My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 95

Lara has fallen asleep completely without a quilt. This figure is really tempting to lie down like this. Chuck looked at her and shook her head secretly. Lara looked down on herself so much, how could she fantasize about herself?
This is estimated to be compelling.
Charlotte feels embarrassed
Lara, you still don’t know that Chuck is a “Baller”, why do you like Chuck? Are you crazy?
Charlotte could only continue blowing clothes for Chuck. Chuck didn’t look at Lara anymore. If he continued to look at this, he might do something.
Ten minutes later, Charlotte dried Chuck’s clothes. Chuck went to the bathroom to put on the clothes, and then walked out, “You’ve gotten to bed early, I’m going back, don’t tell Lara about today.”
He was still thinking about rectifying Lara.
“How about staying.”
Charlotte stayed, then walked to Chuck’s side, biting her lip, “It doesn’t matter if Lara is there, she is drunk and slept very hard, let’s… be quiet, or I’ll help you.”
Charlotte’s words are for this purpose. Of course Chuck understands what Charlotte’s words mean. This is to help himself like Zelda.
Chuck was entangled in his heart. In fact, he had an idea in the bath just now, but he held back.
After thinking about it carefully, forget it, I don’t even feel about Charlotte, let her help myself, what is this?
“No, you go to bed early.” Chuck opened the door and went out.
Charlotte sighed and sat on the bed, looking at Lara, “Hey… Am I so bad?”
Charlotte thought about Chuck’s appearance just now. She blushed and got a little thought. She walked over and pushed Lara. After making sure that Lara was asleep, Charlotte took the bag and went into the bathroom…

In the morning, Lara opened her eyes dazedly and found herself in the hotel. She was taken aback. She immediately opened the quilt and screamed when she saw that she was naked.
Charlotte was shocked in the bathroom and ran out, “What are you doing?”
Lara was horrified, “Why are my clothes missing? And my hands, why are my legs red? Was there someone who…whoops I was last night.”
Lara could not go on talking, tears came out.
“Don’t think about it, I slept with you last night, who can do you something? You didn’t wear clothes because you were drunk last night and vomited. I took it off for you. Any comments?” Charlotte sat down .
“No, my cousin is you and I don’t worry, I remember I was in a bar, and then I was beaten by a woman, and then…” Lara breathed a sigh of relief, thinking back, as if she remembered being carried in by herself. Who is this guy?
“Cousin, we were the only two in this room last night? I remember there was another man. Who is he?” Lara was confused.
“Chuck.” Charlotte could only say so.
“What? His hanging silk?” Lara jumped up from the bed in fright. Is it him? Wasn’t he taking advantage of him last night?
Charlotte is helpless, people are not hanging silk! People have more money.
“Did he do anything to me last night? Did he sneak on me?” Lara was nervous and angry.
Sure, when he was in the store yesterday, he peeped at himself for so long. There was a chance last night, how could he let go of that hanging silk?
Lara wanted to rush out at this time and slapped Chuck.
Charlotte sighed, it would be nice to be able to sneak you.
“No, you go and wash it, we check out.” Charlotte packed up.
Lara didn’t believe it, how could it be possible, she is so good in figure, Chuck must have done something with the hanging silk, the more she thought about it, the more angry she was, if it weren’t for Chuck yesterday, would she be beaten by that wicked middle-aged woman?
Even if you fight, you still dare to think about yourself?
Lara got up from the bed, dressed to go to Chuck to ask clearly, Charlotte saw her thoughts, Limara stopped her, “What are you doing?”
People would be scolded for being a good person. Chuck would definitely be angry. She didn’t want Chuck to be angry anymore. She didn’t even have a chance. If Lara was there last night, Chuck hesitated and she could actively let her Chuck stayed.
“I want to ask him if he touched me last night!” Lara was angrily.
“No, really no, they didn’t touch you, let alone the room he opened for you, and you vomited on him last night.”
“What about the opened room? I was beaten because of him yesterday. It should be opened to me! What about vomiting? It must be when he touched me, I felt it, and felt sick and vomited.” Lara shook her head, the more she talked, the hotter she got.
Charlotte is really helpless, Lara, are you so popular? You know you talked in sleep last night and mentioned Chuck.
Lara said, after going to the bathroom to wash, she went out angrily. Charlotte could only follow. If Lara was too much, she would definitely stop it, and she hurried out.
Chuck came out of the house.
I’m going to take exams these days. I want to hurry up and start my own business. Chuck didn’t want to disappoint his mother or Yvette. However, there was no class in the morning. Chuck wanted to go to the square first. Part of the money from my mother was given to Yolanda.
Chuck took the elevator, looked at Zelda’s door, hesitating to come over and say hello?
How can I say that when I was in the square last night, Zelda was still thinking about helping herself solve it. In fact, if Yvette did not show up at that time, Zelda might have helped Chuck in the car, or even went directly to the corner. .
Of course, Chuck didn’t think about anything early in the morning. He walked to the door of Zelda. Chuck hesitated, feeling helpless, so let’s forget it, but Zelda just opened the door, she was astonished…
The two looked at each other.
Zelda was silent, she stretched out her hand to pull Chuck in, and Chuck followed in dumbfoundedly.
“Do you want to?” Zelda asked.
Chuck was stunned. Before speaking, Zelda continued, “Yvette should have done nothing to you, I will help you.”
She just said…
Chuck sat down.
Two minutes later, Zelda went to the bathroom and washed his hands out.
Chuck is really embarrassed, is he too fast? It was the same as last time. Chuck didn’t know what to say and was a little embarrassed. He stood up and said, “Sister Zelda, I…”
“I told you yesterday, don’t be stressed, it’s nothing.” Zelda said. She was a little lost to tell the truth last night. Yvette called Chuck, and Chuck left in her car.
Zelda is ready to solve Chuck. How much courage does it take for a woman to take the initiative to mention this?
But… Chuck still left.
“Well, sister Zelda, let me ask you a question.” Chuck was embarrassed.
“You ask,” Zelda walked over, still thinking? Maybe, he is very young after all.
Chuck whispered in Zelda’s ear, Zelda was a little bit funny in his heart, what question is he asking?
Zelda actually doesn’t have much experience in this area. She had a boyfriend when she was in college, using hands, and then after graduating from college, she also handed in one. She did everything that should be done. It feels like Chuck is really fast. But it’s fine.
Zelda thought for a while and said, “It’s a bit fast,”
Chuck wanted to find a hole in the ground and went in. Really, he has watched a movie, why… he sighed.
How can this work?
If you are with Yvette, then Yvette will know that Chuck will be even more faceless. It seems that you have to exercise! If you have a strong body and a strong bone, then you have to fight harder. It seems that you have to find a gym to practice.
“Don’t take it to heart, this kind of thing doesn’t put pressure on yourself,” Zelda said, feeling that Chuck was suddenly a little funny, and she was in a better mood.
Chuck was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. Zelda said, “Don’t think too much.”
“Then tonight…Do you want to come over?” Zelda asked.
Chuck thought for a while, look, Zelda’s hand is really indescribable.
“Just say it,”
Chuck didn’t know how to interface, did he cheat again?
Sorry Yvette, Chuck felt guilty.
The two came out, took the elevator down, Zelda went to her restaurant, and Chuck drove directly to the square. As soon as he got out of the car, the phone rang.
I took it out to see, it was Lara, what was this woman doing on the phone? thank?
Lara’s annoyed voice sounded upon answering, asking where is Chuck? Chuck frowned, “Your mother is sick? Where am I to do with you?”

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