My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 115

“Okay, go to school. It’s not good to go to school to report that it’s too late on the first day of the day.” After Mu Nuannuan said, she thought of something and instructed him: “Don’t cause trouble.”
“When did I get into trouble?” Mu Jiachen looked dissatisfied.
Did he trouble less?
But Mu Nuannuan didn’t tell him much, only persuaded him to go quickly.
Mu Jiachen stuffed the money into his bag, then he looked straight, and hesitated to say: “I have something to tell you.”
“What?” Mu Nuannuan was a little curious when she saw Mu Jiachen showing such a serious expression.
“If you can, you should divorce my cousin as much as possible. He is not a good person.” After Mu Jiachen said, he added: “I am telling you the truth, not for you to be my girlfriend. of.”
If Mu Jiachen didn’t say the latter, Mu Nuannuan would almost believe it.
She glared at Mu Jiachen: “Little children, don’t talk nonsense, I will call your cousin if you don’t leave.”
“Okay, I’ll go first.” He walked a few steps and then seriously turned his head and said to her: “I’m serious.”
Mu Nuannuan made a gesture of making a call, and he shrugged, and all of a sudden he ran away utterly.
Mu Jiachen was a child’s character, he didn’t understand many things, but he was wrong about one thing, Mu Tingxiao was indeed not a good person.

When Mu Nuannuan went back, she met Mu Wanqi again.
Mu Wanqi didn’t look good when she saw Mu Nuannuan.
However, when she saw Mu Nuannuan’s clothes, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes.
During the recent period, Mu Nuannuan has been working in Mu’s family, but she is dressed simply and plainly, not at all like a wealthy young grandmother.
And the outfit she wore today, although it looks plain and unremarkable, it is produced by a big name, and the tailoring and style are all top-notch.
Who bought her clothes? Mu Jiachen?
Mu Wanqi held her arms, raised her chin and glanced at her from the corner of her eyes: “Listen to my dad, can you persuade Mu Tingxiao to help Mu Clan?”
“Yes, how can I persuade him to move, otherwise you go?” Mu Nuannuan has been in a bad mood this weekend because of Mu Tingxiao’s affairs, and she has no time to act with Mu Wanqi.
“I will go if I go, do you think I dare not go?” Mu Wanqi snorted and left triumphantly.
Mu Nuannuan felt that Shen Liang said nothing, that Mu Wanqi was a patient with princess disease in the late stage, and she was not able to recover.
Mu Wanqi first wanted to seduce and seduce “Mu Jiachen”. After she failed, she now wanted to seduce and seduce “Mu Tingxiao”. Although Mu Nuannuan knew that the two were the same person, she was very happy to Mu Wanqi. It is two people.
Does she really think that men from all over the world are going to be around her?
Is self-confidence so that all men will be impressed by her charm?
Not saved.
Mu Nuannuan sneered, trying to seduce Mu Tingxiao? I am afraid that Mu Wanqi would not even be able to see him when she wanted to.

Shengding Media.
When Mu Tingxiao arrived at the company, his front foot entered his office, and Gu Zhiyan followed his back foot.
“I heard that on Saturday night, you asked Shi Ye to send you clothes to Jinding?” Gu Zhiyan smiled thiefly, seeing through all the expressions.
It’s okay that he didn’t mention Saturday night. When he mentioned it, Mu Tingxiao’s expression also sank.
“Very free?” Mu Tingxiao looked up from the pile of files.
Gu Zhiyan had a bad feeling: “It’s okay, it’s okay…”
Recently, after Mu Tingxiao started to handle matters at the company, his named president also had a lot of free time.
Mu Tingxiao was going to pay attention to him again, he turned on the computer, and a news popped up below.
The title is very eye-catching: [Entertainment circle enjoys the night with two women into the high-end club for the night…]
Mu Tingxiao flicked his mouse and clicked into the news to see the content.
After reading the ten lines, he raised his lips and said, “You will be bad soon.”
“What is it?” Gu Zhiyan leaned forward with an inexplicable look, and saw the huge headline. The picture below was the picture of him taking two women into the Jinding Ding.
Obviously it was night, but the paparazzi who secretly photographed the paparazzi took the photos very clearly. The two women followed him from left to right. From the point of view of the photos, the postures can be said to be very intimate.
“Blindly write, this is Saturday night, I took two employees of Jinding out to help me get something, one of them was not stable at the time, I helped her a little bit!”
Gu Zhiyan was so angry that he was about to explode.
“Oh.” Mu Tingxiao did not remind him that this news might be seen by Shen Liang.
After Gu Zhiyan finished cursing, he remembered the incident suddenly, and took out his mobile phone to call Shen Liang.
Shen Liang answered the phone quickly, and Gu Zhiyan was still a little excited. Shen Liang had never answered his phone so quickly.
However, as soon as the phone was connected, Shen Liang slapped his head and covered his face with a curse: “Shameless spicy chicken, why call me? Show off your body. Can you play Shuangfei? I wish you an early death! Go away! Point! Stop calling me and disgusting me!”
After speaking, she hung up the phone with a “pop”.
“Shen Xiaoliang, do you continue to scold you? What is your ability to hang up on my phone?” Gu Zhiyan was a little anxious. Shen Liang usually didn’t answer his phone, and he didn’t have a good attitude when answering the phone. This time it sounded like he was very angry.
However, when he called again, Shen Xiaoliang didn’t answer the phone anymore.
“Sorry, the call you are calling is busy.”
“Sorry, the call you dialed has been turned off.”
“Sorry, the number you dialed is empty.”
Gu Zhiyan: “…”
Blocked him again?
It took him a lot of effort to let Shen Liang pull him from the blacklist. Now because of a broken news, he is buried in the blacklist again?
Gu Zhiyan also stopped teasing Mu Tingxiao, and when he went out, he ordered the secretary: “Let the public relations department organize the meeting.”
If he were to let him know who made the news, he would have to kill that person.

Mu Nuannuan suddenly received Shen Liang’s call.
Shen Liang has recently been outside to promote a new movie. He is tired every day, and the two of them have no idea how to contact him.
Shen Liang suddenly contacted her, she thought Shen Liang was coming back.
As a result, as soon as she got on the phone, she heard a cool and frantic voice: “Gu Zhiyan is a spicy chicken, a scumbag, a bird-animal, a stallion!”
Mu Nuannuan touched her ears that were numb with shock, with a misty expression on her face: “What did Gu Zhiyan do?”
“Did you see the news? He took two women to the club to play, and he didn’t show up all night. With his virtues, what can he do with two women?”
While listening, Mu Nuannuan swiped the mouse to open the web page to watch popular entertainment news. Sure enough, she saw the picture of Gu Zhiyan bringing two women into the clubhouse hung on the banner, and the popularity continued to soar.
Mu Nuannuan also recognized that this photo was taken at the gate of Jinding. In the photo, he and the two women looked close.

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