My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 96

Chuck cursed Lara, hung up, and walked towards Yolanda’s office.
Lara here was mad with anger, she immediately hit again, but Chuck didn’t answer, Lara didn’t answer a few consecutive calls, she almost fell the phone with anger.
“Asshole, you must be a guilty conscience, so you don’t answer my call! He must have touched me last night.” Lara was angry.
“Lara, forget it, Chuck didn’t touch you at all, I was there all the time, do you think I would lie to you?” Charlotte sighed, she couldn’t persuade Lara at all, this was a very headache for her.
“Cousin, don’t say good things for him, do you like him? How many times have you seen him?” Lara is anxious, she really feels that something is wrong with her cousin Charlotte, how can she keep up Chuck!
This is too wrong.
“Don’t think about it,”
Charlotte shook her head with a guilty conscience, she also wondered, she really likes Chuck? It seems that there is a little feeling, too many not, then it may be because he is rich.
Lara stared at what was wrong with Charlotte, she suddenly thought of a serious problem, “Cousin, tell me the truth, did Chuck do something to you last night? Did he force you to sleep! ”
If this is not the case, then how could Charlotte say something nice to Chuck? Could it be that when the two of them were drunk last night, Chuck half pushed Charlotte? Are the two of them? Really disgusting!
“Don’t talk nonsense, okay?”
Charlotte sighed, if she really slept last night, it would be fine, but no, she did that by herself last night, alas! !
“Not really?” Lara suspiciously.
“That’s the best, Chuck’s hanging silk is really not worthy of your cousin, cousin, don’t surrender your status, cheap that hanging silk!” Lara exhorted.
When she thought that Chuck might have dealt with her cousin last night, she was so angry.
Charlotte smiled bitterly, “Don’t underestimate Chuck.”
“I underestimated him? He needs me to underestimate him? He is a good-looking sling, who has no ability to hook up with women.” Lara disdain.
If it wasn’t Zelda yesterday, would he be beaten?
“If one day he hooks up with you…no, how about you hooked up with him?” Charlotte asked.
Lara sneered, “I’ll hook him up? What a joke, someone like him, kneeling over and begging me, I won’t even look at him! How can I hook him up?”
“The key is that you are right now…” Charlotte sighed, the key is that you are hooking on him now!
“What is the key to me?” Lara frowned.
“Nothing.” Charlotte shook her head.
“Hmph, I must ask him to ask clearly!”
The more Lara thinks, the hotter she gets, “By the way, he must be on the other side of the square. He was there yesterday. He must want to chase Lu Yuwen, otherwise, how come he would go there at intervals? He doesn’t look at what he is like, I see. If you don’t, Yolanda is a school bachelor and will see you? Have your daydream! Cousin, let’s go to the square, Chuck is definitely there!”
Charlotte didn’t speak helplessly. The last time she went to the square, she signed the contract with Yolanda. Yolanda is indeed very beautiful, and Chuck might really like her…

Chuck walked into Yolanda’s office and found that Yolanda was wearing long hair and a dress today. He was very fresh and beautiful. He was capable of such a look. This Yolanda will be terrific in the future!
Chuck came over. Yolanda was working hard. He didn’t find Chuck. He kept staring at the documents on the table. Chuck coughed. Yolanda recovered. He looked up to see Chuck and smiled, “Come?”
“Well, what are your thoughts lately?” Chuck sat down and Yolanda handed over a piece of information that Yolanda had personally negotiated over the past few days.
After preparing for a few days, after finishing the facilities in the square, she will do an activity in the square to increase popularity. She has found some special things and came here temporarily.
After Chuck looked at it, he thought the plan was good, “Okay, just do what you said.”
“Yeah, by the way, you have the shop that you made me pay attention to. There is a store on the fifth floor that wants to transfer. The location is not very good, but it is very large. The transfer fee may cost about three to four hundred thousand yuan.” Yolanda said.
Four hundred thousand? It’s not expensive for Zelda, the location is not good? For Zelda’s restaurant reputation, it’s nothing.
The aroma of wine is not afraid of the deep alley.
Chuck immediately called Zelda and talked about the matter. Zelda’s voice was a little surprised. He said that he would find time to come and see, and said, “Then… thank you tonight, do you want to?”
The voice was too small, as if it was deliberately lowered.
Chuck thought. After he found out that Zelda had helped him twice, Chuck already liked this feeling. If he has time tonight, Chuck should go to Zelda.
However, Chuck was thinking, if Yvette helped himself one day, would Yvette’s feelings be the same as Zelda’s feelings? It should be different.
After all, Chuck knows that Yvette is still intact and does not have any experience in that area. Chuck still knows this.
“Yes.” Chuck said such a word.
“Then I will help you.” The voice from the phone came out, still very small.
“Can you use…”
“You… this, this…” Zelda here was embarrassed.
He understood what Chuck meant, but the hand was already the biggest measure for her at this stage. She was entangled, not unwilling, but… how to put it, she was afraid that she would fall step by step, the best hand Up.
“Sister Zelda…” Chuck called out.
“I…no, no.”
“Well, go to my house at night, I’ll wait for you, just knock on the door.”
Hanging up the phone, Chuckle was entangled again. He found that he already liked this feeling. It’s really different to have a woman. Will he keep cheating like this? Chuck felt sorry for Yvette, but if Yvette could help herself, then Chuck would not go out and mess around.
However, Chuck didn’t know when he would be able to help Yvette.
He sighed and put away the phone.
“Sure?” Yolanda asked.
“She said she will be here in the next few days, so you will talk to the boss later.” Chuck said, it should be no more than ten.
“Okay,” Yolanda just wanted to speak when she saw Lara walk in angrily, Chuck frowned.
“Chuck, you are clear to me, did you do anything disgusting to me when you opened the room last night?” Lara stared at Chuck. If Charlotte who came in with her was not pulling her, Lara might Chuck was about to slap Chuck when he rushed in.
Yolanda was surprised, so Chuck went out to open a room with Lara last night? She suddenly looked at Lara weirdly, and then at Chuck.
“Are you sick?” Chuck was annoyed. If it were me last night, do you know how many people you will be accused of? ?
“I’m sick? Chuck, you bastard, dare not to admit it! Your toad wants to eat swan meat. After eating my swan, you still hit Yolanda’s idea? Are you a rich second generation? You don’t Look at what you are like, you really came to chase Yolanda, you are really shameless!” Lara said a lot, anyway, she was too upset.
“Lara, don’t say anything,” Charlotte sighed.
Chuck was annoyed, and being said so for no reason, how could Chuck stand it? Did he hit Lu Yuwen’s idea? Chuck is simply the boss-employee relationship with Yolanda.
“I’m shameless? You don’t know what your mother did?” Chuck said coldly.
“Me? What did I do, you say?!”
Lara became angry and disdain, “What should I do is better than you eat soft rice. If it weren’t for Zelda, you couldn’t even eat rice, so would her mother come over and have the face to chase Yolanda?”
Chuck wants to take out his phone and let your cousin take a good look at your photos! See you still have a pretense!
However, Chuck stretched his hands into his pockets. At this time, Yolanda walked over with a smile and gently put his arms around Chuck’s wrist, “Lara, you are wrong. Chuck didn’t chase me, it was me. he.”
Chuck was startled, Yolanda was helping himself? Charlotte was disappointed in her heart.
Lara’s eyes widened and her face was incredible, “Yolanda, what did you say? You chased her? You are a schoolgirl, you chase him? Are you blind? Are you crazy?”

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