My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 109

Mu Nuannuan and Xiao Mu Jiachen left after eating.
But before leaving, I made a three-chapter agreement with Xiao Mu Jiachen, not to mess up the room, not to go on credit, and not to run around.
Xiao Mu Jiachen disagreed at first, and Mu Nuannuan smiled coldly: “Believe it or not, I told Mu Tingxiao you are here?”
“No one can see him.”
Mu Nuannuan’s smile deepened: “I can take pictures of him.”
Xiao Mu Jiachen nodded with humiliation, and then asked curiously: “Who are you on earth?”
“I won’t tell you.”
Xiao Mu Jiachen: “…”

In the evening, Mu Nuannuan received a call from “Mu Jiachen”.
As soon as he opened his mouth, he said, “Dare to come?”
Only then did Mu Nuannuan remember what he said this morning.
Mu Nuannuan gritted her teeth and said, “I’ll be here soon.”
She went back to the room and changed her clothes, and set off for Jinding.
When Mu Nuannuan arrived at the gate of Jinding, she met Gu Zhiyan.
Gu Zhiyan saw Mu Nuannuan with a happy face, and his small eyes cast straight behind her: “Nuannuan, why are you here too? You came alone.”
“Don’t look, I came alone.” Of course Mu Nuannuan knew that Gu Zhiyan was watching Shen Liang if she was coming with her.
The smile on Gu Zhiyan’s face became a little reluctant.
Of course he knew that Shen Liang had already promoted the new movie, and that Shen Liang and Mu Nuannuan had a good relationship, so after seeing Mu Nuannuan, he couldn’t help but think of Shen Liang.
Gu Zhiyan walked in with her side by side: “Are you here to eat or find someone?”
After changing his mind, Mu Nuannuan said in a natural tone: “I’m here to find Mu Tingxiao, he asked me to come.”
“Ting Xiao? I know which box he is in, I’ll take you…” Gu Zhiyan realized that something was wrong when he said this.
His complexion became stiff, and he explained to Mu Nuannuan unnaturally: “I mean…”
“I know,’Mu Jiachen’ is Mu Tingxiao. I know everything, and he has told me everything. You won’t have to cover up for him anymore.”
Mu Nuannuan’s expression and tone were too natural, causing Gu Zhiyan to believe her words with too much suspicion.
After all, he also felt that Mu Tingxiao still cared about Mu Nuannuan, and it would be a matter of time before the two confessed to each other.
Thinking about this, Gu Zhiyan still felt a little envious: “This is also pretty good…”
The last trace of doubt in Mu Nuannuan’s heart was also completely removed, “Mu Jiachen” is Mu Tingxiao.
Mu Tingxiao was disfigured, inhumane, and not as cruel as the rumors.
The rumors are all false.
The Mu Tingxiao who she thought was innocent and victimized but has been ridiculed and despised by people does not exist.
There is only one Mu Tingxiao in this world. He is healthy and handsome. He is a wealthy boy standing on top of the Pagoda of Gold.
He didn’t need her pity at all, he could even play with her in applause.
“Yes, it’s good.”
Mu Nuannuan’s tone remained unchanged, but her heart was cold.
Mu Tingxiao played a dual role, deceiving her around, and treated her wantonly when she rose up, and then quickly pulled away and sat on the wall.
He even threatened her with “Mu Tingxiao” again and again.
If she was not the one who was deceived, she really couldn’t help but admire his methods.
“Ting Xiao is right here.” Gu Zhiyan took her to the door of the box, and said that he was about to push the door.
Mu Nuannuan stopped him in time: “Gu Zhiyan, others don’t know about Mu Tingxiao and I, so don’t tell me…”
Gu Zhiyan was puzzled at first, and then he showed a clear expression: “I understand, husband and wife are interesting, Ting Xiao is usually a bad temper and cold face, in fact, his heart is very hot-hot, he is stuffy-Sao! ”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t speak, but could only use a smile to cover up the stormy waves in her heart.
She turned and pushed the door into the box.
The box was very large, and there were a lot of people in it. The light was dim, and Mu Nuannuan stood by the door and looked around, but she didn’t even find Mu Tingxiao’s figure.
Until a man came up to talk to him: “Beauty, do you want to find someone or come to play?”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t speak, and walked straight in.
The people here are all rich brothers, who were so neglected by Mu Nuannuan and lost face. Naturally, they felt upset. They stretched out their hands to pull her, but they were stopped by a hand that came out of thin air.
The man is tall and straight, his face is solemn, and his eyebrows are sharp like unsheathed swords, as if he would get a hole when he glanced at him.
Mu Tingxiao looked at the man in front of him blankly, with a gloomy voice: “This woman has a master.”
At first sight, Mu Tingxiao was a nasty person, so the person said “I’m sorry” and ran aside.
“You are usually not at home, so come to a place like this to be happy?” Mu Nuannuan just took a cursory look and saw several pairs of male and female cats touching each other in the corner, and she had to put it on the ground directly.
“How come?” Mu Tingxiao said quietly, “I have been thinking about my cousin.”
Go to his mother’s cousin!
Mu Nuannuan gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to curse, and softened her voice: “It’s really touching.”
“If you feel moved, remember to study hard later.”
When the voice fell, Mu Nuannuan felt a solid arm wrapped around her waist.
Mu Tingxiao put her in his arms, hugged her directly, and sat down in a dim corner behind the box.
This corner happens to avoid the light. If other people don’t pay attention, they won’t even know that there is someone sitting here.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t know what trick Mu Tingxiao was going to play, but she soon knew.
How long did the two sit down? Someone entered the box again, and they were still acquaintances—Shen Chuhan.
As soon as Shen Chuhan came in, he was dragged to sit down.
Then someone sent a woman in.
As soon as the woman came in, she sat next to Shen Chuhan, and then she sat closer and closer, and finally sat directly in Shen Chuhan’s arms.
Shen Chuhan pushed the woman halfway, and didn’t push the woman away, and put his hand into the woman’s clothes…
Mu Nuannuan turned her head to the side, and her eyes felt hot when she looked at it more.
The Mu Tingxiao on the side suddenly said at this moment: “What? Is it sad to see the person I like holding another woman?”
Mu Nuannuan was in a bad mood. When Mu Tingxiao asked, she naturally replied: “Yes, it’s very sad.”
She understood Mu Tingxiao’s purpose for looking for her. He thought she had some contact with Shen Chuhan, so he let her see Shen Chuhan doing this with other women.
Shen Chuhan made her feel sick, as did Mu Tingxiao!
After she finished speaking, she felt the chill radiating from the man beside her.
She curled her lips, leaned forward to hug him, and said softly: “Just kidding, you are the one I like now.”
Mu Nuannuan said as she stretched out her hand and slid down his chest…
Until, her hand slid under his lower abdomen.
She pressed it lightly, held the lump through the cloth, and said softly: “It seems that you also like me very much, just touch it and it gives me such a big reaction.”

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