My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 145

When Mu Tingxiao heard this, she let go.
He stepped back and looked at her: “But they deserve to die.”
“You did everything possible to force my grandfather back, do you want to kill my grandfather?” Mu Nuannuan’s heart felt a little cold.
She hypocritically thought that she had some place in Mu Tingxiao’s heart, but Mu Tingxiao’s words denied her thoughts.
“No.” Mu Tingxiao said indifferently, “Of course I won’t do anything to your grandfather. He didn’t participate in that case. He was just the one who was bought by the Mu family.”
“Then what do you want to do to force him back?”
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t understand Mu Tingxiao, but she vaguely understood one thing.
Mu Tingxiao’s mother was abused and humiliated to death by those people back then, and Tao Bing’s father would know about this, most likely because of some chance coincidence, he also participated in it.
The world was never black and white, and Mu Nuannuan didn’t know how to evaluate Mu Tingxiao’s actions.
However, she still felt a little bit of pain for him.
With such a wonderful mother, if his mother was still there, Mu Tingxiao would definitely not be what she is today.
He must be the man whom all men admire and make all women crazy in financial magazines.
However, because of his mother, everything he did in the first half of his life was just to find the mastermind behind the kidnapping case.
Living in hatred and guilt, no matter how noble his status is, no matter how powerful he is, he is not happy.
“Why did the people of the Mu family want him to go abroad? Because he makes some people feel uneasy in the country.” Mu Tingxiao paused and continued: “Once he returns to China, some people may not be able to sit still.”
Mu Tingxiao didn’t know what he thought of, so he curled his lips and smiled.
It’s just that the smile doesn’t reach the bottom of the eyes, with bloodthirsty coldness.
It was not Mu Tingxiao’s smile that made Mu Nuan Nuan’s hair frightened, but his words.
“You’re talking about’some people’ referring to Mu’s family?”
Mu Nuannuan felt that she must have misunderstood.
However, Mu Tingxiao’s enlarged smile told her that Mu Tingxiao’s words were serious.
Mu Nuannuan suddenly thought of what Mu Wanqi had done back then. Although she was still shocked, she no longer doubted it.

The next day.
Mu Nuannuan woke up and habitually took out his mobile phone to surf the Internet, and found that the major platforms and web pages had been slaughtered by the incident of Mr. Mu returning to China.
There are financial news and entertainment news.
For a time, the heat is extraordinary.
Fifteen years ago, Mr. Mu was regarded as a celebrity in Shanghai and Yangtze markets. He had a good relationship with him. Many people who were more powerful and wealthy than him were also willing to make friends with him.
However, just as the Mu family was flourishing, Father Mu suddenly went abroad.
It’s been fifteen years since I went out, and now I’m back suddenly, and it’s no surprise that it will attract the media’s attention.
But it is a bit too exaggerated to allow so many media to report.
The Mu Tingxiao beside him also woke up.
He slept with Mu Nuannuan in his arms last night. Just after Mu Nuannuan woke up, he pulled away his hand and moved to the edge of the bed. Now his arms are empty.
Mu Tingxiao showed dissatisfaction, and pulled Mu Nuannuan into her arms again, with her chin resting on the top of her hair, and inadvertently scanning her phone, and whispered, “What do you think of me doing it?”
There is a hint of pride in his tone, like a kid who has done something that he thinks is great and is begging for praise.
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t laugh or cry: “What do you let the media report about my grandpa?”
She was not as clever as Mu Tingxiao, and sometimes she couldn’t keep up with his thoughts.
“What is it, I just want those who should know that Elder Mu is back.”
After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he suddenly took her mobile phone away, pulled her hand into the quilt, and said in a dark voice, “We can do something meaningful.”
Mu Nuannuan heard the abnormality in his voice, but it was too late.
Her hand was forced by Mu Tingxiao to press on his body, and her hand seemed to be melted away by the scorching heat.
“I want to get up and go to work at the company!” Mu Nuannuan’s face flushed suddenly.
Turn off the lights at night and do whatever you need.
Now it was dawn, and the room was bright, and her face was not as thick as Mu Tingxiao’s.
“Well, then we have to hurry up, or we will be late.”

Facts have proved that a creature like a man, even if he usually looks calm and self-sufficient, is the same on the bed-shameless.
After the two were over, it was not far from working hours.
It is a rare experience for the two to get up and wash together.
Mu Nuannuan was sitting in front of the vanity mirror and putting on makeup, and Mu Tingxiao stood aside watching her with interest.
She couldn’t help but urge him: “You can leave first when you are done.”
Mu Tingxiao’s lips curled, and his low voice was rare with a bit of seriousness and gentleness: “You look good enough without makeup.”
He praised her very seriously.
Mu Nuannuan turned her head away from him: “When you first saw me, you said that I was too ugly.”
“It was ugly.” Mu Tingxiao said bluntly.
Mu Nuannuan: “…” She suddenly felt that Mu Tingxiao’s mouth was very lucky to have her marry him.
“But…” Mu Tingxiao said again, “So ugly, why don’t I kiss him? If he changed to Shen Chuhan, can he kiss him?”
Mu Nuannuan retorted him: “Because you have a strong taste.”
“No matter how heavy my taste is, no ugly woman can be in my eyes.” Mu Tingxiao’s tone sounded quite complacent.
But Mu Nuannuan heard her heart beat fiercely.
The indifferent man is not inferior at all when he talks about love.

When the two went downstairs together, Mu Jiachen was standing in the middle of the living room with his schoolbag on his back, looking at them with a serious face.
He shook his head and said: “The two of you are really getting too much lately. First, Sister Nuannuan was lying in bed, and then now are you two lying in bed together?”
Mu Nuannuan smiled with a guilty conscience, without speaking.
Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Jiachen coldly. He quickly turned around and walked outside while saying, “The weather is getting colder and colder. Everyone wants to sleep in bed. This is normal.”
Mu Nuannuan went to the company and found that neither Mu Liyan nor Mu Wanqi had come to work today.
At noon, Mu Nuannuan received a call from Xiao Chuhe.
“Nuannuan, your grandfather is back home, you can come home for dinner at noon.”
Mu Nuannuan directly agreed: “Okay.”
She had no impression of Mr. Mu. In her memory, Mr. Mu was a kind person. Compared to other Mu family members, Mr. Mu treated her well.
But at that time, because of his busy work, Mr. Mu had two siblings, Mu Wanqi, and he did not pay much attention to Mu Nuannuan.
She put her phone away and walked out of Mu’s gate, and she saw Mu Tingxiao.
He leaned against the car, tall and slender.
“Why are you here?” Mu Nuannuan ran over.
“Someone from the Mu family called you and asked you to go home to eat?”
“I’ll go with you.” After Mu Tingxiao said, he opened the door and pushed her into the car.

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