My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 123

Shen Liang signed the brokerage company because the brokerage company and Shengding Media are deadly opposite.
However, she didn’t expect that their company would be so shameless, and they had no spine to collect money from Shengding Media and sold her directly to Shengding Media!
Mu Nuannuan was also a little surprised: “Is there such a thing?”
“I’m going to kill Gu Zhiyan now, you help me get the knife.” Shen Liang said with a fierce expression on his face as he started the car.
Mu Nuannuan: “…”
Shen Liang is so angry that she likes to talk nonsense, of course Mu Nuannuan is just listening.
However, she discovered that the direction she wanted the car to drive was actually Shengding Media.
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at her, and found that she was still sullen: “Are you really going to Shengding Media?”
“Really going!” Shen Liang curled his lips, smiling like a female villain in a movie.
“Can’t you just have a good chat if you have something?”
“I’m just going to talk to him!”
In Shen Liang’s posture, it seemed like he was going to have a good chat with Gu Zhiyan, obviously he was going to fight.
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t stop Shen Liang in the end.
Shen Liang parked the car, got out of the car, slammed the door heavily, and ran towards Shengding Media.
However, she was still not going in, so she was stopped by the security guard: “This lady, who are you looking for?”
“Who do you care about me?” Shen Liang was angry, pushing the security guard away and running inside.
At this time, the security guard on the side suddenly came over, looked at Shen Liang, and then at his mobile phone: “Sorry, lady, you can’t go in.”
Shen Liang raised his eyebrows: “Don’t let me in?”
Mu Nuannuan had a bad premonition. Before, Shen Liang was the school boss of the school, and she was a good player in fights. She really wanted to fight.
She hurried up to pull Shen Liang: “This is in the company, don’t mess around.”
Shen Liang was obviously confused, rolling up his sleeves and didn’t care about the image at all: “Anyway, I am already a contracted artist of Shengding Media. Even if I fight here, Shengding will not only be able to carry me around. !”
Mu Nuannuan thinks that’s the truth.
Moreover, Gu Zhiyan’s approach is indeed a bit wrong.
So she stopped holding Shen Liang.
Shen Liang’s skill is very good, and soon put down the several bodyguards who were surrounding him.
But Mu Nuannuan, who was standing by, could understand that these security guards were letting Shen Liang, as if he was afraid of hurting her.
Shen Liang clapped his hands, with a rogue expression: “Are you letting me see Gu Zhiyan now?”
“They won’t let you see Gu Zhiyan today.” Mu Nuannuan picked up the phone from the ground and handed it to Shen Liang.
What is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone is the interface of a chat group in WeChat.
There is a cold photo on it, with a sentence attached: “It said that this woman will come to Mr. Gu today, but in any case she cannot be allowed to go up, nor can she hurt her.”
There is no doubt that this order must have been issued by Gu Zhiyan.
Gu Zhiyan bought Shen Liang from her previous brokerage company, and he must have guessed that Shen Liang would come to him, so he had the foresight to give this order.
Mu Nuannuan knew that as a good friend, she should help Shen Liang to scold Gu Zhiyan at the moment.
However, she just wanted to laugh inexplicably.
Shen Liang cursed bitterly: “Grandson!”
Then she took Mu Nuannuan and left.
In the carriage, Mu Nuannuan said, “Gu Zhiyan knows you very well.”
Shen Liang said in a loud voice: “When I was a child, he even gave me urine, can you not understand me?”
“…That understands you quite well.” Mu Nuannuan said with a smile.
Fortunately, Shen Liang was so unobstructed only when talking to her.
“When we were young, we lived in a compound, and the relationship between the two families was very good, but something happened later…” The calm expression fell into a gloomy expression and stopped talking.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t ask much, she didn’t have a hobby of snooping on other people’s sex.
Shen Liang looked carefree and didn’t like to hide things in her heart, but she never talked to Mu Nuannuan about Gu Zhiyan, presumably because she was too heavy to speak.

Shen Liang drove Mu Nuannuan to a bar.
This bar is also opened by people in the entertainment circle, and most of the customers who come to spend are mostly celebrities, and the confidentiality is also excellent.
Shen Liang opened a box, and Mu Nuannuan scolded Gu Zhiyan while drinking.
Mu Nuannuan’s drink volume was the result of practicing with Shen Liang, and the two of them drank equally.
But she knew that Shen Liang was in a bad mood and would definitely let it go. She drank very little herself, and she wanted to send Shen Liang back after staying awake.
Halfway through the drink, the box door was suddenly opened.
A beautifully dressed woman stood at the door of the box, her eyes fell on Shen Liang, and she raised her eyebrows and smiled: “It’s really Shen Liang. I heard people say that I saw you before. I still don’t believe it. I didn’t think it was really you. .”
While talking, the woman walked over to Mu Nuannuan and the others.
As she approached, Mu Nuannuan felt that this woman seemed a bit familiar.
She thought Shen Liang knew each other, so she pushed Shen Liang’s shoulders.
Shen Liang was already half drunk at this time, squinted at the woman, and vomited three words for a while: “Who are you?”
The woman seemed to have thought that Shen Liang would not recognize her, her face turned black, and she stalked her neck and said, “I am Luo Ying.”
Luo Ying?
Mu Nuannuan remembered that she would often see a name on hot search, as well as entertainment news feeds on the browser, and she would often see Luo Ying.
A star with a lot of exposure recently.
However, there is a big gap between this person and the photo.
Shen Liang thought for a while, as if finally remembering that there was such a person, he nodded: “Oh, sorry, your makeup today is too thick, I don’t recognize you…”
Luo Ying’s complexion looked a little better.
In the next moment, Shen Liang said: “You are not the same as the one I saw last time. Did you cut your jaw?”
When Luo Ying heard the words, he touched her face in shock, her eyes fierce as if she wanted to take a cold bite.
Mu Nuannuan saw that Luo Ying had come to be unkind, so she stepped forward and stood in front of Shen Liang: “Sorry, she drank too much.”
Luo Ying squinted at her slightly: “Who are you?”
Mu Nuannuan was about to speak when a group of people suddenly came in at the door.
“Sister Ying, you are here, we are looking for you everywhere!”
Luo Ying turned her head and smiled happily: “Guess who I met?”
The group of people walked in, and the headed man said in a weird manner: “Oh, isn’t this cold?”
Mu Nuan’s eyebrows frowned slightly, this Luo Ying clearly came to find Shen Liang trouble.
“Everyone is a friend, do you have any opinions when you sit down and have a drink, Shen Liang?” Luo Ying looked at Shen Liang with a smile, and did not hide his thoughts of revenge.
Shen Liang once snatched her role.
The role she had worked so hard to win from the upper position was just like that was snatched away by Shen Liang!

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