My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 913 (END)

In an instant, the Zhang family head was in panic!
This kind of fear is much more than facing Wan Ziwen!
“Karen li, you…” Zhang Family head stuttered.
“Are you still a chess player? Are you also worthy?” Karen li finished, leaving Zhang Qingyang, who was about to die seriously!
Zhangjia family remorse!
Only then did he understand that Karen li was someone she could not control! !
“Grandpa, we, what shall we do?” Zhang Xiang ran over and asked.
“Alas, Zhang Family, Zhang Family… Alas!” Zhang Family sighed.
Zhang Qingyang didn’t know if he could live, and the rest of the Zhang family could not inherit the Zhang family!
“Grandpa, let me be the head of the house,” Zhang Xiang Maosui recommended himself.
Zhang Family slaps her face with a slap, “Just you? Do you want to pass the Zhang family down from the ancestors?”
Zhang Xiang clutched his cheek and dared not say a word.
Zhang Family sighed back and Zhang Xiang followed.
You Shiwen came over, “Congratulations, you have collected ten thousand families and become the real first family!”
Chuck shook his head, these? ?
“See you later, I may have something to ask for your help, are you willing?” You Shiwen said suddenly.
“Well, willing, what is it?”
“I’ll look for you in a few days, and I’ll say it later,” You Shiwen finished and left.
The wanderers keep up!
Chuck whispered, what do you want to do for You Shiwen?
Forget it, I’ll know it in a few days.
With the help of Betty, Logan, Black Rose, and Yvette, Chuck succeeded in taking over the first hidden family, Wan Jia. Chuck’s commercial empire on the other side of Yan Xia is flourishing!
The investment is getting bigger and bigger, Chuck’s movie is released and sold, and Chuck’s new medicine is sold!
Everything is going to the top direction…
Many people do not know, but some people already know that Chuck has become the richest person! Slowly, I have to walk towards the first combat master…
A villa in Yanxia was decorated festively! Zhang Deng winning!
Yes, Chuck, the sweetheart, Yvette made up for the wedding today! !
Many, many people have come!
Zelda, Murong Qing, Logan, Black Rose, Yolanda, Liu Na, Queenie, Alice, Emily, Du Peixin, Lara, Chalotte…
“Did Chuck touch you?” Murong Qing asked. She was lost today, but she was happy when she saw Chuck married.
“What do you ask about this?” Zelda was speechless.
Her beautiful eyes revealed tenderness, “Chuck and I were originally the kind, secret, undisclosed, do you control me?”
“Well, we are all secret now. I dare not be in front of Yvette, but Chuck is scornful,” Murong Qing said.
“Me too,” Zelda also responded, “But she knows our relationship with Chuck, and she didn’t say anything…”
“Yes.” Murong Qing shrugged and had to find Chuck in a few days.
“Yolanda, haven’t you told him yet?” Liu Na asked.
“No, maybe, needless to say,” Yolanda looked away. She is too busy now!
There is no time to think about this problem, maybe one day, she relaxes, and when she is alone with Chuck, she may say it!
The two kept silent and drank each other. Today is a day of great joy!
“Mom, I thought you weren’t coming,” Emily said.
Alice gave a blush and said, “Me, didn’t you pull me here?”
“I’ll pull you in, and you will come? Make it clear that you want to see him.”
“No, I…” Alice wanted to explain, Emily didn’t listen, “Don’t say it, be happier today, Du Peixin, drink!”
Emily went to Du Peixin to drink.
Alice smiled softly, “You are married…”
In the corner, Logan was holding a wine glass and smiling. A person came by her side, Black Rose!
The two are true friends.
“How about you and Chuck?” Black Rose asked.
“Very good,” Logan smiled slightly, very good.
Today, Chuck and Yvette get married!
Last night, Chuck also had a long talk with her all night long, holding hands and talking without doing anything. In the morning, Chuck lay asleep on her body.
Logan felt very satisfied.
This may be enough, because Logan does not demand too much, but Logan recently had an idea, that is, who can accompany himself when Chuck is away? ?
So, she was ready to do something the next time Chuck came over to talk to her all night long.
When you are pregnant and have a baby, Logan will not be so bored.
This depends on the meaning of Chuck, anyway, what Chuck wants, Logan will give, including the body.
Black Rose has a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring at Chuck. He hasn’t eaten the mung bean cake given by Chuck for a long time. Will he give it to himself again? ?
Chuck and Yvette, under the watchful eyes of all their friends and relatives, came hand in hand with blessing.
“Lara, what are you crying for?” Chalotte was helpless!
“I’m crying with joy.” Lara said sadly, she knew she could cry on this occasion?
Chuck, Yvette hugged each other with a smile…
Friends and relatives present are boiling!
At the same time, You Jia and You Shiwen watched the video. This is the live video of Chuck and Yvette getting married.
“Very good, very lively, very lively…”
You Shiwen stroked her big belly, she smiled slightly, “Look, your father is married, married today…”
Karen li and Zhang Qingyang are sitting at the same table, and they are in the same respect!
“You, don’t you plan to return to Zhang’s house?” Karen li asked.
“I don’t plan,” Zhang Qingyang just woke up and was still haggard. The Zhang family called every day. Zhang Qingyang didn’t want to answer it. He had left Zhang family.
“You know, I don’t care what you do.”
“I know, but, I don’t want to go back, let him go!” Zhang Qingyang, “I did a lot of regrets, but the only thing I don’t regret is marrying you…”
Zhang Qingyang grabbed Karen li’s hand.
“Me too, but I don’t regret two things,”
“What else do you regret?”
“Cer, I don’t regret giving birth to him…”
Karen li smiled slightly and fell into memory, “My strategy is finally growing up today, married, so good, so good…”

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