My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 95

Mu Nuannuan read that comment again.
Thanks to the merits of fighting with Mu Wanqi in the past few months, the more she looked at it, the more she felt that the comment was deliberately sent out with rhythm. The following comment even invited a part of the navy.
Mu Nuannuan thought of Shen Liang.
She sent this comment with tens of thousands of comments to a screenshot to Shen Liang, and asked her: “You posted this comment? Did you find the navy?”
Shen Liang second replied: “Fuck! You can see this? Honestly, did you install something strange on my phone?”
Mu Nuannuan laughed, and succinctly returned two words: “Feel.”
Shen Liang: “You feel really amazing! However, why don’t you find someone to expose the Mu family to take me! I can help you find the navy to build up momentum!”
Shen Liang’s love-making character has really changed all the time.
“Don’t mix in, I can handle it. You are a public figure. Be careful to be picked out of you to black you.” Mu Nuannuan is really worried about Shen Liang. If someone deliberately wants her to black her out, just pick up these things. It’s all black material.
“There is nothing wrong, it won’t be picked up. I have done a good job of keeping secrets. If I don’t say anything, I will put on a vest and go to Weibo to catch the heat, and have dinner together to celebrate in the evening.”
Mu Nuannuan smiled helplessly and quit the chat interface.
A colleague nearby said to Mu Nuannuan aloud, “Nuannuan, the department has a meeting, why are you still here?”
“Coming soon.”
Mu Nuan Nuan put the phone in his pocket and slowly followed the crowd to the meeting.
The person who organized the meeting was not Mu Wanqi, but the deputy manager.
The deputy manager has a serious face: “Let’s contact the project cooperation customers in your hand, and comfort them first. For those customers who want to cancel the cooperation, everyone should try their best to hurry up…”
Mu Nuannuan fiddled with her hair boredly, listening indifferently.
The shady scenes in the Mu’s factory are exposed, and the image of the company will drop sharply in front of the public, just like a certain milk powder brand that year was exposed and mixed with new items that damage the baby’s body. Fallen down and feel helpless.
Mu’s is a daily necessities, not a food category. As long as their public relations capabilities are in place, they should not go bankrupt, but they will definitely be hit hard.
In this era of rapid development, some people will do whatever it takes to pursue fame and gain, and their hearts will be impetuous, and there are only a small number of people who really do things down to earth.
Mu Nuannuan is a bit ruthless in this move, but if there is a problem with Mu’s factory, can the paparazzi be able to take pictures?
After the emergency meeting was over, it was time for off work, and almost everyone had to stay to work overtime.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t plan to stay to work overtime, she got up and left with her bag, approached the elevator entrance, and walked back towards Mu Liyan’s office.
Coincidentally, the office door was ajar.
Mu Wanqi’s angry voice came from inside.
“How much benefit do we give to those media every year? That’s how they do things? Dad, what do you do? Will Mu’s go bankrupt like this?”
Hearing the word “bankrupt”, Mu Liyan yelled her: “Shut up! I said earlier that I would let you rest and go out to play a little more low-key. Now I have been caught by Mu’s handle, and add It’s a big fuss about what happened to you. This is because someone deliberately prevents Mu’s life from getting better!”
“How did I know that I would be taken photos and videos? I was just thinking about having fun at the time, and you didn’t care about me at the time. You weren’t looking for a woman outside. Last time I saw you holding your arms outside. A woman younger than me entered the hotel…”
Mu Wanqi was probably too anxious, and she became unbalanced when she was scolded by Mu Liyan again, and she began to talk unscrupulously.
With a sound of “pop”, Mu Wanqi’s voice stopped abruptly.
Mu Nuannuan gently pushed open the crack of the door and saw Mu Wanqi covering her face, followed by her sharp voice: “You hit me?”
Mu Liyan seemed to regret it a little, and his tone eased a lot: “Wanqi…”
Mu Wanqi took a step back: “Don’t call me!”
When she finished speaking, she turned and ran outside.
Seeing this, Mu Nuannuan turned and left in a hurry.
When she was approaching the door, she thought of the last time the media went directly to Mu’s door to block people, so she pulled out the mask from her bag and put it on.
In winter, she has the habit of keeping a regular mask in her bag.
As soon as Mu Nuannuan went out, she was besieged by reporters.
“Are you an employee of Mu’s? What is your position in Mu’s? Are you employees aware of the shady in Mu’s factory?”
“Sorry, no comment.” After Mu Nuannuan said, turning her head inadvertently, she saw Mu Wanqi walking out of it.
After changing his mind, Mu Nuannuan said aloud: “Your problem, our department manager should be able to help you.”
The reporter followed Mu Nuannuan’s sight and saw Mu Wanqi.
Although Mu Nuannuan is slim and slim and has beautiful exposed eyes, the clothes on her body are very ordinary, and she doesn’t look like a corporate manager at all.
And the clothes that Mu Wanqi wore were very brand-name. It appeared in fashion week and was seen by the big names in the entertainment industry. She can wear such expensive clothes, and her position in the company is not low.
The reporters were all human beings, and they rushed over to block Mu Wanqi.
Mu Nuannuan didn’t go far, but retreated to a side that was not very noticeable, watching Mu Wanqi be surrounded by the reporters.
“Excuse me, what is your position in Mu’s? Do you have anything to say about the exposure of the Mu’s factory? When do you plan to give the public an account?”
At the very beginning, everyone was still talking about the problems of the Mu’s factory.
I don’t know who suddenly recognized that Mu Wanqi was the heroine of the previous indecent video, and the questions she asked changed changed.
“Are you the heroine of that indecent video on Weibo?”
“Your private life is so chaotic, you can still manage the Mu family?” The reporter who asked the question obviously didn’t know that Mu Wanqi was Mu Liyan’s daughter.
After all, these are not entertainment reporters, they just know that and don’t pay too much attention.
There are other reporters who responded quickly and searched the Internet for previous video incidents.
Then some reporters started live broadcasting directly at Mu’s door.
“Hello everyone, I am a reporter for… I am now at the door of Mu’s company, and the woman standing behind me and being surrounded by reporters asking questions is a middle-level manager of Mu’s company. According to reports, This manager was caught in an indecent video scandal some time ago. For such a…”
The reporter hadn’t finished speaking, so Mu Wanqi rushed over and turned on the microphone in her hand.
At this time, Mu Wanqi had no image, and said grimly: “What are you talking nonsense? Can’t you reporters seriously report the facts? How can these fictitious things be reported.”
Other reporters used Mu Wanqi to spoil her and slapped her.
The flash was dazzling, and Mu Wanqi raised her hand to cover her face, and her voice was a little hysterical: “Stop shooting, let you stop shooting, security! Where is the security! Get them all away!”
The reporter who was knocked off by her before picked up the microphone again and found that it was still working, and continued to live with excitement: “The one who knocked off my microphone just now was the manager of Mu’s. I just learned that she is The daughter of Chairman Mu’s name is Mu Wanqi…”

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