My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 92

“Mu Jiachen” heard Mu Nuannuan’s words, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes. He looked at her thoughtfully, but only faintly said, “Let’s go.”
Mu Nuannuan followed him, her expression a bit complicated.
Everyone is easily dominated by emotions. She looks at “Mu Jiachen” so much now, but she feels grateful and admired. If he is not Mu Tingxiao’s cousin, if she does not marry Mu Tingxiao…
But in this way, the problem went back to its original point.
If she didn’t marry Mu Tingxiao, as her identity, it would be impossible for her to intersect with “Mu Jiachen” in her life.
This is an unsolvable problem, and fate is so ridiculous and helpless.
When the two got into the car, “Mu Jiachen” suddenly asked her, “How are you going to get that black card back?”
Mu Nuannuan smiled: “Of course it is to find a way.”
“Aren’t you afraid that cousin will pursue this matter?” “Mu Jiachen” calmly tempted her.
“If he wants to be held accountable, he would have asked me Xingshi last night.” The smile on Mu Nuannuan’s face gradually disappeared: “He is so generous, of course I have to take the card back and return it to him.”
Originally thought that Mu Tingxiao would let her accept the black card, which was a way of acknowledging her identity.
Now it seems that it is just because he doesn’t care about the black card.
Mu Tingxiao grasped the key word in her words: Give it back to him.
When he gave her the phone, he said that “Mu Tingxiao” bought it, and she happily accepted it.
When he gave her the black card, she not only didn’t want it, but also took it back to “Mu Ting Xiao”. “Mu Ting Xiao” asked her to collect the black card, and she even took it and swiped it once.
Before that, she gladly accepted what Mu Tingxiao gave her.
But now, she wants to return the black card to Mu Tingxiao.
Did she finally lose patience with the “Mu Ting Xiao who had never met before” and plan to focus on “Mu Jiachen”?
This recognition made Mu Tingxiao unhappy, but his expression became darker.

Shen Liang made a lot of money in filming, but it was also difficult to spend it.
Every time you go shopping, you have to spend hundreds of thousands, and occasionally you can spend millions of people.
Although Mu Nuannuan’s consumption outlook is different from Shen Liang’s, she feels that girls can spend whatever they want with the money they make.
The two of them had been shopping for almost a whole day. In the evening, Mu Nuannuan pulled Shen Liang early and ate dinner before they separated.
Back at the villa, Mu Nuannuan walked in and saw “Mu Jiachen”.
“Have you eaten? If you don’t eat, I will cook it for you now.” Thinking of cooking for “Mu Jiachen” in her heart, she came back deliberately.
It’s only 6 o’clock in the evening now.
“Mu Jiachen” raised his head, the expression on his face vaguely revealed the four characters “flattered”.
He gave a concealed cough, and then said very seriously: “No food.”
The face of the bodyguard on the side twitched, and he would definitely not tell the young lady that the young master had just returned from Jinding after eating.
After Mu Nuannuan made the meal, he packed a portion out and put it on the tray, and asked the bodyguard to send it to Mu Tingxiao.
“Mu Jiachen” still didn’t eat, and Mu Tingxiao must also not eat.
Then she went back to her room.
Mu Tingxiao sat at the dining table, looked at the delicious dishes, and asked the bodyguard who poured him water: “Why do you think Madam Young is different from before?”
The bodyguard thought about it seriously, and said straightforwardly: “The young lady used to ask if the young master was at home when she came back. There is no question today.”
The “Young Master” in the bodyguard’s words meant “Mu Tingxiao who hasn’t shown his face.”
After the bodyguard finished speaking, he felt that he hadn’t made it clear, and then explained: “The young master I’m talking about is not you, or’that young master’, young lady…”
After talking for a long time, the bodyguard felt that he was becoming more and more complicated.
“I see, you can go out.” Mu Tingxiao interrupted him, raising his hand to signal him to go out.

The next day is Monday.
Mu Nuannuan woke up early and put on delicate makeup.
Shi Ye was already waiting for her when she went downstairs.
Mu Nuannuan looked around, and didn’t see “Mu Jiachen”, she walked to Shiye: “This time is too much trouble for you, I’d better take the car to work by myself.”
When she finished speaking, she turned and went out.
Shi Ye: “…”
Isn’t it troublesome at all? He thinks the easiest job is to pick up his wife from get off work every day.
After Mu Nuannuan left, Mu Tingxiao, who stood at the top of the stairs on the second floor and had a panoramic view, slowly stepped down.
“Young Master.” Shi Ye nodded respectfully. He knew that Mu Tingxiao had heard what had happened just now, so he didn’t explain much.
Mu Tingxiao glanced at the door, and showed a smile but a smile: “Follow her.”
He originally thought that Mu Nuannuan was about to discover his identity, but what he thought was that she had already deliberately started to distance himself from Mu Tingxiao.
Mu Nuannuan arrived at Mu’s by car.
She got out of the car and stood at the door of Mu’s family. Ming Yan’s face was full of piercing coldness, and her eyes were confident and confident.
She Mu Nuan Nuan had a big life and came back again.
Mu Nuannuan raised his foot and walked towards the door, and the employees passing by couldn’t help but look at Mu Nuannuan a few more times.
They all found that Mu Nuannuan today seems to be different. Although it is still that face and still beautiful, it just feels that there is something different.
A colleague from the marketing department who was familiar with Mu Nuan Nuan passed by and called her: “Nuan Nuan, morning.”
“Morning.” Mu Nuannuan turned her head and smiled at the speaker.
A pair of beautiful cat eyes are bent into the shape of a crescent, the lips are bright red, the skin is fair, and the features are just right.
The person next to him looked at him in a daze, and after a few seconds he reacted and smiled.
The group of people entered the elevator, and Mu Nuannuan chatted with them: “How did you spend the weekend? What did you go out for?”
“I went to the playground with my child…”
“I date my boyfriend.”
“I said there were red spots on this neck, and thought it was bitten by a mosquito!”
“What nonsense!”
The group of people talked and laughed, Mu Nuannuan stopped talking, just smiled and went to press the elevator.
However, the elevator doors closed and opened again.
The person who came in was Mu Wanqi.
As soon as she came in, the chattering and laughter stopped, and the elevator suddenly became quiet.
Mu Nuannuan was the most advanced elevator. Standing in the corner behind the crowd, Mu Wanqi raised her chin and glanced roughly at the people in the elevator, and did not notice Mu Nuannuan for the first time.
Mu Nuannuan looked at Mu Wanqi and found that the coat Mu Wanqi was wearing was the new style of a big-name brand that Mu Nuannuan had seen in the mall yesterday, with a price of nearly one million.
Mu Nuan curled her lips and slowly said with a smile: “Sister, good morning.”
At this time, the elevator was slowly rising, and it was very quiet inside. Mu Nuannuan’s not loud noise spread out in the elevator, revealing a strange feeling inexplicably.
Mu Wanqi turned her head in disbelief, and when she saw Mu Nuannuan clearly, her face suddenly changed.
She seemed to have seen some scary monster. She staggered and almost fell. She supported the handrail in the elevator and stared at Mu Nuannuan, “Why are you here? You are not…”
Realizing that she was in the elevator now, she quickly settled her mind, pretending to be calm, and said: “It’s Nuannuan, you are early today.”
When Mu Nuannuan spoke, the person standing next to her had already taken the initiative to step back.
Mu Nuannuan fixedly stared at Mu Wanqi, and said quietly: “It’s a little earlier than my sister.”

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