My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 69

When eating at night, Mu Nuannuan felt that “Mu Jiachen”‘s complexion was wrong.
In fact, he usually puts on a cold face most of the time. When he doesn’t speak or puts on his face, he is full of vigor and aggressiveness.
However, Mu Nuannuan could not tell from his usual different expressions that he was in a bad mood.
Mu Nuannuan picked up a piece of fish and put it in his bowl: “You taste this, I put Sansho pepper today, I don’t know if you can get used to it.”
“Mu Jiachen” didn’t move, so he picked it up and threw it on the dining table.
Mu Nuannuan: “…” It seems that she provokes him.
However, she clearly didn’t remember where she had provoke him. Could it be that he was angry when she came back and threw a bag at him?
Not that, although this man is stingy, he doesn’t usually make a difference in such a small matter.
Feeling Mu Nuannuan looking at herself, Mu Tingxiao raised her head suddenly: “Where did you go last Friday?”
“Huh?” Mu Nuannuan, who was busy avoiding staring at him, couldn’t hear him clearly for a while.
Mu Tingxiao put down his chopsticks, her eyes were like ink, and she locked her heavily. He spoke slowly and said clearly, “Last Friday, where did you go and who did you see.”
Mu Nuannuan was stunned and looked up at him: “What do you mean?”
“Mu Jiachen” The voice of the deputy interrogation made Mu Nuannuan feel very uncomfortable.
He smiled and his eyes were cold: “You are starting to feel guilty? Did you really find a wild man outside with my cousin behind?”
“What nonsense are you talking about!” Although this is not the first time he has said this, his tone this time sounds particularly excessive.
Mu Nuannuan put his chopsticks on the dining table vigorously, and stood up with a “brush”: “Even if I was sold to your Mu’s house by 300 million, that doesn’t mean that anyone with the surname Mu can do it. Intervene in my business, point fingers at me!”
After she finished speaking, she walked out angrily.
When she reached the door, she accidentally bumped into the door frame, showing she was very angry.
Mu Tingxiao also had an appetite, put down his chopsticks, and the phone rang.
The call came night and night: “Master, I have already sent the surveillance video and information transferred that day to your mailbox.”
“Well, hard work.” After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he hung up, got up and went to the study.
What was sent to Mu Tingxiao night and night was the surveillance video from the pharmacy last Friday.
In the video, Mu Nuannuan had contact with the other two men besides the doctor who gave her the medicine.
One of them was fully armed with a mask and a peaked cap. Mu Tingxiao recognized it at a glance. He was Si Chengyu.
The location of this pharmacy is already close to the suburbs, and Mu Nuannuan will not go there. However, Mu Nuannuan has recently promoted daily necessities, and Mu Nuannuan does not need to go to the suburbs for work.
In the video, Mu Nuannuan grabbed Si Chengyu’s arm, obviously calling for help.
Later she was taken away by Si Chengyu.
The video captured later showed that Mu Nuannuan got out of the car when she reached the city. Except when she got out of the car, the two said a few words and did not act excessively.
The video was frozen. When Mu Nuannuan walked a few steps and turned around, Mu Tingxiao wanted to see what she said, but the video had been enlarged and was not very clear. He could only vaguely feel what she said. What was said, there is no way to tell.
Mu Tingxiao turned off the computer and rubbed his eyebrows.
He found himself abnormal lately.
Si Chengyu didn’t need to ask a few more questions about Mu Nuannuan, but he went all out to check these things…

When Mu Nuannuan slept until midnight, she woke up hungry.
She regretted it, and she couldn’t get rid of her own stomach because of her anger!
In the end, she couldn’t stand it. She turned over and got out of bed, wrapped herself tightly in a thick long down jacket, and was about to go downstairs to the kitchen to find something to eat.
The villa was quiet at night, but because the villa was built halfway up the mountain, occasionally I heard a little wind coming in from outside.
She quickly touched the kitchen, found some greens and tomatoes, and planned to cook some noodles for herself.
When she was cutting the tomatoes, she felt a little bit cold on her back, something was wrong, as if someone was behind?
The feeling became more and more obvious. She closed her eyes and gathered the courage to look back. She heard a temperatureless voice behind her: “What are you doing?”
Mu Nuannuan shook her hand in fright, and the kitchen knife in her hand fell on her foot.
Fortunately, she was wearing very thick cotton shoes, otherwise she would be miserable.
When Mu Tingxiao saw the kitchen knife falling, his heart was lifted, and he squatted down to see if she was hurt, confirmed that the kitchen knife did not hit her tightly wrapped feet, and then stood up with a sigh of relief. Muffled: “Mu Nuannuan, I have never seen such a stupid woman as you!”
Mu Nuannuan had already recovered. She picked up the kitchen knife, glared at “Mu Jiachen”, turned and turned on the faucet while washing the kitchen knife, and said, “It’s really hard for you, Master Mu, to order me as a stupid woman to do it every day. Food, otherwise I won’t cook from tomorrow, and I can still move out of the villa before Mu Tingxiao comes back, so you can’t see it. Can you think that’s okay?”
Mu Nuannuan put the cleaned kitchen knife back, turned around and looked at “Mu Jiachen” seriously.
She was really fed up with the man “Mu Jiachen”.
He helped her, and she was grateful to him, but one yard went to one yard, and she couldn’t indulge him to gesticulate himself because he helped her.
“No.” Mu Tingxiao lowered his face and said coldly: “You want my cousin to think I’ve driven you away, so that our cousins ​​can have a rift?”
“Whatever you think.” Mu Nuannuan lowered her head, not wanting to argue with him anymore.
The position where Mu Tingxiao was standing was backlit, and Mu Nuannuan stood facing the light, so all the subtle expressions on her face could not escape his eyes.
Because she got up from bed in the middle of the night, her hair was a bit messy, her thick long down jacket was zipped up to her neck, and her face was white and glowing under the light of the light. Those cat eyes that are always radiant in daily life, this Shi was mostly covered by the drooping eyelids, and the whole person looked very depressed.
Mu Nuannuan felt that a century had passed before he heard the emotional ups and downs of the man opposite: “Before, I was wrong.”
“What? You say it again?” Mu Nuannuan raised her head fiercely, looking at “Mu Jiachen” in astonishment.
Is he apologizing to her again?
But “Mu Jiachen” is willing to say it again. He glanced at the half-cut tomatoes placed on the flow table, with a natural expression: “I want to eat too.”
Mu Nuannuan’s anger has already disappeared for more than half, but she still habitually goes back: “I put poison in it, do you take it?”
Mu Tingxiao glanced at her with a heavy gaze: “If you eat, I will eat.”
“…” Neuropathy.

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