My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 90

Out of the instinct to survive, Mu Nuannuan struggled violently, and even fell to the ground with a chair.
The kidnapper scolded, kicked Mu Nuannuan’s stomach, reached out his hand to grab her hair, and was about to pull her up.
His kick was a little harder, and Mu Nuannuan was so painful that cold sweat came out.
She had no extra thoughts in her mind now, she only knew to avoid the kidnapper’s disgusting hand.
The gang pulled her hair and didn’t pull her up, and the door of the room was kicked open from the outside.
The loud “bang” sound was very abrupt.
Mu Nuannuan’s head was sore by the man, she pressed her lips tightly and looked towards the door of the room.
When she saw the familiar figure standing at the door of the room, she let her fear and fear suddenly drown her like a tide, tears falling one after another like beads with broken threads.
Although she was crying, she didn’t cry a little. Instead, she smiled and said to the person at the door: “Mu Jiachen, you are here.”
At this moment when she saw “Mu Jiachen”, Mu Nuannuan realized that what had supported her calmness and resistance before was that she subconsciously felt that someone would come to rescue her.
The person who will come to save her must be the most powerful of the people she knows.
Among the people she knows, the most powerful person is “Mu Jiachen”.
When Mu Tingxiao saw the situation inside, his hands were already clenched into fists, and his body was covered with a gloomy breath, like Shura crawling out of hell. A glance made people feel frightened.
The two kidnappers were even more frightened: “Who are you… who are you?”
When the surname Mu asked them to kidnap Mu Nuannuan, they didn’t say that such a person would come to rescue her!
“Come and ask me this question again in my next life.” Mu Tingxiao walked in their direction step by step, his low voice and the ice-breaking Sen Han: “Because in this life, you don’t have a chance to know.”
The voice fell, and the man who had only slowly walked towards them, suddenly stepped quickly, and walked up to them two steps. Before they could see his movements clearly, he fell heavily to the ground, painful. Curled up and screamed.
Mu Tingxiao squatted down, carefully supported Mu Nuannuan with a chair, and untied the rope very quickly.
There was no superfluous expression on his face, but there was an unspeakable gloom, which looked scarier than usual.
But Mu Nuannuan was a little worried at this time, because she found that no one came in behind “Mu Jiachen”.
In other words, “Mu Jiachen” came by himself.
“Mu Jiachen” asked her, “Nothing?”
“Nothing, why did you come alone?” Although he didn’t know how he found this place, it was always too risky for him to come alone.
“I’m alone, that’s enough.”
When Mu Tingxiao spoke, he lowered his eyes slightly, making it difficult to see the expression in his eyes.
He said with commands: “You go out and wait for me.”
Seeing him so confident, Mu Nuannuan felt relieved, but when she lifted her foot, she realized that she was soft and could not walk at all.
Even if she seems to be calmer on the surface, her body is more honest than her heart.
She was scared.
Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand to pull off his tie, covered her eyes and tied it to her head, pushed her onto a chair to sit, and then pushed the chair to the corner.
Then, he whispered in her ear: “It will be all right soon.”
Then, Mu Nuannuan heard the sound of fighting and screams, and the smell of blood.
As the smell of blood became heavier and heavier, the screams disappeared.
Finally, the room became quiet.
Mu Nuannuan felt her hand wrapped in a generous palm, and then the voice of “Mu Jiachen” sounded: “Okay, let’s go.”
Mu Nuannuan reached out to take off the tie that tied her eyes, but was held by “Mu Jiachen”.
“Go out and talk about it, follow me.”
Blindfolded, her vision was pitch black, Mu Nuannuan was led by “Mu Jiachen”, feeling at ease like never before.
This made her feel a little frightened.
After going out, “Mu Jiachen” stretched out his hand and tore off the tie that was covering her eyes.
Mu Nuannuan blinked before adapting again.
The sky has darkened, but the surrounding dry grass can still be seen faintly.
Obviously their location is still in the suburbs, but they have moved from an abandoned garage to here.
The hands of the two were still tightly held together, hers was very cold, but “Mu Jiachen” was a little warm.
For the first time, Mu Nuannuan tried to avoid suspicion, but was led away by “Mu Jiachen” without resisting at all.
Be willful once…
Before leaving, she looked back with lingering fears, and she happened to see the two kidnappers lying motionless in a pool of blood from the half-hidden door, and one of them stared at it with a pair of eyes. Her direction seemed like a dead end.
Do you want to die?
Mu Nuannuan was shocked by her own thoughts. Those two people were beaten to death by “Mu Jiachen” alive?
Feeling the strangeness of her, “Mu Jiachen” turned his head and glanced at her, not knowing what he was thinking, leaned over and hugged her sideways.
“You…I can go by myself.” Mu Nuannuan reacted, and subconsciously hugged his neck.
“Mu Jiachen” still didn’t speak.
Mu Nuannuan found that since his appearance until now, it seems that he hasn’t spoken anything.
“Mu Jiachen” directly carried Mu Nuannuan into the car.
Mu Nuannuan had a lot of questions to ask, but the car was too warm, and there was “Mu Jiachen” beside her. Her tight nerves suddenly relaxed and she fell asleep with exhaustion.
After Mu Tingxiao drove the car for a certain distance, he noticed that Mu Nuannuan was asleep.
She didn’t seem to be suffering, her hair was messed up, and she didn’t even scratch her hands and face.
There was no danger, but he was almost frightened.
What he hates most is the kidnappers.
They all deserve to die.
At this moment, his cell phone rang suddenly.
Called all night.
“Master, where are you?” Shiye’s tone was a little anxious. He had heard that Master ran away when he drove, and he didn’t know where he went.
Mu Tingxiao’s voice was low, and he ordered: “I will send you an address, and you will bring someone to the aftermath.”
Shi Ye was stunned for a moment, and then replied respectfully: “Yes.”

The heating in the car was fully turned on, and Mu Nuannuan was awakened by the heat.
There was no figure of “Mu Jiachen” beside her. When she turned her head, she saw a tall figure out of the window that was so blurry that it almost blended with the night, and a little spark.
When Mu Nuannuan opened the car door, she was shivered by the cold winter night.
Hearing the movement, “Mu Jiachen” turned his head: “Don’t get out of the car, I will come up after smoking this cigarette.”

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