My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 93

Mu Wanqi was seen by Mu Nuannuan with her hair standing upright, and her body stiffened.
She wanted to act calmly, pulling at the corner of her lips to laugh, but the fear in her eyes was too obvious, so that her facial expression became very strange, like a sheep’s seizure.
Everyone in the elevator noticed Mu Wanqi’s abnormality, but there was no voice.
Mu Nuannuan slowly walked to Mu Wanqi, took her arm with one hand, and touched the fabric of her coat with the other hand, and said with envy, “Sister, this dress is new, really. Beautiful, it looks expensive.”
If in normal times, Mu Wanqi had to show off her dress, but the person in front of her was Mu Nuannuan, who she thought was dead, and she had no desire to show off.
What’s more, the dress on her body was bought with the black card of Mu Nuannuan.
“No… it’s not very expensive.” Mu Nuannuan’s arm softly hooked her arm, giving her the illusion of being entangled in a poisonous snake. If she moved, she would be bitten to death.
“Maybe it’s not expensive for my sister. I saw the same dress in the mall yesterday. It costs more than 900,000 yuan. It has to be booked in advance. Most people can’t buy it if they want to…”
Mu Wanqi ordered the coat in advance, which meant that they had already made a plan to deceive the black card from Mu Nuan Nuan.
From other people’s point of view, Mu Nuannuan is lovingly holding Mu Wanqi’s envious of her new clothes, but only Mu Wanqi knows that she has been so scared by Mu Nuannuan that she doesn’t even dare to take a mouthful.
Mu Nuannuan was very satisfied with Mu Wanqi’s reaction.
When the elevator reached the floor, the door opened automatically.
Mu Wanqi wanted to go out but didn’t dare to move, because Mu Nuannuan didn’t let her go.
Seeing Mu Wanqi moving, the others in the elevator didn’t dare to go ahead.
Mu Nuannuan pretended to be surprised and said, “What does my elder sister think? Why don’t you go out yet, everyone is waiting for you.”
As she said, she took Mu Wanqi out.
When she went out, she didn’t forget to turn her head and rush to the other people in the elevator and say, “See you later.”
After reaching Mu Wanqi’s office, Mu Nuannuan unlocked the door before releasing Mu Wanqi.
“Sister seems to be very afraid of me? You make me very embarrassed because others thought I was bullying you.” Mu Nuannuan said, and Mu Wanqi took a step back.
Mu Nuannuan sneered, and grabbed Mu Wanqi’s collar, with a ruthless voice in her voice: “Don’t be afraid, I have always listened to my sister so much. Where can I bully you.”
Mu Wanqi saw Mu Nuannuan talking about it for a long time, but she didn’t even mention what happened yesterday. Luckily, she thought that Mu Nuannuan didn’t know that she did the things that day.
Thinking about this, she immediately gained confidence.
Mu Wanqi shook off Mu Nuannuan’s hand and pretended to be puzzled: “Mu Nuannuan, you have taken the wrong medicine, right? Say something inexplicable to me in the morning!”
While she was talking, she turned and walked to sit behind the desk and put on the manager’s frame: “Okay, it’s working time. You go back to work first, and come to me after get off work if you have anything to do.”
Mu Nuannuan was not surprised that Mu Wanqi would pretend that nothing happened.
“Okay, I’ll come to see you after get off work.” Mu Nuannuan burst into a smile and turned around and went out.
As soon as she went out, Mu Wanqi anxiously dropped the files of her face to the ground!
Mu Nuannuan appeared alive intact!
The kidnapping case on Saturday was a method she and Mu Liyan came up with to deceive Mu Nuannuan’s black card.
The plan she and Mu Liyan agreed upon was to get the black card and let the two kidnappers leave the Shanghai and Yangtze markets. Even if Mu Nuannuan knew about it, there was no evidence to do anything to them.
But Mu Wanqi hated Mu Nuannuan so much that she naturally wouldn’t let Mu Nuannuan go so easily.
She secretly added money to the two kidnappers, letting them play with Mu Nuannuan, and kill them if they had enough of it!
The two kidnappers were wanted, and the two desperadoes were cruel, and Mu Wanqi didn’t contact them to ask about the result afterwards. Because she was worried that she would be left behind, Mu Nuannuan would definitely die. She didn’t expect them to fail!
Mu Nuannuan is different from before. Once she knew that the kidnapping case was planned by her, she would definitely not let her go!

Mu Nuannuan left Mu Wanqi’s office and went to find Mu Liyan.
The kidnapping case on Saturday must have been done jointly by the father and daughter, or else Mu Wanqi could not do it alone.
Mu Nuannuan knocked on the door, and Mu Liyan’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”
She pushed the door in, and Mu Liyan just raised his head.
When he saw Mu Nuannuan, there was a flash of surprise in his eyes, but he was not afraid.
In other words, Mu Liyan might not know what the two kidnappers wanted to do to her.
Mu Liyan got up and stood up: “Nuan Nuan, are you in trouble?”
“Nothing, is my mom okay?” Mu Nuannuan walked over calmly, her expression indistinguishable.
Mu Liyan saw that she didn’t mention the kidnapping case. He thought she didn’t know, and smiled mildly and said, “She has nothing to do. She will deliver food at noon. Would you like to eat together?”
Mu Nuannuan nodded and responded, “Okay.”
At noon, Xiao Chuhe came to Mu’s family to deliver meals to Mu Liyan and them.
When she saw Mu Nuannuan was there, her expression changed slightly: “Nuan Nuan is also here…”
“It’s been a long time since my mother’s cooking was eaten. I heard Dad say that you will come to deliver the food, so I will come over and have a meal.” When Mu Nuannuan spoke, she looked straight into Xiao Chuhe’s eyes, like a smile but not People couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.
“The food I cooked also tastes very ordinary…” Xiao Chuhe turned his head to avoid Mu Nuannuan’s gaze while taking out the vegetable rice in the food box.
Xiao Chuhe’s obvious dodge made Mu Nuannuan sure that Xiao Chuhe also knew about Saturday’s kidnapping.
Otherwise, what is her guilty conscience?
I can’t say how sad it is, but I feel a little discouraged.
She must admit that her biological mother has never loved her in the past 22 years.
She has no position in the heart of her biological mother.
Xiao Chuhe could do anything for Mu Liyan and them.
Mu Wanqi was wrong. She was a poor creature who didn’t even love her by her biological mother.
Mu Nuannuan lowered her head and laughed lowly: “How did you eat the food you cooked, so I don’t remember what it tastes like.”
Xiao Chuhe was stunned when she heard the words, she turned her head and glanced at Mu Liyan.
Mu Liyan gave her a calm look and shook his head.
Xiao Chuhe was slightly relieved now.
After Saturday’s affairs, she found that Mu Nuannuan cared about her very much. After all, she could hand over such a precious black card without blinking.
She is so important to Mu Nuannuan, if Mu Liyan has anything to let Mu Nuannuan do in the future, she can help him.
He would be very happy to help Mu Liyan and treat her better.
Thinking about this, Xiao Chuhe smiled on his face and reached out to give Mu Nuan warm food, with a flattering tone: “Then you can eat more today.”

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