My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 82

Mu Nuannuan had already seen Shen Liang deal with Gu Zhiyan, so it was no surprise.
She looked at Fu Tingxi who was standing next to “Mu Jiachen” and greeted him with a smile: “Mr. Fu.”
Fu Tingxi also nodded slightly, which was regarded as a response.
Mu Tingxiao noticed that what Mu Nuannuan said was “Why are you also here?” The word “also” in it meant that she had met someone else she knew before.
What kind of friends does Mu Nuannuan have, let alone those who can come to Jinding.
Mu Tingxiao’s eyes flickered, walked to Mu Nuannuan, and looked at her condescendingly: “Why don’t you tell me in advance when you and your friends are going to Jinding for dinner?”
Mu Nuannuan looked inexplicable: “What does it matter to you?”
Gu Zhiyan was kicked by Shen Liang and didn’t get angry. She smiled and said, “Have you already eaten? You must not have enough to eat. Would you like to eat more with us? How hot people are… ”
“No, we are already full.” Mu Nuannuan refused completely.
Mu Tingxiao spoke to her irritably, “Let’s go together, I can go back together later.”
Mu Nuannuan was actually very soft-hearted, and it was rare to hear him speak so irritably, and he hesitated for a while.
Taking advantage of her hesitation, Mu Tingxiao had already pulled her directly towards the box.
Mu Nuannuan was not hypocritical, anyway, he could take his car on the way back, but it would be too ugly to be dragged by him.
“You let go and I will go by myself.”
“Mu Jiachen” turned his head and glanced at her, but let her go without saying anything.
Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Shen Liang, but Shen Liang followed.
However, the look of watching the show in her eyes gave Mu Nuannuan a bad premonition.
The next moment, she felt her mobile phone vibrate.
She picked it up and found that Shen Liang had sent her a message.
“Cousin is so domineering! I’m so handsome!”
“I think you can think about this cousin, whether he looks good or in shape!”
Mu Nuannuan: “…” It’s really hard for Shen Liang to see from the outside that “Mu Jiachen” is in good shape.
She gave Shen Liang back a [pointing face] expression.
Shen Liang replied with an expression of [making things] unwilling to show weakness.
Mu Nuannuan smiled mysteriously at her, and replied a message to her: “Gu Zhiyan is also pretty good, Yan has a good figure, and has money. Think about it?”
Shen Liang stopped replying to her message, and stared at her with his eyes.
Finally got to the box.
The three of Mu Tingxiao came over for dinner, but because of Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang, a few of them didn’t go to the dinner anymore. Instead, they opened their own private boxes and went back after a simple meal.
Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang had already eaten them, so they ordered a fruit platter for digestion.

Si Chengyu also happened to finish the meal. When the assistant came in, he leaned in his ear and said, “I just saw Young Master Mu coming.”
“Young Master Mu” the assistant said was exactly Mu Tingxiao.
Si Chengyu got up and walked out: “Then I have to go over and say hello.”
When he reached the door of the box, he pushed the door in and saw Mu Tingxiao at a glance.
He was about to speak when he suddenly turned his eyes and saw Mu Nuannuan.
Mu Tingxiao didn’t even think that Si Chengyu would be here. He first glanced at Mu Nuannuan without a trace. She was looking down at the phone with Shen Liang.
Later, he turned his head to look at Si Chengyu again, and took the lead to speak: “Emperor Si is here?”
As soon as he uttered the words, “Why are you here” that Mu Nuannuan said before flashed in his mind quickly, and his expression changed imperceptibly.
Hearing his words, Mu Nuannuan raised her head abruptly, just in time to see Si Chengyu who was still standing at the door.
Si Chengyu had already reacted at this time and said with a smile: “I just heard that Mr. Gu is here, so I came over to say hello.”
It is no secret that Si Chengyu is a contracted actor under the banner of Shengding, so this statement can be considered reasonable.
The atmosphere in the box suddenly fell into an awkward atmosphere: “Ah, yes, you are here too…”
“Well, there are friends waiting for me, I’ll go there first.” Before leaving, Si Chengyu glanced in the direction of Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan seemingly inadvertently.
Mu Nuannuan felt that Si Chengyu was watching “Mu Jiachen.”
Mu Tingxiao felt that Si Chengyu was watching Mu Nuannuan.
The two people turned their heads to look at each other with weird faces, and soon frowned and looked away.
“That person was Si Chengyu just now!” Shen Liang reacted slowly and slapped Mu Nuannuan: “Nuannuan, that person was Si Chengyu just now! Why didn’t you go up and take a photo with someone! ”
Gu Zhiyan immediately answered the conversation, her eyes narrowed with a smile: “Mu Nuannuan, if you want to take a photo with Si Chengyu, you can go to the company to find me.”
As the saying goes, if you want to get a woman down, you can start with friends around her, and Mu Nuannuan is Shen Liang’s good friend.
When Mu Tingxiao heard the words, he glanced at Gu Zhiyan coldly, “Can’t stop your mouth even if you eat?”
Gu Zhiyan looked inexplicable, did he say something wrong?
Why does Mu Tingxiao seem to be angry? He was so happy when Mu Nuannuan spent his money just now!
He is to please Mu Nuannuan! Shouldn’t Mu Tingxiao feel relieved?
The originally harmonious atmosphere became a little weird because of the sudden appearance of Si Chengyu.
Until she left Jinding, Mu Nuannuan still felt a little weird.
On the way back, Mu Nuannuan asked “Mu Jiachen”: “Do you also know Si Chengyu?”
Otherwise, when Si Chengyu was leaving, what did it mean to look at him?
Mu Tingxiao felt a little irritable, and only said coldly, “What’s up to you?”
What temper? She asked him carefully, and she didn’t want to say it. She had to stab her?
Under the same roof, she wanted to have a good relationship with him!
Until returning home, Mu Nuannuan didn’t say a word to him.
As soon as she walked in, she asked her bodyguard and asked, “Is your master at home?”
The bodyguard was ready to say early in the morning: “Master has fallen asleep.”
“Oh.” Mu Nuannuan nodded and went upstairs.
After thinking about it, she sent a text message to Mu Tingxiao: I went to dinner with Shen Liang tonight, and I just came back, good night.
Mu Tingxiao returned to the room with a cold face, and received a text message from Mu Nuannuan.
Still know to report the itinerary to him? It’s getting more and more coaxing.
Even though he thought so in his heart, his expression of straining all night still involuntarily eased.
The long finger slid on the screen, returning the word “um” to Mu Nuannuan.
As soon as the information was sent out, Si Chengyu called.
Mu Tingxiao stared at the phone for two seconds before answering the call.
Si Chengyu’s voice was very gentle, as usual: “Ting Xiao?”
In memory, Si Chengyu has always been a good-tempered elder brother.
But Mu Tingxiao was polite, and said, “Big Brother has seen Mu Nuannuan.”

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