Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 10

An investment project worth 50 billion yuan can be said to be unprecedented in this small Cangzhou City! Will bring earth-shaking changes to Cangzhou.
But what shocked the Cangzhou business community even more is that the leader of this project is the Chen family!
The Chen Family, the No. 1 Giant in Kyoto!
That family power spreads all over the three realms of military, politics, and business, and the super giant Chen family standing on the top of China!
Countless businessmen were jealous and began to inquire about whether they could participate in the development of Yuquan Mountain.
Because this is a project invested by the Chen family!
With the far-sighted vision of the Chen family and the financial resources of a wealthy country, it means that this project is impossible to lose, only to make money, and it is still a big profit!
In addition to the participation of Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, it has given many businessmen a peace of mind, making them believe that Yuquanshan is now a cash cow.
As long as you can plug it in, it will be full.
It is precisely because many people hold this idea that the next day, the threshold of Dingfeng Company was broken by the businessmen who came to hear the news. There is no doubt that these companies are all here to seek cooperation, and their attitudes are extremely low. Several companies even said that as long as they can give them a chance to participate in the project, even without dividends.
After hearing this news, Chen Feng was stunned. He didn’t expect this to happen!
Everyone feels that Yuquanshan’s investment is a business that makes no money.
But only Chen Feng knew that this investment was just for his own play, and even in his plan, it must be a loss this time.
He never thought about making money.
But these businessmen took this project seriously.
It can only be said that the Chen family’s name is too big, it is already big enough to make these businessmen ignore all risks.
Xia’s headquarters, top floor of Yunsheng Building, conference room.
Less than half an hour after Dingfeng Company announced the development of Yuquan Mountain, the Xia family held an emergency meeting.
Xia Yunsheng squinted and sat on the board of directors. The two columns were the other members of the Xia family, and everyone’s expressions were extremely solemn.
“I heard about the Yuquan Mountain Resort, right?” Xia Yunsheng opened his eyes and spoke lightly.
“I heard.” Everyone nodded, but their expressions were different.
“Within three days, no matter what method you use, I must let our Xia family participate in the Yuquanshan project.” Xia Yunsheng glanced at everyone, with a somewhat unquestionable tone in his tone.
The members of the Xia family looked embarrassed, bowed their heads and said nothing.
“Dad, this is probably… not realistic.” After a while, Xia Qichao muttered. He is the eldest son of Xia Yunsheng and the next head of the Xia family. No one knows the current situation of the Xia family better than him.
Today’s Xia family has long been reduced to a second-line family in Cangzhou.
Since Country Garden was shocked by the two large Evergrande real estate groups entering Cangzhou, the real estate industry of the Xia family has been sluggish and its output value has plummeted.
Several properties are in a state of no one to care about.
It can be said that the current Xia family is just an empty shell, and apart from a few professional engineering teams, there is nothing else that can be used.
For such a Xia family, to discuss cooperation with Dingfeng Real Estate, I am afraid that they will not even be able to enter the door.
“Not very realistic…” Xia Yunsheng tapped his fingers on the table lightly, and the hearts of many members of the Xia family couldn’t help but tighten.
“Then everyone’s year-end dividend will be halved in the future.” Xia Yunsheng said lightly.
Hearing this, the faces of the Xia family changed drastically, and the year-end dividend was halved? How does this make them live!
The Xia family is a family business. In this company, every employee is inseparable from the Xia family.
The year-end dividend halving is equivalent to a direct deduction of half of everyone’s salary.
Think of Xia Qichao, who could have divided 20 million every year, but if the year-end dividend is halved, then he will get only 10 million!
Obviously, Xia Yunsheng was angry!
If Xia’s family cannot participate in the Yuquan Mountain Resort project this time, Xia Yunsheng will definitely do what he said.
At that time, it will be them who suffer.
For a while, many members of the Xia family were anxious and talked a lot, intending to discuss a way to participate in the Yuquan Mountain Resort project.
I have to say, it’s harder than climbing!
Because the current Xia family is too weak to be qualified to cooperate with Dingfeng Company.
Xia Hao glanced at Xia Qichao complainingly. He didn’t understand why his father wanted to be such an early bird. Now that he is all right, Xia Yunsheng is angry and everyone will suffer.
Seeing many family members downcast, Xia Yunsheng seemed to realize that he was a bit too harsh. He calmed down his tone and said: “Xia family members, no matter who they are, as long as they can reach a cooperative relationship with Dingfeng Company, I will take Chengdong Na Give him a set of real estate rewards.”
“The real estate in Chengdong?!”
Many members of the Xia family’s eyes suddenly widened.
“Grandpa has really lost his money this time. If the real estate in Chengdong is sold well, at least it can sell for more than 30 million yuan.”
“Yes, but I don’t think Dingfeng Company will cooperate with our Xia family.”
After Xia Yunsheng finished speaking, many members of the Xia family behaved differently. Some were as excited as chicken blood, and some were depressed, thinking that this was an impossible task.
Xia Yunsheng’s typical practice of hitting a stick and giving a date.
The reward of real estate worth more than 30 million yuan has aroused the enthusiasm of many Xia family members.
Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes also brightened, but her eyes dimmed again when she thought of the barren resources controlled by her father.
Among Xia Yunsheng’s three sons, Xia Weiguo was the least valued.
The several engineering teams in Xia Qichao’s hands are Xia’s veteran engineering teams with rich experience. They built most of the Xia’s real estate.
However, the engineering team in Xia Weiguo’s hands was the straggler who was eliminated by the Xia family. If you take this engineering team to talk to Dingfeng Company, you may be laughed to death.
So the one who is most likely to complete the task is the line of Xia Qichao and his son.
As expected by Xia Mengyao, Xia Qichao stood out with his chest patted and assured Xia Yunsheng that he would sleep at the door of Dingfeng Company tonight. In any case, he would cooperate with Dingfeng Company and let the Xia family take this opportunity to join the ranks. Cangzhou first-line family.
Xia Yunsheng nodded in satisfaction.
Xia Mengyao sighed, feeling that the following matters had nothing to do with him.
But at this moment, Xia Hao spoke: “Grandpa, I think, for the sake of safety, we should transfer the engineering teams in Sanbo’s hands to us, so that we will have more confidence when negotiating with Dingfeng Company. .”
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face suddenly changed color, and the third uncle in Xia Hao’s mouth was his father Xia Weiguo.
Although the several engineering teams in Xia Weiguo’s hands are stragglers, they are also Xia Weiguo’s only capital. If it is really transferred to Xia Hao, it will be a tiger’s mouth. No matter whether the negotiation with Dingfeng Company is successful or not, the engineering The team can’t get it back.
In the future, Xia Weiguo will not receive a dividend from the family, and their family will completely become marginal figures of the Xia family!
“I disagree!”
Xia Mengyao refused without even thinking about it. She didn’t expect that Xia Hao was so shameless that she wanted to take advantage of her father’s coma and embezzle his father’s only resource. This was simply driving their family to death!

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