My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 104

When the few employees saw Mu Wanqi doing this, they detoured to avoid her and hurried out.
One of them seemed to be displeasing to Mu Wanqi a long time ago, and when she left, she pretended to inadvertently raise her foot to block her in front of Mu Wanqi.
Seeing that they were leaving, Mu Wanqi wanted to pull them, so she didn’t notice her feet.
So, she just fell to the ground in public.
Mu Wanqi fell heavily to the ground, her whole body hurts, she stretched out her hand and tried two times, but she got up, and exclaimed in a hurry, “I want to fire you all!”
Didn’t you hear the few people who just said they wanted to resign? I’m afraid I won’t wait for her to be fired.
Mu Nuannuan swept away, and saw Mu Liyan coming here from the elevator entrance, turning around, and walking over to Fu Mu Wanqi: “Why is my sister so careless? It hurts because of the fall, how cold the ground is, I will help you stand up.”
Mu Wanqi shook her hand away and pushed her a bit, with little force: “Don’t be kind to you.”
Mu Nuannuan took the opportunity to fall to the ground, and then stood up silently.
Mu Liyan had already walked over, and said in a deep voice, “What’s the matter?”
“Dad…” Mu Wanqi was favored by Mu Liyan. She was detained at the police station for a day and night. She was so aggrieved that she started crying when she saw Mu Liyan.
Mu Liyan had been annoying enough in the past few days. Mu Wanqi said that she wanted to seduce “Mu Jiachen” to ask him to help, but in the end she got herself to the police station.
Only then did he realize that it was impossible to rely on Mu Wanqi to help the Mu family, and Mu Nuannuan might be more useful.
“Get up by yourself, look at yourself, what does this look like!” Mu Liyan glanced at her, then looked away, he felt too embarrassed.
Mu Nuannuan reached out to help Mu Wanqi again at the right time, lowered her eyebrows and said pleasingly: “Sister, get up…”
“Get out, don’t touch me with your dirty hands!” Mu Wanqi waved her hand away without even thinking about it.
Mu Nuannuan calmly retracted her hands.
I don’t know whose hands are dirty.
Mu Liyan now has to rely on Mu Nuannuan to help the Mu family. It is too late to please her. Hearing Mu Wanqi’s words, he immediately scolded her: “How did you talk to your sister!”
“Dad!” Mu Wanqi already got up from the ground: “What’s the matter with you?”
She remembered that Mu Liyan didn’t like Mu Nuannuan before, but he actually scolded her for Mu Nuannuan now.
“Okay, let’s go back first.” Mu Liyan didn’t want to say more here.
He used to think that his daughter should be pampered, and she can do whatever she wants, but a series of things that happened recently made him feel that Mu Wanqi had been indulged too much.
Mu Nuannuan said aloud: “Then I will go back first.”
Mu Liyan looked at Mu Nuannuan, his expression softened suddenly: “Okay, you go back first, go back and have a good talk with Mu Tingxiao.”
“it is good.”
Mu Nuannuan came out of the Mu family, and the expression on her face constricted, and the area between her eyebrows became a bit tired.
It wouldn’t be a big deal if Mu Liyan could always be so cruel to her, but it would be even more chilling to think of using her when he needed it.
Mu Nuannuan came home and saw “Mu Jiachen” sitting on the sofa in the lobby.
Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised: “Are you back?”
“Yeah.” Mu Tingxiao looked up at her and noticed that there was no difference in her expression, and his mood suddenly became very bad.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t realize this: “Then I’m going to cook.”
She went to the kitchen with her forefoot and sent files to the villa later in the evening.
Seeing Mu Tingxiao on the sofa, she asked him aloud every night: “Master, I will put these files in your study?”
Mu Tingxiao made a sound, and turned around consciously to take the file up.
As a result, Mu Tingxiao said quietly at this moment: “Shiye, if you don’t go home one night, won’t your wife lose her temper at you?”
When Shi Ye heard this, he paused and said, “Master, I’m already divorced.”
Only then did Mu Tingxiao look up at him: “When did it happen?”
Shi Ye and his wife have a very good relationship. In the past, every time he went abroad for business, he would bring a lot of things to his wife.
“Half a year ago.” Shi Ye obviously wouldn’t say much about this kind of thing.
He remembered that he had heard Gu Zhiyan say that the young master didn’t go home last night, and combined with Mu Tingxiao’s question, he naturally understood.
He hesitated for a while, and decided to remind his young master: “Master, your current identity is’Master Biao’. If the’Master Biao’ returns home at night, it does not seem to have anything to do with the young lady.”
Only when his words fell, he saw Mu Tingxiao’s face suddenly sinking.
When he bowed his head, what he said was the truth.
Mu Tingxiao sullen his face and looked at him coldly: “You can go now.”
Don’t let people tell the truth?
Mu Tingxiao is indeed the most unbearable thing to hear now.
While eating, Mu Nuannuan noticed that “Mu Jiachen” rarely used his chopsticks and was always looking at her.
Mu Nuannuan touched her face: “What’s wrong with you?”
As a result, “Mu Jiachen” just glanced at her coldly, turned around and went upstairs, not even eating any food.
Mu Nuannuan looked inexplicable.
After she had eaten, she suddenly received a call from the landlord’s wife.
The landlord is a middle-aged woman with a rough voice: “It’s time to pay the utility bill. When will you come?”
“I don’t live there this month, don’t you have any utility bills?” She has been living in the villa recently. The house there was rented in advance, and it was not refundable when it expired, so it was always empty.
When the landlord heard her words, he was not happy: “Nonsense, your house was still lit last night!”
Mu Nuannuan was shocked, could it be a thief?
She stopped arguing with the landlord, and just said: “Okay, I’ll be here tomorrow.”
Early the next morning, she took a leave of absence and went to the place where she rented a house.
When she reached the door, she tentatively stuck to the door and listened for a while, and found that there was no movement inside, so she opened the door and went in.
As soon as she entered, she was stunned, and the room was in a mess.
There are various instant noodle boxes and snack pockets sprinkled on the ground, and there are game consoles on the table.
Where is the thief? It was invaded by something strange, she didn’t even have the place to get her feet!
At this moment, a slightly immature voice came from behind her: “Who are you?”
Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw a thin young boy standing at the door. His small curly hair looked messy, but the long white and white hair was very delicate. It was so beautiful. Because she had been with “Mu Jiachen” for a long time, she At a glance, I can tell that the clothes on this boy are the same brand as “Mu Jiachen” often wears.
“I’m the tenant of this house, who are you?” The boy looked like he was about fourteen or five, and Mu Nuannuan dropped his guard.
“Oh.” The boy walked in, naturally put the things in his hands on the coffee table, and sat down on the sofa, as if there was no one else in his own home.
As if feeling Mu Nuannuan’s gaze, he looked up at her: “You are pretty, do you have a boyfriend?”
“I…” Mu Nuannuan was about to speak, only to realize that the problem now was to figure out who this little boy was.
Mu Nuannuan saw that he was so exquisitely dressed, and guessed that he might be a child who ran away from home, and asked concerned: “Why do you live here? Where are your parents?”
The boy ignored her words directly: “My name is Mu Jiachen, what is your name?”
Mu Jiachen?
Seeing Mu Nuannuan’s shocked look, the young man showed a somewhat distressed look: “Hey, I have something to do with the Mu family in Shanghai, but you don’t need to be so surprised!”

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