My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 92

Seeing his mother come in, Chuck was completely relieved.
“Who is her mother? Dare to kick my door? Looking for death! You two fools!” The blue-haired girl was immediately annoyed, and rushed to beat Karen Li.
However, Karen Li just glanced at her, turning a blind eye, Betty beside her with quick eyesight, raised her hand and slapped her first!
Snapped! !
The sound of a crisp skin flapping sounded, and the blue-haired woman’s face was red and swollen, and she sat on the ground with a shocked face, and was stunned.
The few big guys in the private room were dumbfounded. This is the daughter of the bar owner. This is the boss. He just called hundreds of people over, how dare to call?
What a fate!
Charlotte’s eyes widened too. She didn’t know Karen Li, nor did she know Betty who shot her, but the two women had an aura that ordinary people didn’t have. Charlotte was completely shocked.
“Do you dare to hit me?? Do you fu*king know who I am? I…” The blue-haired girl came back to her senses. She was beaten just now?
How could this be possible, someone dared to beat him in his father’s bar? Looking for death! !
She got up from the ground angrily, but the second slap greeted her! !
Betty slapped it out again, and the blue-haired girl fell to the ground again with an ouch.
“Fu*k you! Fu*k! Go!” The white-haired man on the sofa stood up cursing, and several big men in the private room rushed over.
Chuck was shocked to see that these big guys are tall and mammoth, almost as strong as a cow. Betty is still a woman, can he fight?
Chuck gritted his teeth and grabbed the wine bottle on the table, but Bettyli said, “Master, you don’t need to do it.”
Charlotte was dumbfounded, Master? ? Who is Chuck?
Betty’s body speed is very fast, she seems to be proficient in various fighting skills, knows the fastest way to subdue a person, she punched a big man in the cheek, the action is fast and accurate!
The big man snorted and fainted as soon as he closed his eyes. The other big guys were dumbfounded, and Betty moved her body again, using her fighting skills to be more than enough to besieged by a few people, and with a punch, there was a big guy in an instant. Fainting.
It was really three times five divided by two, and several people lay on the ground one by one, and Betty was unscathed!
Chuck was shocked, Betty fought so hard? Have you had such a great day?
He was looking forward to it.
The white-haired man was already dumbfounded, “You, you…”
Betty glanced at him, raised her hand and slapped it out heavily. The white-haired man screamed. He fell to the ground like a dead pig and fainted. He was so weak that he could not stand a blow, and he was really a little white face.
Charlotte was completely stunned, she couldn’t recover, as if she was dreaming.
The blue-haired girl was completely dumbfounded. She got up from the ground and stared at Betty as if she saw a ghost.
“I heard that you are going to pay three million?” Karen Li sat down, his voice was so light and light.
“Who is your mother? This is my dad’s place, do you dare to hit me?” The blue-haired girl was furious, but…
Betty’s eyes were cold, her eyes were quick and her hands were quick, she slapped her out again with a flash!
The blue-haired girl screamed and fell to the ground with a look of horror.
“Be careful when you talk to me.” Karen Li looked at her.
“Ah, ah!”
The blue-haired girl got up from the ground and retreated to the door, “Your mother will wait for me. I will tell my dad to come over and tell my dad to kill you!!”
“Then you go and applaud,” Karen Li’s tone was still so light.
“You will regret it, I am going to smash your face today! Let you all kneel and beg me for mercy!” The blue-haired girl opened the door angrily and ran out, quieting down in the private room.
Chuck was a little nervous.
“What are you doing while standing? Come and sit.” Karen Li smiled. The coldness just now disappeared. Betty was standing beside Karen Li.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, but hesitated, and walked to Charlotte’s side. Lara was completely drunk and was sleeping on the ground. Charlotte looked at Chuck with a dull gaze. What happened just now gave her an unprecedented shock. .
A woman could be so powerful, and she actually called Chuck the young master, then she… Charlotte looked at Karen Li…
All this has made Charlotte unable to bear.
“Are you okay?” Chuck asked.
Charlotte shook her head blankly, when she was about to speak, snap!
The door was kicked open again, and the blue-haired woman walked in with a man with a big belly. There were actually twenty or thirty thugs behind her. They were as big as a bison, and they came in fiercely like a scourge.
In the private room, the atmosphere became tense!
Charlotte was already shaking all over!
“Dad, it’s just a few of them. They hit me just now. You see my face was disfigured by them, oh…” The blue-haired girl was so aggrieved to cry, but stared viciously at Karen Li.
“It’s okay, whoever beats you, I will make her return ten times!” The fat man said, his tone was cold and full of majesty.
Dozens of people behind him stared at him, as if ready to do it at any time.
“No, Dad, I want to smash their faces and see them bleeding, bleeding!! You see my face looks like this,” the blue-haired woman was wronged.
“Okay, just listen to you, be good, find a place to sit down by yourself.” The fat man nodded.
The blue-haired girl glared at Karen Li and Betty, and sat down with a playful look, and opened a bottle of red wine, as if waiting to appreciate Li Qingzhao’s face being beaten.
The obese man looked at Karen Li, “I only have one daughter, and the person I love most is her. I once sweared that whoever dares to bully my daughter, I will make her regret it! And you beat my daughter, okay!”
The fat man said, raising his hand.
A person behind him threw a dagger out, and the sharp dagger fell on the table in front of Karen Li.
“Do it yourself! Whether you come to each other or stab yourself, three times! Three times must be done! I can make you feel better.”
The fat man’s voice is full of blood, dare to beat his daughter in this place? Definitely have to pay the price of blood!
“Interesting.” Karen Li glanced at the dagger on the table, his eyes were so plain.
“Need me to repeat it a second time?” The fat man narrowed his eyes and shot out hideously!
Dozens of big men behind him pressed out a fierce aura, completely like a beast biting and eating people, nervous, the atmosphere in the private room was extremely tense, silent! !
It’s like bleeding in the next second!
Chuck was not nervous anymore. The scene in the hotel last time was much larger than today. It was nothing. Chuck walked over to Karen Li and sat down. Karen Li smiled slightly, “What do you want to do?”
Chuck thought for a while, but he didn’t even know it, depending on how his mother handled it.
Chuck said so, and Karen Li nodded, “Okay, then I will deal with it, Betty, do it!”
Betty walked out, and dozens of big men in the private room sneered. They all sneered disdainfully. Isn’t this woman sneer?
They know that Betty is a bit powerful, but now there are twenty or thirty people, how good is it? Everyone can kill you with one punch.
There was a touch of blood on the corner of the fat man’s mouth, and the blue-haired girl smiled. What she wanted to see most was that Betty was beaten, because she was beaten by Betty just now.
“Since you are not obedient, then prepare to be hospitalized!” The fat man raised his hand, and dozens of people pressed over.
“Wait!” Karen Li said suddenly.
“Now figured it out? Yes, you still have a chance to stab yourself!” The hideous man’s face became thick.
“No, I asked you to wait!” Karen Li calmly looked at the dozens of big men present, and they sneered. Why do you let us wait? !
“Pray for mercy?” The fat man sneered, “It’s useless, today you…”
“You don’t want to be fired, just stop, I can give you a chance,” Karen Li said.
“What, dismissal? I’m so ridiculous, your mother is not our boss, and you dismissed us? The boss is here!”
“What a shameless woman!”
The big guy in the room sneered sarcastically, as if he had heard a big joke.
The fat man even showed a hint of sarcasm, “Are you talking in sleep? Haha! The boss is me, what qualifications do you have to fire them?!”
“No, you won’t be anymore from now on, because I am attracted to this place!” Karen Li said calmly.

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