My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 110

Mu Nuannuan clearly felt Mu Tingxiao’s body froze, and even his breathing became heavier.
When he kissed her before…it seemed to have had this reaction too.
Did he react at that time?
…This man is simply a hooligan!
Fortunately, the lights in the corner were dim, and Mu Tingxiao couldn’t see her blushing face, otherwise he would definitely laugh at her.
Suddenly, with a big hand covering her hand, Mu Tingxiao’s low and dull voice sounded in his ears: “Don’t shake, hold on to it.”
When she took the initiative, she just wanted to show Mu Tingxiao a good look. Now that Mu Tingxiao said that, the shame came up from the bottom all at once, and she wanted to withdraw her hand.
Mu Tingxiao didn’t give her this opportunity. He held her hand, and the other free hand hugged her slender waist. The two people hugged each other intimately like a couple.
As if he didn’t feel her retreat, he said complimentingly: “Your learning ability is very strong.”
Mu Nuannuan bit her lip, couldn’t pull her hand back, she immediately squeezed hard in a panic.
Mu Tingxiao snorted, tilted his head and kissed her neck, his voice was hoarse, and the vagueness was a little unbearable: “Be lighter…”
His voice didn’t sound uncomfortable at all, on the contrary, it was full of enjoyment.
Mu Nuannuan was in a dilemma at this moment, and her heart was abrupt, and she moved her dexterous fingers twice before directly unzipping his suit trousers…
Then he stretched his hand in.
This may be the boldest and most extraordinary thing she has ever done in her 22 years of life.
Mu Tingxiao originally wanted to tease her, but didn’t expect her to be so bold.
Through the pants, he can bear it.
But now… he might not be able to help it.
“Mu Nuannuan.” Mu Tingxiao called out her name, expressing a warning, but it was difficult to conceal her desire.
Do you know you are scared?
Mu Nuannuan is now completely guilty of evil, and she will go out without fear.
“Mr. Mu, is it irritating to do this kind of thing with his cousin in the box?” Mu Nuan’s hand movement was very rusty, and the malicious provocation in his tone was not concealed.
After knowing the existence of Xiao Mu Jiachen, when she faced Mu Tingxiao, she couldn’t call out the three words “Mu Jiachen”, especially at this time.
Before he married Mu Nuannuan, Mu Tingxiao hadn’t been close to a female sex. When she played with Mu Nuannuan, it was a man’s instinct. This was the first time…
The woman’s hands were too soft, and the fire in her heart grew stronger and stronger, and he jumped straight up, realizing that he was on the verge of an outbreak, and he snorted Mu Nuannuan coldly: “Take your hands out.”
His voice was so calm that he didn’t feel like a man immersed in desire.
Don’t they all say that men don’t think about other things at all when they are swayed by desire?
But he can actually suppress himself and withdraw so quickly!
“Oh.” Mu Nuannuan responded and let go of her hand.
However, when she took out her hand, she suddenly reached out and touched and squeezed the top.
She didn’t believe that he really felt nothing at all!
In the next moment, Mu Nuannuan’s hands were stained with hot and humid sticky liquid…
Mu Nuannuan froze, her voice could no longer remain calm, with a noticeable trill: “What…thing?”
Mu Tingxiao’s tone was terribly calm: “What you want.”
Mu Nuannuan was so stiff that she didn’t dare to move.
Mu Tingxiao helped her take out his hand.
With the dim light, Mu Nuannuan saw the white liquid in her hands.
Mu Tingxiao lowered his eyes, took his coat from the side and put it on his lap without saying a word, leaning over to get the tissue box.
At this time, Mu Nuannuan had already recovered, her lips tightly pressed, and the liquid in her hand was wiped vigorously on Mu Tingxiao’s suit jacket.
Adhering to the idea of ​​”not making her sick alone”, she gritted her teeth and rubbed Mu Tingxiao’s customized suit everywhere.
She knew that when Mu Tingxiao went out later, he wanted to cover it with a coat before going out.
She won’t let him do what she wants!
This bastard man!
Mu Tingxiao watched her finish this before slowly saying, “Satisfied?”
Mu Nuannuan grabbed the tissue and wiped her hands vigorously, and said as she wiped it, “I’m not very satisfied with Mr. Mu’s performance.”
After a pause, she gently spit out four words: “Time is too short.”
As soon as the voice fell, Mu Nuannuan stood up quickly, and swiftly avoided Mu Tingxiao to grab her hand.
She smiled triumphantly at Mu Tingxiao, and she showed her hand hidden behind her, with a mobile phone in her hand.
She just took out the mobile phone from Mu Tingxiao’s pocket.
“Mr. Mu previously praised me for my strong learning ability, I guess you won’t mind if you take a hand as a reward.” Mu Nuannuan smiled like a sly fox.
Without a mobile phone, Mu Tingxiao has no chance to find someone to help him, and see how he goes out like this!
Mu Tingxiao’s face was dark, watching Mu Nuannuan walk out triumphantly.
Looking down at the situation on his body, his expression became even more gloomy.
He had never been so embarrassed before, and he didn’t expect to fall into the hands of a woman.
With a calm face, he took out a cell phone from the other pocket and called Shiye: “Bring a coat here.”
It is impossible for a person like Mu Tingxiao to have only one mobile phone in his body. What Mu Nuannuan took was only his personal mobile phone.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the box and ran to the bathroom quickly.
She washed half a bottle of hand sanitizer before she left the bathroom. If it weren’t for the fear that Mu Tingxiao would find it, she could wash it for a while.
After all, that man Mu Tingxiao was very capable.
She didn’t dare to go back to the villa after leaving Jinding, but she didn’t have any other places to go.
The rental house was occupied by Xiao Mu Jiachen, and she could only live outside.
Mu Nuannuan walked aimlessly outside, and when she passed an Internet cafe, she saw Xiao Mu Jiachen at the door.
Mu Nuannuan took a closer look and found that it was indeed him: “Why are you here?”
“I’m here to play games.” Xiao Mu Jiachen was very happy to see her: “Where are you going, let’s play games together.”
Mu Nuannuan shook her head repeatedly: “…Don’t go.”
“Go, you were kicked out of the house by your husband anyway.”
“Huh?” Where does she look like she was kicked out of the house by her husband?
“Otherwise, you wander in the street at night, just walk in.”
This kid has strong logical ability.
Mu Nuannuan finally followed Xiao Mu Jiachen into the Internet cafe, and watched him flicker the boss to open a two-person room.
One watched a movie, the other played a game, and the two spent the whole night like this.
Early the next morning, both of them walked out with thick dark circles under their eyes.
Xiao Mu Jiachen is a child, and it is when he is most energetic, he is still very energetic to talk to Mu Nuannuan.
But Mu Nuannuan couldn’t do it anymore, yawning again and again with no energy at all.
However, when she went out of the Internet cafe and saw Mu Tingxiao waiting at the door with Shiye and a group of bodyguards, her mind instantly became sober.

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