My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 122

At the end of the meeting, Mu Liyan turned to Mu Nuannuan and said gently: “Nuannuan, you come to my office.”
“it is good.”
Mu Nuannuan probably knew what Mu Liyan was going to do with her.
When the meeting was just held, the high-level person suggested that Si Chengyu be the endorsement of Mu’s products, and Mu Liyan’s eyes brightened.
Obviously, Mu Liyan was very excited about this proposal.
Mu Nuannuan walked outside the meeting room, but was blocked by Mu Wanqi, who had been waiting at the door for a long time.
“Sister, something?” The perfume smell on Mu Wanqi’s body was too strong, and Mu Nuannuan took a half step back because she was not used to it.
Although her expression didn’t change, Mu Wanqi still felt Mu Nuannuan’s dislike for her very delicately.
Her complexion suddenly sank, and she sternly said: “Mu Nuannuan, don’t think you have moved Mu Tingxiao to help Mu’s through the difficulties. If you are taken seriously by your father, you can be proud of it. Don’t forget this. Who gave you everything!”
Recently, her presence in the company has been reduced to almost non-existent.
Those employees all ran to please Mu Nuannuan, and Mu Liyan also deliberately took her off the ground, making her, the project manager, a completely idle person.
This gave her a strong sense of crisis.
“You gave it?”
Mu Nuannuan smiled slightly and said slowly: “The marriage contract with the Mu family back then was made by my grandfather, and my parents gave me my life. I must be thankful to them if I can have this day. So, I must not I will forget who gave me all this.”
“Mu Nuannuan!” Mu Wanqi’s expression was distorted by her words.
Since childhood, Mu Nuannuan has only been a foil for her.
At first, she asked Xiao Chuhe to marry Mu Nuannuan to the Mu family, thinking that Mu Nuannuan would be killed by the monster Mu Tingxiao.
She never thought that one day Mu Nuannuan could ride on her head.
This made her extremely unbalanced.
An ugly and earthy woman, now actually crawling on her head to show off the limelight.
She couldn’t bear this tone, Mu Nuannuan damn it!
“My sister has been very angry recently. Go back and ask my mother to cook some nourishing and fire-fighting soup for you to dispel the fire.” After Mu Nuannuan said, she gently pushed her aside: “Dad is still waiting for me in the office. Go ahead first.”
Mu Wanqi looked bitterly at Mu Nuannuan’s leaving back, clutching her hands tightly, her lips were bitten and the blood was spilled, but she was not aware of it.

In Mu Liyan’s office.
“Dad, what’s wrong with me?” Although Mu Nuannuan had guessed Mu Liyan’s thoughts, she pretended to know nothing.
Mu Liyan groaned for a moment, and then slowly said, “Nuan Nuan, this time the company can tide over the difficulties, thanks to your help, Dad is very grateful to you.”
“Didn’t Dad tell me? My surname is Mu, and I’m all from the family. This is what I should do. Why should I say thank you?” Mu Nuannuan lowered his eyelids slightly, covering the coldness in his eyes.
Mu Liyan was not a fool either, he himself knew that he was not good to Mu Nuannuan before, and he was a little worried that Mu Nuannuan would hold a grudge, and he was scrupulous in his heart.
But a person’s temperament has been developed since childhood. Although he seldom cares about Mu Nuannuan, she can also tell from her attitude towards Xiao Chuhe that he and she are very easy-hearted people.
But he forgot that human hearts are all made of flesh, and even a soft-hearted person can harden her heart even when she is forced to retreat.
Mu Nuannuan said this sincerely, and Mu Liyan was pleased when he heard it: “After getting married, Nuannuan is really sensible. What did you think of their proposal at the previous meeting?”
Finally entered the topic?
“I think this proposal is good, but the feasibility is too low. Si Chengyu is a top star in the entertainment industry. His schedule must be very full. Let alone our kind of company, those international big-name endorsements and advertisements. He may be too busy to take it.”
Moreover, it is impossible for ordinary actors and celebrities to accept the endorsement of a corporate product that has a negative impact. This will arouse the audience’s disgust.
Let alone Si Chengyu.
Regarding this point, Mu Liyan was also very clear in his heart.
However, in his opinion, although the Mu family is not qualified to let Si Chengyu reduce his status to endorse their products, the Mu family can.
If Mu Nuannuan went to the Mu family to ask the Mu family to put pressure on Si Chengyu, could Si Chengyu, a man who relies on acting for his food, resisted the Mu family?
His wishful thinking was crackling, and his face showed a look of certainty.
Mu Liyan walked to Mu Nuan Nuan and patted her shoulder: “Because this task is difficult for ordinary people to do, I will leave this task to you. I believe in your ability!”
“This…” Mu Nuan Nuan said with a dilemma: “I may not be able to complete this task, after all…”
“Hey, don’t say such frustrating remarks, even if you can’t do it yourself, isn’t there still Mu Tingxiao…” Mu Liyan said more on the following words.
Mu Nuannuan raised her head to look at him, with a clear expression in her eyes: “I will try my best…”
Try to blame!
Mu Liyan discovered the value available in her, and spared no effort to squeeze her.
He didn’t even think about it. She “begged” Mu Tingxiao to help Mu Tingxiao overcome the difficulties, and now going to ask Mu Tingxiao for help would cause Mu Tingxiao’s impatience and let her and Mu Tingxiao’s feelings were at odds.
In his eyes, only his own interests.
Coming out of Mu Liyan’s office, Mu Nuannuan saw Mu Wanqi.
Mu Wanqi snorted, squeezed her away and walked in.
Before Mu Nuannuan left, I heard Mu Wanqi’s dissatisfied voice: “I can do this too, isn’t it just to let Si Chengyu speak for the Mu family? Just find someone to arrest him…”
Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Wanqi was really stupid.
Even if Si Chengyu is not Mu Tingxiao’s cousin, with his status in the entertainment industry, how could anyone catch him casually?
Si Chengyu’s worth alone is almost worth the entire Mu’s enterprise.

Shen Liang has recently received a new announcement and is resting at home.
After Mu Nuannuan got off work, as soon as he left the Mu family, he saw the cold car.
The eye-catching big red, like Shen Liang’s character, is as hot as fire.
Mu Nuannuan looked around for a while, and made sure that there were no suspected paparazzi, and then walked towards the cool car.
She opened the car door and got into the co-pilot: “Why don’t you call me? What should I do if I was photographed by paparazzi at the company door?”
Thanks to Mu’s family, Mu Nuannuan is now a half celebrity. She is black, red and red, and her image is not too positive. If she is photographed with Mu Wanqi, she must be taken care of. The media made a big fuss.
Shen Liang’s career in the entertainment industry is on the rise, which has a bad influence on her.
Shen Liang took off his sunglasses, and Mu Nuannuan was startled by a pair of red eyes.
“What’s wrong? What happened?”
“Our company sold me to Shengding!” Shen Liang gritted his teeth: “Give me some money and kneel down and call Dad’s Spicy Chicken Company!”

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