My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 89

As Mu Nuannuan drove, she noticed that Mu Liyan behind her was not keeping up with their car.
When approaching the abandoned garage, there was a sharp turn.
After Mu Nuannuan turned the corner, she didn’t see Mu Liyan’s car again.
She stopped the car at the door of the abandoned garage.
The rusty rolling shutter door of the garage was pulled open from inside, and a tall man walked out. He was wearing a mask and looked at Mu Nuannuan with gloomy eyes.
“Are you Mu Nuannuan?”
“Yes.” Mu Nuannuan nodded.
“Did you bring the money?”
Mu Nuannuan said calmly: “I want to see my mother first!”
The man looked around and made sure she was the only one. He turned and walked inside: “You come in with me.”
Mu Nuannuan followed him in.
The abandoned old warehouse was in tatters, and a thick layer of dust accumulated on the ground. The inside was empty and messy, and there were many sundries.
Mu Nuannuan followed him and saw Xiao Chuhe tied to a chair from a distance.
The hair that Xiao Chuhe usually takes care of has become a mess, his face is pale, showing a bit old-fashioned.
Even though Godsends beauty, it still loses to the years.
Xiao Chuhe saw Mu Nuannuan, surprise shot out from the bottom of his eyes, and his voice was a little hoarse: “Nuannuan, you are finally here!”
“Are you wrong?” Mu Nuannuan walked two steps closer, looking at her with no expression.
Xiao Chuhe smiled and shook his head: “I’ll be fine when you come. Give them the money quickly. They just want money!”
At this time, the man who brought her in before stretched out his hand and stood in front of her: “Okay, where’s the money?”
“The time you gave is too short, and I can’t find that much cash.” Mu Nuannuan said calmly, “Since you know that I am the young woman of Mu’s family, you naturally know that Mu’s family has a black card issued globally. Can I give you the card?”
When the man heard her words, his expression changed: “Are you kidding me? Do you think I’m a fool? If I take this black card away, you will let people freeze the card and call the police to catch us! ”
Mu Nuannuan’s complexion changed slightly, she really thought so!
The little attendant behind the man suddenly stepped forward and said something to him.
The man wearing a mask raised his hand to reach her: “I can let this old woman go, but you have to go with me to get the money.”
“Yes.” Mu Nuannuan didn’t even glance at Xiao Chuhe, then nodded in response.
After they released Xiao Chuhe, Xiao Chuhe glanced at Mu Nuannuan, and Xiao Chuhe dropped a sentence with panic: “Nuan Nuan, be careful.”
Then he ran out quickly.
Mu Nuannuan curled her lips mockingly, saying nothing.
She took out the black card to the man, and the man reached for it.
Suddenly, his hand reached halfway, suddenly raised his hand to the back of her head, and struck her in the neck.
Mu Nuannuan had no time to say anything, her eyes turned black, and at the moment she passed out, she recalled everything that happened today like a horse-drawn lantern in her mind.
Then I suddenly realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.

When Mu Nuannuan woke up, she found that she had changed the place and was no longer the former abandoned garage.
My mind is not so clear yet, I can vaguely hear someone talking.
“The one who hired us is also named Mu?”
“Just this woman’s family!”
“What kind of hatred, what kind of resentment is this… if we treat this woman… will anyone in the Mu family trouble us?”
“You have forgotten that Madam Mu was kidnapped more than ten years ago… In the end, it was not a quiet person. This kind of wealthy family wants face…”
Mu Nuannuan was full of violent spirits, and the whole body was like an ice cellar, and the chill suddenly rushed into the limbs.
When she went to Mu’s house, she fell Mu Wanqi’s bowl, and Mu Wanqi was angry.
Mu Wanqi refused to let her call the police.
Mu Nuannuan was really too anxious at the time. After all, it was a matter of life. Although she had expectations for Xiao Chuhe in her heart, she couldn’t just watch Xiao Chuhe go to death.
After all, she was too tender and could not beat the father and daughter Mu Liyan and Mu Wanqi.
“Big brother, she is awake!”
The person over there has found that Mu Nuannuan is awake.
Mu Nuannuan’s face was cold and frosty, so calm as not to be controlled by others: “I have heard what you just said. The people who hired you are Mu Liyan and Mu Wanqi?”
One of the men snorted impatiently, “Why are you asking so much when you die!”
“I just want to die to understand.” Mu Nuannuan said while carefully paying attention to the surrounding situation.
It was found that she was in the living room of a house with a sofa and a dining table. She was tied to a chair and tied tightly, and she was a little sore.
“What if I tell you? It’s just for them to hire us. Don’t blame us if you die, you can only blame you for bad luck.” The man saw that Mu Nuannuan was beautiful, and he was happy to say a few more words to her.
Mu Nuannuan felt that her luck was indeed bad.
She too underestimated Mu Wanqi’s methods.
What role did Xiao Chuhe play in this kidnapping?
Did she know Mu Wanqi’s plan early in the morning, but she was willing to help Mu Wanqi deceive her black card, regardless of her life or death.
Another man walked up and stared at Mu Nuannuan wryly: “Don’t talk nonsense with her, finish the business early and leave Shanghai Yang market soon! Which one of us will come first!”
“Brother, come on!”
Mu Nuannuan’s pupils shrank sharply, and her heart sank sharply. Instinctively, she broke free twice, but she was tied too tightly and couldn’t move at all.
Last time at the Zijin Club, Mu Wanqi wanted to harm her, but she was lucky enough to escape. This time, is she really unable to escape?
She is not reconciled!
Mu Nuannuan forced herself to calm down and raised her head slightly to make herself look confident. “Do you really think the Mu’s family is so annoying? Does the person who participated in the kidnapping of Mrs. Mu’s life still survive? The face is very serious, but can they tolerate others stepping on their heads?”
The “Mrs. Mu” they just mentioned should be Mu Tingxiao’s mother.
Seeing that the expressions of the two men were a little shaken, Mu Nuannuan continued: “Even if Mu Wanqi gave you a lot of money, you might not be able to spend it alive. If you let me go now and leave the Shanghai and Shanghai markets, Naturally, the Mu family will not trouble you.”
“Huh, this girl is threatening us!”
“I don’t plan to live long in this life. Even if the Mu family doesn’t trouble me, the police won’t let me go. I haven’t slept with such a beautiful woman. Today I have to fuck you…”
While the man was talking, he stretched out his hand to pull on Mu Nuannuan’s clothes.
Mu Nuannuan paled suddenly.
Don’t be afraid, there must be another way!
Mu Nuannuan’s down jacket was zippered, and the kidnapper pulled her down jacket away at once, and reached out to poke in through the hem of her sweater.

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