My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 116

Mu Nuannuan didn’t have much contact with Gu Zhiyan, and he wasn’t very clear about Gu Zhiyan’s behavior.
However, it is rumored on the Internet that Gu Zhiyan is a standard radish. Changing women is the same as changing clothes. There are a lot of rumored girlfriends, but they are basically a bunch of photos of chasing shadows, without a little stone hammer.
So, so far, Gu Zhiyan has only had a lot of scandals, but he has never admitted which woman is his real girlfriend.
But because Gu Zhiyan helped Mu Tingxiao lie to Mu Nuannuan, and because he and Shen Liang had a complicated relationship, Mu Nuannuan didn’t have a good impression of Gu Zhiyan.
Nevertheless, Mu Nuannuan did not follow Shen Liang to scold Gu Zhiyan.
She looked at the photo again and analyzed it carefully with Shen Liang: “This photo was taken at the gate of Jinding, or at night. This shows that someone has long been eyeing Gu Zhiyan, Gu Zhiyan’s big crocodile in the entertainment industry. The media dare not write his news casually and dare not offend him casually.”
“Even so, what can it explain?” Shen Liang’s tone has calmed down: “He did take two women to the clubhouse to play all night but didn’t come out.”
Mu Nuannuan felt that Shen Liang made sense.
She didn’t know what happened between Shen Liang and Gu Zhiyan, but she knew that Shen Liang and Gu Zhiyan couldn’t let go of each other.
Otherwise, Gu Zhiyan would not ask Shen Liang from the side every time he saw her, nor would Shen Liang call her to scold Gu Zhiyan because of the news.

As soon as Gu Zhiyan’s news came out, a group of gossip lovers on the Internet became active again.
Gu Zhiyan’s comments on Weibo are very strange.
“We, Mr. Gu, have played Shuangfei now?”
“You have the ability to play, but you admit a real girlfriend?”
“Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?”
“Ms. Gu, how can I enter Shengding Media?”
“Strange, it’s not a female star this time?”
“Everyone came here to watch the heat? Have you forgotten about the Mu’s factory? By the way, let’s bring a topic: #沐氏厂黑幕#.”
Many replies followed this comment.
“I think it makes sense.”
“So, our boss forced Gu to always help people out of the pot?”
“If this is the case, the Mu clan would be too cheap!”
“Poor President Gu.”
After Mu Nuannuan finished reviewing these comments, she went to the topic list and looked at it again. The topic about the shady of Mu’s factory is no longer there.
Mu Nuannuan sent a screenshot of the comment to Shen Liang, and then sent a message to persuade her: “If you really care, you might as well listen to Gu Zhiyan’s explanation.”
Although she doesn’t know Gu Zhiyan well, she knows Shen Liang.
Shen Liang is two years older than her. She has known Shen Liang when she was in high school and it has been six years now.
In the past six years, there have been as many boys chasing the cold as the crucian carp crossing the river. There are too many to count. Among them, there is no shortage of quality men with good family backgrounds and gentlemen.
But Shen Liang is as steady as Mount Tai, and he has never been moved by any man.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t understand it before, but after seeing her look at Gu Zhiyan, she gradually understood.
If a person hides someone in his heart, no matter how good other people are, they won’t be able to get in.
“Listen to an explanation, that scumbag.” Although Shen Liang still scolded Gu Zhiyan, his tone had become much softer.
When I got off work, I came to pick up Mu Nuannuan again every night.
Mu Jiachen was also in the car. He might have picked up Mu Jiachen first, and then came to pick her up by the way.
“Sister Nuannuan.” When Mu Jiachen saw her, he just yelled, and rummaged in his schoolbag.
While taking out the notebook inside, while turning on the calculator of the phone, I was thinking about something.
“What are you doing?” Mu Nuannuan turned her head to look curiously, and found that he was using the notebook as a primary school workbook.
Mu Jiachen hurriedly stuffed the book into her schoolbag, and mysteriously leaned into her ear and said, “Don’t tell my cousin.”
“What can I tell your cousin?” Mu Nuannuan asked, “What are you doing with the primary school workbook?”
“I make money, I help them with homework, one hundred yuan per homework.”
“…” Is there such a way to make money?
It took Mu Nuannuan three seconds to receive this message: “Are you short of money?”
“Cousin deducted my pocket money. I don’t have any money to play games.” Mu Jiachen said with a distressed expression.
Then he asked Mu Nuannuan with some doubts: “What the hell is going on between you and my cousin? Although I know you are coaxing conflicts, I still don’t understand what happened between you, and I always feel that my cousin seems He also hates me. Although he used to be very strict with me, he would not deduct all my pocket money.”
Hey, isn’t it because Mu Jiachen’s appearance disrupted Mu Tingxiao’s plan and broke through his scam?
Speaking of which, she had to thank Mu Jiachen, otherwise she might still be kept in the dark by Mu Tingxiao.
However, there is no need to tell Mu Jiachen about this kind of adult affairs.
She patted Mu Jiachen: “If you really lack money, you can ask me to get it…”
Mu Jiachen waved his hand with a look of disgust: “You still don’t make a lot of money.”
Mu Nuannuan glanced at the thick workbook in Mu Jiachen’s bag. There were about ten books, which means he could make a thousand yuan a day?
In this comparison, she really didn’t make much money for Mu Jiachen.
“Are the primary school students so rich now?” You can give one hundred yuan for one homework.
Mu Jiachen nodded: “There is an aristocratic elementary school behind our school.”
Mu Nuannuan: “…” Poverty limits her imagination.

As soon as he went back, Mu Jiachen plunged into his room and started making a lot of money.
Mu Nuannuan went back to the room to write a manuscript. A child as old as Mu Jiachen could figure out how to make so much money, and she couldn’t lose her profession.
She was currently writing a suspense script, and Shen Liang waited for her to finish it, and turned back to help her contact the director and company to see if anyone would buy her script.
It is not a long-term solution to Mu Family.
After writing for a while she had no inspiration, and got up and went out of the room to walk around.
Mu Tingxiao didn’t know when he had come back, and was discussing things with Gu Zhiyan in the hall.
Mu Nuannuan had a hobby of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, turned around and wanted to go back to the room, but accidentally heard the word “Mu’s”.
She stepped back and quietly approached a little distance, and heard Gu Zhiyan angrily say: “Are all the Mu family members insane? I don’t solve the problem at this time. I bought the media to pull me into the water, trying to divert the public’s attention. Let me block bullets for them! There is a pit in your head! Don’t stop me, I want to kill them!”
“Oh.” Mu Tingxiao replied faintly, and said quietly, “My wife’s surname is Mu too.”
“…” Gu Zhiyan’s excitement suddenly dropped. He cleared his throat and said, “Except for Mu Nuannuan, the Mu family members have pitfalls in their heads.”

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