My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 137

After hearing Mu Nuannuan’s words, Mu Liyan immediately fell into thought.
After a long while, he shook his head: “No.”
Back then, when Mr. Mu went abroad, he said that he should run the Mu family well. If there were no accidents, Mr. Mu might have to spend the rest of his life abroad.
“Dad, the situation is not optimistic now. You know how important brand image is to a company. You know better than me. Everything that has happened during this period of time has created a lot of innovation for Mu Family hit……”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t finish her words, and Mu Liyan interrupted her suddenly: “How are you getting along with Mu Tingxiao?”
“I don’t know how Nuan Nuan gets along with Mu Tingxiao, but she gets along well with’Mu Jiachen’. The two of them ate together today and kissed me in the public.”
After Mu Wanqi finished speaking, she turned her head to look at Mu Nuannuan with a smile: “Am I right?”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t even look at Mu Wanqi, but turned her head and said to Mu Liyan: “Mu Tingxiao treats me neither coldly nor warmly, that’s how it is.”
She didn’t know why she wanted to lie to Mu Tingxiao.
Mu Liyan frowned fiercely: “Nuan Nuan, Mu Tingxiao is your husband, why are you…”
Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Liyan was playing Mu Tingxiao’s idea again, and she was already annoyed by such words.
She interrupted Mu Liyan with a firm tone: “Do you want Mu Tingxiao to help you like last time? No way. If the Mu clan continues to do this, sooner or later, it will be acquired. I might as well take advantage of the current Mu clan’s shares. If it’s worth a little money, just sell the shares.”
Mu Liyan’s expression changed drastically after hearing this, “Mu Nuannuan, you are crazy!”
“I’m afraid it’s not just my idea of ​​selling shares by myself. Other people who own shares in the company may have the same idea as me. With Mu’s shares rotted in their hands, it’s better to find a generous buyer.”
Mu Nuannuan’s words can be said to be a sharp sword, directly hanging over Mu Liyan’s head.
Mu Liyan stared at Mu Nuannuan and said grimly, “Dare you!”
“What dare I? The shares in my hand are legal, so I can naturally buy and sell on my own!”
Mu Liyan was so angry that he couldn’t speak for a long time after hearing what she said.
“Think about it for yourself.” Mu Nuannuan turned around and went out after speaking.
As soon as she went out, her cell phone rang.
The above shows a local unfamiliar number in Shanghai and Yangtze.
Mu Nuannuan answered the phone, and the voice of a middle-aged man rang.
“Excuse me, is it Mu Jiachen’s sister?”
Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment: “Yes, I am his sister.”
“It’s like this. I’m Mu Jiachen’s head teacher. He has something in school and needs to ask a parent to come and help us solve it.”
Mu Nuannuan asked with some concern: “What happened to him?”
“Mu Jiachen has nothing to do, he…” the head teacher paused and said, “He had a conflict with other classmates and had a fight. He had nothing to do with him. The classmate he beat was a bit serious.”
Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief: “Well, I know, I’ll come over immediately.”

Mu Nuannuan left the Mu family, drove a car on the side of the road, and when he got in the car, he called Mu Tingxiao.
However, Mu Tingxiao might be busy and didn’t answer the phone.
Mu Jiachen’s school was not far from the Mu family, and it took ten minutes to arrive.
Mu Nuannuan first met Mu Jiachen’s head teacher.
She nodded slightly: “Hello.”
“Hello.” The head teacher nodded. Mu Jiachen is already a good-looking child in the class. He didn’t expect that Mu Jiachen’s sister was also so beautiful. It really was a good family gene.
Seeing the head teacher staring at her, Mu Nuannuan asked him aloud: “Can you tell me the general situation?”
“It’s like this. It’s said that Mujiachen had a bit of quarrel with other classmates. The children had a bad temper and started fighting when they were young and ignorant. It’s just that Mujiachen’s beating each other is too serious. Parents have to educate them carefully…”
Mu Nuannuan frowned, she didn’t like the tone of the teacher’s speech.
She said in a serious tone: “Teacher, you don’t even know the ins and outs of the matter now, let me educate Mu Jiachen? Is it unfair?”
When Mu Nuannuan smiled, she had a pair of cat-eyes and beautiful eyebrows, but when she stared coldly at people, she could feel chills.
The head teacher quickly explained: “I didn’t mean it, but I just thought that classmate Mu Jiachen made too heavy a move…”
Mu Nuannuan said, “I understand, but I want to see my brother first.”
The head teacher nodded: “They are in my office, we will pass right away.”
Mu Nuannuan met Mu Jiachen in the office.
There was some color on his face, a little curly hair was in a mess, and his clothes were torn, like a stray dog ​​picked up from a garbage dump.
He straightened his back and stood there, his expression stubborn, and he looked a little unruly.
It might be because of living with Mu Tingxiao. His expressionless expression was barely deterrent, but it was far worse than Mu Tingxiao.
When he saw Mu Nuannuan, his face suddenly collapsed, and he blinked, looking at Mu Nuannuan pitifully: “Sister Nuannuan.”
Mu Nuannuan looked at him like this, feeling distressed.
Mu Nuannuan walked over and touched his little curly hair: “Where is it hurt?”
“No.” Mu Jiachen shook his head, and then said in a voice that only two people could hear: “I just have my clothes torn. They are more miserable.”
Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw that there were two other boys in the office.
However, those two faces had more injuries than Mu Jiachen, both of them were sitting, only Mu Jiachen was standing alone.
Mu Jiachen is not the kind of unreasonable child, let alone hitting people casually, just because the two people are injured a little bit more so they can sit, but Mu Jiachen has to stand?
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at the teacher: “Didn’t you say that the injury was serious? Why didn’t you send it to the hospital?”
“This… is what their parents meant.” The head teacher’s tone was also a little awkward.
Mu Jiachen was not studying at a noble school, and the students in the family were from ordinary backgrounds. When the child was injured, the two parents’ behavior was nothing but an error.
Mu Nuannuan curled her lips tauntingly.
At this time, a middle-aged woman’s voice sounded outside the door: “Is my son here?”
When the voice fell, a fat woman opened the door and came in, her eyes fell on a boy on the sofa, and she rushed up with tears: “Why is my precious son beaten like this…”
She cried loudly, Mu Nuannuan covered her ears and glanced at the head teacher.
The head teacher stepped forward and persuaded: “Don’t cry first, let’s make things clear first.”
“Find it out? How can I find out about this? My son is like this. Of course they have to pay for medical expenses!” The fat woman said in a loud voice.
Mu Nuannuan said, “We can pay for the medical expenses, but now we have to clarify the matter first, Xiao Chen, you said, why are you fighting with them.”
Mu Jiachen didn’t answer immediately, but dropped his head.
Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised: “What’s the matter?”
Mu Jiachen just kept a small face and didn’t speak.
The fat woman stopped crying at this time. Yin and Yang said weirdly: “Is there any reason, because he is a jerk, how can anyone beat classmates like this, look at my poor baby son…”

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