My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 87

When Mu Nuannuan’s voice fell, the carriage fell into a strange silence.
She looked at the night driving in front of him, then turned to look at “Mu Jiachen”, and saw that he didn’t know what he was thinking, she reached out and patted him: “You still don’t say that your cousin likes to eat? what! ”
Mu Tingxiao returned to his senses, took a deep look at her, and said a few seconds later: “He is not picky about eating, he eats everything.”
He was telling the truth, Mu Nuannuan’s cooking skills are very good, he has eaten her cooking for so long, and every dish feels good.
Mu Nuannuan felt that what he said was like nothing.
After that, “Mu Jiachen” remained silent and did not speak any more.
I don’t know what I’m thinking.
The first thing Mu Nuannuan did when he got home was to find Mu Tingxiao.
She ran to the door of the study and knocked, but no one opened the door for a while.
When she went downstairs, she met “Mu Jiachen”, and asked him curiously, “Didn’t you say that Mu Tingxiao is at home? I just knocked on the study door, and there was no answer.”
Mu Tingxiao turned his head slightly to look away, avoiding Mu Nuannuan’s gaze: “Maybe he went back to the room to rest. Cousin is not in good health and gets tired easily.”
After telling a lie, you need to use countless lies to round it up.
I lied to Mu Nuannuan before because I thought she was funny and teased her.
Openly and secretly, I have heard her defending the person “Mu Tingxiao”.
Mu Tingxiao was born in a big family of a century-old family. He had heard many things, and Mu Nuannuan could tell whether those words were true or false.
Just because Mu Nuannuan was telling the truth, his mood was so complicated that he couldn’t even figure it out.
“Oh.” Mu Nuannuan nodded and went downstairs.
Watching her enter the kitchen, Mu Tingxiao called Gu Zhiyan a little irritably, “Come out for a drink!”
“I want…” Gu Zhiyan began to refuse, but Mu Tingxiao hung up the phone before he could say anything.

Jinding Senior Club.
Gu Zhiyan reluctantly shook the glass and approached Mu Tingxiao: “Tell me, what is it that bothers you to drink with me during the day?”
Mu Tingxiao did not speak, but silently poured himself a sip of wine.
Seeing him like this, Gu Zhiyan realized that the matter might be a bit serious, and no longer had a hippie smile, and said sternly: “You always have to say what’s going on, right?”
Mu Tingxiao finally turned his head and looked at him directly.
However, he looked at Gu Zhiyan for a few seconds, then looked away, and said faintly: “You don’t understand even after you said it.”
“…” Then why are you looking for me for a drink?

When Mu Nuannuan made the meal, the bodyguard told her that Mu Tingxiao had gone out with “Mu Jiachen”.
She had to eat alone.
As soon as she picked up the chopsticks, her mobile phone rang.
I took it out and found that Xiao Chuhe was calling.
She stretched out a finger, tapped it on the screen, and finally swiped to the green connect button.
Mu Nuannuan turned on the amplification, her tone was light: “Hello?”
There was a harsh noise on the other end of the phone, and then a woman’s sharp cry for help: “Nuan Nuan, help me…”
Mu Nuannuan checked the phone number again and confirmed that it was Xiao Chuhe’s.
Xiao Chuhe on the other end screamed, with a cry in his voice: “Nuan Nuan, I used to be wrong. Anyway, I am your mother. You must save me…”
Before Mu Nuannuan could speak, the phone was taken away. This time it was a man who answered the phone.
“Are you the daughter of this woman? Listen carefully, and prepare to give us fifty million, otherwise…” The man’s voice suddenly became sulky: “We’ll tear up the ticket!”
Mu Nuannuan was startled at first, and then said indifferently: “I don’t have money. If you want money, go to Mu Liyan!”
Xiao Chuhe was kidnapped?
Fifty million is not a small number!
If the kidnapper had been eyeing Xiao Chuhe early in the morning, he should have called Mu Liyan right now. How could he call her?
“Huh, you are the Mu’s grandmother, you won’t have any money? It’s a joke! I will give you two hours to prepare the money, and I will contact you in two hours. I won’t be allowed to call the police, or I will tear up the ticket!”
The man hangs up after speaking.
Before he hung up, Mu Nuannuan heard Xiao Chuhe’s screams on the other end of the phone.
Mu Nuannuan’s hand holding the phone tightened suddenly, and her complexion changed slightly.
No matter how much Xiao Chuhe is her biological mother, she can’t just watch Xiao Chuhe have something wrong.
Mu Nuannuan took out her mobile phone to call Mu Liyan, and walked out.
The phone has been unanswered.
Anxious, Mu Nuannuan ran down the mountain and took a taxi to Mu’s house.
After Mu Nuannuan returned to her original condition, she never returned to Mu’s house, so when she stood at the door of Mu’s house, she was directly stopped by the servant who guarded the door.
The servant asked her: “Who are you looking for this lady?”
Mu Nuannuan gave her a cold look: “I am Mu Nuannuan.”
“Miss San?” The servant looked incredulous, but upon closer inspection, it was indeed possible to see that the woman in front of him looked a little like the wife.
The servant dare not stop her again.
Mu Nuannuan asked her as she went inside, “Where are my dad and Mu Wanqi?”
“Mr. and the second lady are eating.” After the servant finished speaking, he asked one more question: “Miss third, have you eaten?”
As soon as Mu Nuannuan heard this, there was no need to care about him, and her heart burned with anger.
Even if the ordinary people lost a dog, they would look for it, not to mention that Xiao Chuhe was kidnapped now!
Mu Nuannuan was familiar with Mu’s family and went straight to the restaurant.
“Dad, this shrimp is good today, you can try it.”
“It tastes better than usual…”
When she entered, Mu Wanqi and Mu Liyan ate their food happily.
Mu Wanqi was the first to see Mu Nuannuan and looked at her with surprise: “Usually my mother invites you to go home for dinner and never invites you back. Today, if your mother is not at home, you came back by yourself?”
Mu Nuannuan strode over and reached out and picked up the bowl in front of Mu Wanqi and smashed it on the ground: “My mother was kidnapped, you still have the mood to eat!”
Mu Wanqi’s eyes widened, her face even more surprised: “What, mom was kidnapped?”
“Don’t the kidnappers call you?” Mu Nuannuan narrowed her eyes to look at Mu Wanqi.
“Mom said before that I asked a friend to do beauty treatments, so that we don’t have to wait for her to eat, how could we be kidnapped.” Mu Wanqi also made a distrustful expression.
“Someone called me and said that he kidnapped my mother and asked me to prepare 50 million in two hours, or I would tear up the ticket!” Mu Nuannuan’s tone was tense.
After listening to her, Mu Wanqi’s first reaction was not to worry about Xiao Chuhe, but frowned and said, “50 million? So much! The company is short of funds recently, so where can I get so much money all at once!”
Mu Nuannuan said with a cold face: “If you can’t get it out, just think of a way! My mother has been a cow and horseman at Mu’s for so many years, isn’t it worth raising 50 million to save her?”

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