My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 144

As soon as Shen Liang’s front foot left, Mu Tingxiao’s back foot came.
He drove that limited edition Bentley, which was said to be worth tens of millions, and when he stopped at the door of the mall, it was eye-catching.
Mu Nuannuan quickly opened the door and got into the car, and urged him: “Hurry up.”
Mu Tingxiao did not start the car immediately. Instead, he slowly leaned forward to help her buckle her seat belt, and then asked her in an intimate position supporting her seat back with one hand and the car door with the other: “My face is not very good. What movie did Shen Liang see you for?”
Mu Nuannuan habitually shrank back and said, “Fantasy movie.”
“The plot is tragic?”
“Then why is your face so ugly?” Mu Tingxiao said, and reached out to touch her face.
Mu Nuannuan shrank to the side subconsciously, and Mu Tingxiao’s hand fell into the air, stiffly stretched out in the air.
There was no embarrassment on his face, but inexplicably people felt a force of pressure rushing toward him, which made Mu Nuannuan very uncomfortable.
The nerves that had been tense in the past few days were completely disconnected at this moment.
Mu Nuannuan’s face was broken: “Does the death of Tao Bing’s father have something to do with you?”
Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes, his dark eyes were as deep as a bottomless whirlpool, and his voice was deep and cold: “What else did you guess?”
“Are you admitting this?” Mu Nuannuan looked at him incredulously, her voice trembling.
She really didn’t understand Mu Tingxiao.
Although she didn’t have a good life since she was a child, but this kind of casually squeezing life into her hands to kill is still not so easy to accept.
The two kidnappers who kidnapped her last time were fugitives, and they were going to be shot when they were caught by the police, so Mu Nuannuan felt so emotional.
But this time, Mu Tingxiao’s speed was so fast that he could get rid of Tao Bing’s father, and Mu Nuannuan felt a little bit shy.
“He deserves to die.” Mu Tingxiao curled his lips, smiling bloodthirstyly: “Those people deserve to die, Tao Zilin is not the last.”
Tao Bing’s father is Tao Zilin.
“You are so smart, you can find the murderer and hand them over to the police…” Mu Nuannuan was a little afraid of such a Mu Tingxiao, but she still mustered the courage to persuade him.
The smile on Mu Tingxiao’s lips deepened, and his handsome face became more weird in the half-bright and half-dark light: “I am smart? But 15 years have passed, and I have never found a murderer, so I can only find one every time. Dispose of the relevant person.”
Mu Nuannuan clenched her hands involuntarily.
Mu Tingxiao leaned close to her for a few minutes, lightly lightly touched her face, then leaned to her ear and whispered, “You don’t agree with what I did, you can go to the police.”
Mu Nuannuan’s whole body was tight, biting her lip without moving or talking, but she raised her head and looked at Mu Tingxiao at each other.
Although she did not agree with Mu Tingxiao’s actions, she knew very well that she would not go to the police.
Mu Tingxiao was already a bit paranoid about his mother.
Even if she did go to the police and the police arrested Mu Tingxiao, she was sure that even if Mu Tingxiao was in jail, he would still have a way to kill those related to the case.
Mu Tingxiao has this ability.
Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao’s face darkened, and his voice became dull: “This is still in the car, don’t look at me like this.”
He really likes Mu Nuannuan’s eyes, bright and attractive.
Mu Nuannuan hurriedly regained consciousness and turned to look away.

As soon as he returned to the villa, Mu Tingxiao returned to the room with Mu Nuannuan and directly pressed her to the door to kiss.
Mu Nuannuan was in the mood to do such things with him at this time, but he couldn’t avoid it.
She found the opportunity and said, “My dad went abroad a few days ago, and he may be back in these two days.”
Mu Tingxiao’s movements really stopped, but he did not let go of Mu Nuannuan: “What is he doing abroad?”
“You know why you ask.” Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Your grandpa is coming back.”
“Tell me what to do with this matter?” Mu Tingxiao lowered his head and kissed her lips: “Don’t think about these things at this time.”
“It’s because these things are under your control a long time ago, so even if I didn’t tell you, you would have received the message long ago, right?”
Mu Nuannuan did not refuse his kiss and did not respond.
Mu Tingxiao let go of her dumbly, “Since I know, why do you want to say these things on purpose to upset me?”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t feel that Mu Tingxiao’s method of finding the real murderer was wrong, she felt that Mu Tingxiao’s method was wrong.
He was too gloomy and his methods were too cruel.
However, she didn’t know how to communicate with Mu Tingxiao.
Mu Tingxiao couldn’t listen to her at all, and would not accept her opinion.
After a while, Mu Nuannuan heard her own voice rang: “Mu Tingxiao, you want to find the real murderer who kidnapped you and your mother back then, I can help you.”
“Help me?” Mu Tingxiao’s voice was almost inaudible.
Her mother was a talented girl from the scholarly family. When she was young, she was the dream lover of all the young dignitaries in Shanghai and Yangtze City. Her talent and appearance were merged. His father, Mu Qingfeng, as the successor of the Mu family, was naturally also a dragon and phoenix.
Their son, Mu Tingxiao, is so clever and outstanding, and it is not occasional.
After his mother was killed, it took him a long time to walk out, gradually becoming like a normal person.
But the teenage boy seemed to grow up overnight, with a steady but gloomy breath. He ran to the police station many times, and a young policeman quietly told him the truth: “The case of your kidnapping. , I don’t think it’s that simple, but now everyone wants to be quiet.”
Mu Tingxiao knew best, but it was the Mu family who wanted to calm down.
Mu’s family will not let his mother’s abuse-humiliation be exposed, so he will not investigate further.
Since then, he has been investigating the case.
Both his biological parents and twin sisters didn’t believe him. They all felt that he was shocked because of the severe psychological trauma he had witnessed what happened to his mother.
At this moment, Mu Nuannuan was standing in front of him, with a serious expression on her face that she wanted to help him.
Mu Tingxiao’s voice was deeper than usual: “You believe in my mother’s case, there are other masterminds behind it?”
“I don’t know the specifics of the case, but I believe you, you are so smart, and if you think there are other masterminds behind the scenes, there must be.”
Mu Nuannuan’s eyes were extremely firm, and the clear and bright eyes were full of trust in him.
Mu Tingxiao stared at her for a few seconds, then suddenly hugged her tightly into his arms.
He didn’t say anything, but Mu Nuannuan inexplicably felt the incomprehensible orphan and unwillingness in his heart.
Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and gently patted his back: “But, you have to promise me, you can’t just… kill people.”

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