and said, “If it was me who killed Karen li, I shot someone to kill you when you hit me just now!”
“Do you think he can hit me?” Chuck was indifferent.
“You can try! I didn’t kill Karen li, no!” You Shiwen coughed.
Chuck’s eyes flickered, “You don’t? How do you let me believe in you?”
“Simple, just like I believed you just now and didn’t shoot me! You know me, and I know you too!” You Shiwen’s anger was gone, his indifference was gone.
It seems that when I first came to know Chuck, I invited Chuck to eat noodles. The two just met.
However, in one night, the two became acquainted.
Meet each other and become a friend.
That is, You Shiwen’s first friend, sincere friend!
You Shiwen felt very relieved that even if she slept with Chuck, she didn’t have to worry about what would happen because she took Chuck as a sister.
“No! It wasn’t you who killed it. Who was that?” Chuck asked coldly.
Continue to work hard!
“Three secret families, who do you think, besides me, have this ability? Have you thought about it?”
“Wan Ziwen! I have visited her, she is not!”
“No, that’s because I confessed, you no longer doubt her right?”
Chuck was silent for three seconds, yes, You Shiwen suddenly admitted!
Chuck scrubbed the suspicion of Wan Ziwen!
“Your suspicion is the biggest! Because you think I shot you!”
“Yes, I think, but I am so cruel, to kill Karen li? Kill the people around you? Do you think it is possible? Karen li let me once, I can’t kill her, do you know? ?” You Shiwen spoke his heart.
Yes, even if he finally turned over with Chuck!
Karen li, she will eventually let her go again!
It’s kind of giving back to Karen li before he didn’t kill! You Shiwen is such a person.
When the heart is cruel, when the heart is soft, absolutely soft!
“You are quibbling!”
“I haven’t, Wan Ziwen, you don’t doubt, but you doubt me, and you call me to question me, I’m angry, so I said it was killed, is it enough? I can still say, I killed, I killed Yes! Karen li, Logan, Black Rose, Yvette, I killed them. Do you believe it? Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied?” You Shiwen suddenly roared!
She was wronged suddenly!
Chuck’s question, why? !
Are you the kind of person? ?
“There is a person beside Wan Ziwen, Long Yi. I don’t know if you have seen it before. She has the ability to kill Karen li. There is no one on my side who can calculate Karen li. The strongest bodyguard in my home has been killed by Karen li. Dead, where can I find someone to kill her?
How do you want me to explain?”
“Long Yi!!”
Chuck remembers the short-haired woman beside Wan Ziwen, Long Yi!
“Yes, she is one of the strongest bodyguards in Wanjia! She has the ability to assassinate Karen li! Do you know? What does Wan Ziwen think of you? What does Wan Ziwen ask me to do, do you know? ”
“What does she ask you to do?”
“She likes you, so after letting me be the homemaker of the wandering house, I suppress you and ask you to beg her…”
You Shiwen said everything! !
“The reason why Karen li was let her assassinate Long Yi was because Karen li was in the way, she wanted to isolate you, let you be isolated and helpless, and finally begged her to be with her, do you know?”
Chuck trembling with You Shiwen’s hand!
“Uncomfortable, you let go, are you really going to kill me?? I have said, not that I sent someone, not me!” You Shiwen was angry!
A bullet and Chuck passed by!
Youjia’s sniper shot!
“Don’t shoot!!” You Shiwen growled, “If you see it, I can let someone kill you, yes!! If it were me, you would have died!”
“not necessarily!”
A bullet was shot in one place!
Hit a place.
The red dot against Chuck’s eyebrows shook, Betty shot and found this sniper against Chuck!
“Also, kill me, you are going to die too!” Chuck knew and prepared everything!
If you die, you will have to go to Shiwen!
Because there are too many small bombs in Chuck’s hands!
“You really changed and became as shrewd as Karen li!” You Shiwen said, “But you, shrewd, don’t believe me at all! I believe you, you don’t believe me, you…”
Suddenly, Chucksong let go!
You Shiwen coughed, “Cough, cough…”
“Wan Ziwen found someone to kill my mother? Wan Ziwen, Wan Ziwen…”
Chuck murmured to herself at this moment. Chuck thought of it. When she went to see Wan Ziwen, she pretended to be sad and acted really well. However, they were all murderous!
Chuck understood why Chuck felt uncomfortable when he first saw Long Yi because Long Yi killed his mother! !
Chuck blood red eyes!
“Do you believe it? Wan Ziwen controls all this. From the moment you know her, you are controlled by her step by step,” You Shiwen said.
She is much better.
I am in a good mood, because she is the only friend who understands her, or that friend, has not changed, but she misunderstood him. .
“You are taken by her, she just wants to help you step by step, you will only find her, she can control you, because, she wants to control everyone!”
“She did it, she did it, it was her who killed my mother, and Logan, Black Rose, and Yvette was her!”
At this moment, Chuck has fallen into anger!
It turned out that I have been wrong! !
“Yes, it’s her, what are you going to do?” You Shiwen asked.
“They avenge my mom!!”
Chuck clenched his fists and shone his eyes, and it was so cold that Wan Ziwen and Long Yi, I would kill you Chuck! !

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