My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 93

The people in the private room laughed at Karen Li’s words.
“I heard you right? Do you think you can buy vegetables at the vegetable market? You can buy it if you like it?”
“Haha, that’s a real laugh. She really thought it was a vegetable market and thought she could buy it for a few dollars? Really ignorant. My boss spent 50 million just decorating this place! Nima can buy it for a few dollars?”
“This is really big!”
They ridiculed Karen Li endlessly, and the entire private room was filled with their ridiculous voices.
Chuck was a little surprised, his mother actually took a fancy to this place? This place shouldn’t be caught by my mother’s eyes, right? After all, although the consumption of this place is high, it does noeel too luxurious in terms of decoration. It is far from the five-star hotel that my mom bought. Mom wants to buy it?
Chuck looked at his mother curiously.
The fat man was startled, as if he had heard it wrong, his fat face was endlessly cold, and his eyes were like beasts!
In his opinion, Karen Li was actually provoking him and insulting him!
This bar was opened only after he invested hundreds of millions in it. How could anyone say that he could see it?
“What are you talking about? You are looking for death!” The fat man’s voice was gloomy, and his eyes shot out killing intent! !
“You are talking about yourself.” Karen Li’s eyes were so indifferent!
The blue-haired girl laughed and laughed tauntingly, she walked over from the chair, “You don’t look at how you are, but her mother looks at this place. Do you know how much my dad costs? You and her mother will sell it. …”
Karen Li just glanced at her, Betty rushed out, slapped her out heavily!
The crisp sound of slapped flesh left a mark on one cheek of the blue-haired girl. The blue-haired girl screamed and fell to the ground like garbage. Her cheeks were red and swollen, and she was fainted by the slap. Lie still on the ground.
Nuo Da’s private room was dead silent! The air seems to be freezing!
Dozens of big guys were stunned. They were not surprised that Betty could slap a person, but in this case, they dare to hit someone? ?
When they are tall people who don’t exist?
The fat man was furious, his face was distorted and hideous, “Hit, kill them for me!!”
A group of people swarmed up, menacingly!
Betty’s face did not change in any way, she took out a black dagger from her waist and thrust it into the shoulder of the big man who rushed in front of her like lightning, pooh!
The blood came out!
The smell of blood filled the private room immediately!
what! !
This big man’s screams of horror, his heart-piercing voice, and Betty’s fast and cruel, unexpectedly deterred everyone present at such a moment!
Who would have thought that a woman would dare to stabb someone with a knife! And in front of so many people!
Ruthless, so ruthless!
“Church, let go!”
“Quickly let go of my brother!”
“You fucking poke like this, he’s going to die!”
Twenty or thirty people are angry! There are roars in the private room!
This big man screamed heartbreakingly, because the dagger that Betty inserted into his shoulder was turning, and Betty’s cold eyes, that kind of cruelty, deterred everyone present!
The fat man’s face is full of irritation. This is his place. If there is a life, he will not have the ability to completely settle it! At least a few days of going out of business would be enough for him.
“Let him go!” the fat man said coldly.
Betty just looked at him, drew the dagger out, moved slowly, and went to the big man’s neck!
“What do you want to do? Stop it!” The fat man shouted! This is to kill!
“No, don’t kill me.” The big man was already scared. He could clearly feel Betty’s killing intent. He was scared. He was only at work. He was afraid of death.
“Who else would dare to approach?”
Betty’s voice is not loud, she speaks exactly the same as usual, but deterrence, everyone present is deterred by her harsh methods, everyone is afraid that the next one will be stabbed is themselves, there is only one life, they dare not approach .
Betty’s cruel, they haven’t seen it!
“Trash, rice bucket, why did I raise you guys for food? Clay horses!” The fat man was violent, and her mother was a little bit coerced!
The people present looked at each other, no one moved!
“You pack your things and leave!” Karen Li said, looking at the fat man.
“Fuck you, what are you pretending to be, this bar belongs to Lao Tzu, you said that you fancy it?” The fat man was furious and cursed.
Chuck heard his mother being scolded, how could he stand it? ?
He jumped up and grabbed a wine bottle on the table and smashed it violently!
The fat man screamed, clutching his head and about to faint. He was shocked. This is his place. How dare this kid beat himself?
Betty was surprised, Karen Li asked Zheng and smiled, not really hurting her son in vain.
The obese man stood up straight, with a splitting headache, but today he is completely angry. Are these people doing things to themselves in their own place? Okay, when I’m no one, right? ?
He took out his mobile phone and prepared to call someone. Karen Li took out a contract from his bag. The people present were dumbfounded. What is this? Do you really like this place?
Actually prepare the contract with you? These people are so surprised!
“Sign the words, I will transfer the money to you, and then you can go.” Karen Li said, as if to say a trivial matter.
The fat man sneered, “Who is your mother? Let me sign, do you know how much my bar is?”
“Anything in your bar is worthless, it’s valuable, it’s just your house in this place, I will give you a purchase price of 100 million yuan!” Karen Li said.
“You said one hundred million is one hundred million? A joke, it’s a joke, you think one hundred million is hundreds of thousands, you can take it out anyway?” The fat man sneered.
In the whole sea market, there are too few people who can give out 100 million cash at once. He knows them, but there is no such woman in front of him.
Karen Li glanced at him. Less than a minute after he took out his cell phone, the cell phone in the obese man’s pocket rang. He took it out suspiciously. It was an account information… The above said that the account was 100 million. Up.
Obese man shocked! ! Who is this woman? How could you turn yourself 100 million so quickly?
“You…” He immediately shook his head, “I didn’t say I wanted to sell it to you!”
“You can say it.” Karen Li said.
The fat man looks ugly, what’s the matter? He saw a calmness from Karen Li. He had never seen this feeling in anyone. Could it be someone from a super family?
It should be impossible!
He was surprised!
The other people present were even more stunned. Really fancy it and transfer 100 million here? How rich is this? They thought that they were suddenly scared. If they beat her just now, wouldn’t they be over?
“Now you are all under her control, her name is Betty.” Karen Li said.
More than 20 people at the scene looked at Betty, she put away the dagger, and the man who had been stabbed just now had been paralyzed on the ground, and he was completely shocked.
“Not going out yet?” Betty said coldly.
They looked at each other.
“Dare you!!” The fat man was annoyed, and in front of him, he dared to direct his men?
They didn’t move.
Betty walked over with a dagger, the kind of coldness and cruelty deterred them! These people were startled, afraid that they would be stabbed, and they backed away. They were so scared that some people ran out and others followed.
“All her mother is rubbish! rubbish!!” The obese man was furious, what kind of people did he raise?
He stared at Karen Li, “Who are you? I didn’t sell the bar to you! You leave me immediately!”
Being able to turn over 100 million in such a simple way, an obese man has to be cautious. After all, he has a net worth of several hundred million. It is not easy to raise 100 million from the east and the west. It can only be said that the woman in front of him may be stronger than himself. .
“You are not qualified to say it! Because I like it.” Karen Li got up from the sofa.
“Joke! This is my bar! You said that you fancy it? I disagree!” The fat man sneered, but before he finished his words, the phone dinged, and another incoming text message came… unexpectedly Another 100 million!
The obese man was shocked! He thought he was wrong, but it really is. This woman has turned 200 million in less than a minute?
Who is she?

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