My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 68

Mu Nuannuan went out of the Mu’s gate and went directly to the bus station.
There were a lot of people waiting for the bus, and suddenly, a familiar black car stopped in front of her.
The window was lowered, and Mu Liyan turned to look at her: “Get in the car.”
Mu Nuannuan hesitated, opened the car door and went up.
Only the driver and Mu Liyan were in the car. After Mu Nuannuan got up, she didn’t take the initiative to speak.
The driver drove the car out of the road and stopped on the side of the road.
After a while, Mu Liyan said faintly: “Nuan Nuan, I know that your skipping work is a misunderstanding. Today your sister has suffered such a serious crime. This matter is over, don’t take it to your heart.”
Mu Nuannuan sneered: “In the past?”
Mu Liyan frowned, “Your sister has already suffered such a serious crime, what else do you want?”
“Here.” Mu Nuannuan pointed to her face: “Mu Wanqi hit it.”
Why did Mu Liyan say that this matter was over?
Mu Liyan said coldly: “Why didn’t I find you so vicious before!”
“Without your poison, her own daughter can beat it so hard.” Mu Nuannuan lowered her head and fiddled with the zipper on the bag with a careless expression, but the ridicule in the words was self-evident.
Mu Liyan was so embarrassed by “Mu Jiachen” today that he is still very depressed in his heart.
It’s okay not to mention it, and when he mentions it, he gets angry.
“You still have the face to mention this? I’m so old, and I was forced to beat Wanqi so hard by a little boy, don’t I feel distressed?” Mu Liyan was emotional, even the volume of speech was very special. Don’t be big.
Mu Nuannuan covered her ears, and said impatiently: “It’s alright, I know, let’s talk about it quickly.”
She is also busy going back to cook for “Mu Jiachen”.
Mu Liyan glanced at Mu Nuannuan, and the impatience and indifference on her face were so obvious that she could see it at a glance.
Mu Liyan, who had full certainty that Mu Nuannuan could obediently persuade Mu Tingxiao to inject funds into the Mu family, was unavoidable.
He thought slightly, and sighed: “You heard what Mu Jiachen said today.”
Mu Nuannuan didn’t speak, he continued: “The company’s capital chain is broken because of an investment error. Anyway, you are also a member of the Mu family. At this time, you should pull the Mu family.”
Mu Nuan Nuan twitched the corners of her mouth ironically, with a sharp tone: “Isn’t there still the three hundred million betrothal gift from the Mu family? I have subsidized you by selling myself money, how do you want me to help you? Sell ​​it again? I’m afraid it won’t be wanted.”
Mu Liyan said sternly: “You were married in a righteous name, how can you speak so badly!”
“It’s Mu Wanqi who should have married rightfully.” Mu Nuannuan looked up at him, not afraid of him at all.
Mu Liyan was startled by Mu Nuannuan’s eyes, so cold and alienated, not at all like the hardworking Mu Nuannuan from his predecessor.
Since persuasion is useless, Mu Liyan also coldened his face and said threateningly: “Do you think that Mu’s family collapsed, will their Mu’s family still treat you well? A young Mu’s grandmother who has no support from her maiden family is very much in Mu’s family. It’s hard to stand firm!”
“Just get a divorce if you can’t stand firm!” Mu Nuannuan looked indifferent.
She finally knew why Mu Liyan was willing to give her shares in the company and wanted her to return to work in the Mu family.
It turned out that she wanted her to persuade Mu Tingxiao to inject capital into the Mu Family.
The Mu family can’t do serious things, but they have a good calculation.
Mu Liyan was so angry that she could not speak: “You…”
“I’ll tell you the truth.” Mu Nuannuan narrowed her expression, with a rare tone of seriousness: “Why did Mu Tingxiao be engaged to Mu Wanqi in the first place? Is there any shame in this?”
Mu Liyan’s face changed slightly, and his tone was anxious: “What are you talking about! How is your sister not worthy of Mu Tingxiao! It is him who is so blessed!”
Mu Liyan has always weighed the pros and cons. The Mu family was worse than it is now more than ten years ago. Even if he loves Mu Wanqi again, he should know that under normal circumstances, there is no possibility that the Mu family will marry the Mu family.
And Mu Liyan’s sudden change of face, and his eager rebuttal, all confirmed that there may be something inside this marriage that has to be said.
Mu Nuannuan had always wondered about the marriage between the Mu family and the Mu family, but she just asked casually, but instead of thinking it aroused her interest.
“It’s getting late, I’m going home, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” Mu Nuannuan checked the time, opened the door and jumped out of the car.
Mu Liyan shouted behind him: “Mu Nuannuan!”
Mu Nuannuan turned her head and smiled and waved at him with a brilliant face, and walked freely.

Back at the villa, Mu Nuannuan saw “Mu Jiachen” as soon as he walked in.
He is still wearing the suit from the daytime, with retro dark blue stripes, which is quite elegant and expensive, provided that he speaks.
“You went home an hour later than usual. This hour is enough for you to have a candlelight dinner with the wild men outside.” “Mu Jiachen” raised his wrist and looked at the time with a cold face. she was.
Mu Nuannuan glared at him, lifted the bag in his hand and threw it at him, turned and went into the kitchen.
Mu Tingxiao accurately caught her small satchel, raised an eyebrow and glanced at her back.
Is this tantrum?
A cell phone ringing abruptly.
Mu Tingxiao discovered that it came from Mu Nuannuan’s bag.
He unzipped the zipper and took out Mu Nuannuan’s phone from the inside.
The person who called was remarked as “Xiao Liang”.
Xiaoliang? It seems that the little star in Gu Zhiyan’s family is called Xiaoliang?
Seems to be a woman?
He noticed that the phone was very intimate with a case with a tempered film, and he could see the owner’s love for it.
Mu Tingxiao curled his lips and walked towards the kitchen with his mobile phone in a kindhearted manner, but accidentally touched the screen in the middle of the call and connected to the phone.
Shen Liang’s bluffing voice came from the phone: “Nuan Nuan, do you know? Si Chengyu has returned to Shanghai, and you may have a chance to meet him if you go out for a while! I can do it soon! When I go back, I will see if I can find out where he is attending the event. I may find a chance to take you to see him…”
Mu Tingxiao stopped after hearing her words.
The Shen Liang on the other end was very puzzled: “Hello? Nuannuan, why don’t you speak? Are you happy and stupid? Or I don’t have a signal here…”
At this time, Mu Nuannuan happened to come out of the kitchen: “I heard my phone ring.”
Mu Tingxiao threw the phone to her blankly, turned around and left.
Mu Nuannuan almost caught the phone, glanced at the back of “Mu Jiachen”, “cut”, and muttered to herself: “The same temper in June! When you change your face, you change your face…”
Mu Nuannuan took the mobile phone into the kitchen, and Mu Tingxiao looked back at this moment with a gloomy look.
Mu Tingxiao thought that Mu Nuannuan came home very early that day, that day when Si Chengyu returned to Shanghai and Shanghai, when they met, Si Chengyu asked several questions about Mu Nuannuan.
Mu Tingxiao slowly shook his phone and dialed Shiye’s phone call: “Check where Mu Nuannuan went last Friday and who he met.”

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