My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 94

“Thank you.” Mu Nuannuan looked at Xiao Chuhe with a smile.
Although Mu Nuan Nuan’s mouth was expressing thanks, Xiao Chuhe always felt that there was something special in her smile, and her cat’s eyes seemed to have insight into everything.
Xiao Chuhe shuddered involuntarily, the chopsticks in his hand could not be held firmly for a while, and he fell to the ground.
Mu Nuannuan bent over to help her pick up the chopsticks, and said, “Mom, hold the chopsticks firmly. If you drop it next time, I may not be able to help you pick up the chopsticks by your side.”
Her tone was slow and gentle, but in Xiao Chuhe’s ears, she always felt like she had something special.
Xiao Chuhe frowned and put on a smile again: “It’s just not careful.”
“Really?” Mu Nuannuan smiled noncommitantly and stood up: “I’m full, let’s go out first.”
In fact, she didn’t even move the chopsticks at all.
Mu Liyan watched Mu Nuannuan walk out, frowning, he always felt that Mu Nuannuan was weird.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan left Mu Liyan’s office, the expressions on her face were all condensed, leaving only the biting bitterness.
Xiao Chuhe just wanted to please her, she saw it in her eyes, but there was no fluctuation in her heart.
For so many years, she has been deceiving herself and others.
As long as Xiao Chuhe loves her a little, he won’t not even buy her clothes for so many years, let alone beg her to marry the inhumane Mu Tingxiao for Mu Wanqi.
Xiao Chuhe understood the importance of herself in her heart because of the kidnapping this time, and tasted the sweetness, so she wanted to please her, right?
If it was before, she might have forgiven Xiao Chuhe.
However, after being frustrated, people became more sober, and Xiao Chuhe’s kindness could not numb her.
From now on, she will no longer care about Xiao Chuhe.
There is no one who can pretend that nothing has happened after being hurt again and again without a limit, and reveal that page.
Mu Nuannuan walked to an inhumane place and sent a message to the paparazzi whom Shen Liang had introduced to her: “The latest kitchen cleaning towel developed by Mu’s is made of inferior materials and contains toxins harmful to the human body.”
Mu’s mainly makes household daily necessities. In the past two years, it was exposed that the products were fake and inferior, and problems were found, but they were soon suppressed.
She was still in high school at the time. After seeing this news, she went to the factory under the Mu family and saw it once. There were indeed some problems.
The paparazzi Shen Liang introduced to her is relatively reliable and relatively professional ethics.
Although he is an entertainment paparazzi, he can sell this news to other media.
The paparazzi quickly returned to her: “Are you sure?”
“I’m sure, but you have to go to the factory to take pictures, and I will send you the address.” Paparazzi is best at disguising and taking pictures. This is their specialty.
“Okay, you can!”
Because of the in-law relationship with the Mu family, the Mu family’s affairs also have a certain news value, so the paparazzi agreed.
Mu Nuannuan put away the phone and walked between the grids.
Halfway through, I met Mu Wanqi who came back from the outside after eating.
Xiao Chuhe often cooks and sends it to the company, but Mu Wanqi is a hedonic idea. She is tired of eating Xiao Chuhe’s food every day, so she is naturally more willing to go out to eat.
Mu Wanqi arrogantly stopped her: “Don’t you want to learn from me? I’ll have a meeting later, and you will listen to it.”
Mu Wanqi has been relieved now. She thinks she knows Mu Nuannuan very well. If Mu Nuannuan knew that she did it, she would naturally not be so calm, but she could not be completely sure, so she wanted to take care of it first. Mu Nuannuan took a look at her.
Mu Nuannuan responded with a smile, “Okay.”

meeting room.
Mu Nuannuan sat next to Mu Wanqi, listening casually to the content of their meeting.
Although she didn’t understand well, she could feel that Mu Wanqi, like her, did not know anything.
Looking at Mu Nuannuan’s dazed expression, Mu Wanqi felt even more proud.
A fool is a fool!
Mu Nuannuan doesn’t care how proud Mu Wanqi is now, because soon, all Mu’s projects will be forced to stop.
At the end of the meeting, Mu Wanqi left Mu Nuannuan.
“I don’t even understand the content of such a simple meeting. I advise you to return to your marketing department as soon as possible!” Mu Wanqi looked at Mu Nuannuan with contempt, her tone of contempt was unabashed.
“Oh, let’s talk about it.” Mu Nuannuan glanced at her lightly, then turned and went out.
What Mu Wanqi couldn’t bear the most was Mu Nuannuan’s way of not putting her in her eyes.
She looked viciously at Mu Nuannuan’s back. She didn’t believe that Mu Nuannuan’s luck could be so good every time. One day, she would be able to step Mu Nuannuan into the mud!
Mu Nuannuan returned to the grid room and checked the Internet, and found that there was no news related to the Mu family.
Could it be that the paparazzi didn’t photograph anything? Or did he still not go to Mu’s factory to dig materials?
But it didn’t take long for Mu Nuannuan to wait for the result.
When I was about to get off work, an emergency meeting was suddenly held in the company.
The atmosphere in the company suddenly became tense, and the sound of telephone ringing was everywhere, and it was full of turmoil.
How long has Mu Nuannuan been in the project department, and she also does some chores, but she is usually very kind to her colleagues, and coupled with her complicated identity, most of the smooth colleagues don’t tell her to do things.
Therefore, Mu Nuannuan became the most leisurely person.
She slowly turned on her mobile phone and surfed the Internet, and she suddenly saw a piece of news similar to exposing a company’s shady on the headlines.
[Shocking: The reporter went to a large daily necessities company to expose the shady factory]
“When it comes to daily necessities companies in Shanghai and Yangtze City, people can’t help but think of Mu’s. Today, our reporter took a risk and went into Mu’s factory to expose the hidden behind the scenes… Most of the raw materials are from rubbish. Recovered from the field…causing great harm to human health…”
Mu Nuannuan looked at the ten lines and swiped into the comment area.
“The daily necessities, towels, mops, etc. at home in the previous ten years were all made by this company, but they were no longer used two years ago. As for the reasons, everyone who has used them knows…”
“I just bought a new suit from his family, can I return it?”
“Do you remember the protagonist of the previous indecent video? It seems to be the daughter of the boss of this company, who can teach such a shameless daughter, what kind of conscience can you expect from him?”
“1, I think what the upstairs said is right!”
” 2……”
“The ID number, I have guessed that such a company will be exposed sooner or later!”
After this comment mentioning Mu Wanqi’s indecent video, there are tens of thousands of comments. This wave of rhythm is really just right, and further deepens the user’s psychology to Mu’s contact.

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