Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 9

“Chen Feng, you…what are you doing!” Zhao Shihua wanted to rush up to beat Chen Feng, but after seeing his look, he flinched.
But his daughter-in-law was beaten, and he had to stand up again, stuttering for a long time, and finally shouted again: “You…Chen Feng, you are useless, you even beat a woman, you are still not a man.”
“I don’t beat women, but Xia Zilan, is it a woman?” Chen Feng sneered, “I wanted to tear her stinky mouth a long time ago. This time it’s just a warning. If there is another time, it won’t be that simple. Up!”
“And you, if you are not convinced, come to me at any time, but if you let me know that you secretly retaliate against Mengyao, I don’t mind sending you to see the king of Yan!”
Zhao Shihua’s face changed. For some reason, he actually felt a breath of awe-inspiring aura from Chen Feng. Zhao Shihua even smelled a bit of danger, making him a little scared.
He couldn’t help but wonder, this…Is Chen Feng still the old one?
After Chen Feng finished speaking, he walked to Xia Mengyao and smiled: “Meng Yao, let’s go home.”
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded obediently. Chen Feng’s performance today surprised her. Even when she said those few words, she felt that Chen Feng had changed.
She couldn’t see it through, beating people, threatening strongly, this was not what Chen Feng could do before.
But what made her secretly pleased was that everything Chen Feng did was for herself.
Just after they had just walked a few steps, a harsh roar came from a distance, and a few seconds later, a black lightning appeared in the eyes of everyone.
The human eardrums are shuddered by the deep sound waves, the streamlined body with a sense of science and technology shines in the sun, and the supercar in the supreme black and gold coat exudes a breathtaking breath like a noble emperor.
In an instant, the eyes of everyone in the courtyard were attracted by the black lightning.
In front of this black lightning, everything was eclipsed!
“One of the three great cars in the world!”
Someone who knows cars is short of breath and exclaims loudly.
However, more people are staring at the black lightning without blinking. They want to know why there is such a supercar in Xia’s company!
Xia Zilan, who was still yelling, also stopped crying immediately, her face full of tension, because the black supercar was coming in their direction.
Xia Zilan’s breathing was a bit short, Zhao Shihua also swallowed.
The door opened, and a man in a flowered shirt got out of the car and walked towards them.
Zhao Shihua took a deep breath, and his mind began to spin quickly, thinking back whether he had seen the man in front of him somewhere before.
“Sir…” Zhao Shihua pulled out a smile, ready to say hello to the man in the flower shirt.
But then, the smile on his face was abruptly frozen.
Because the man in the flower shirt didn’t even look at him, but walked behind him.
Zhao Shihua turned around and saw a scene he will never forget.
The man in the flower shirt who came down from Koenigsegg actually bowed to Chen Feng!
Zhao Shihua rubbed his eyes fiercely, thinking that he must have made a mistake.
“Mr. Chen, you forgot to drive your car.” A Bao said respectfully. He did not directly say that the car was sent by Shen Hongchang. Instead, he said that Chen Feng’s car was forgotten. The car originally belonged to Chen Feng, so Chen Feng had no reason to refuse.
Chen Feng dumbfounded, where did he forget to drive? If he forgets to drive, it is his electric car, not the supercar that is so exciting.
The car sent by Shen Hongchang is really good, and Chen Feng really has no reason to refuse.
After all, reach out and don’t hit the smiley person.
“Sorry, I was too eager to walk before, please take a trip.” Chen Feng took the key seriously.
“Mr. Chen is polite.” Abao said with a slight smile.
Seeing Chen Feng taking the key, Zhao Shihua and Xia Zilan were dumbfounded, and many of the Xia family employees in the courtyard opened their mouths as if they could stuff two eggs.
This sacred car is Chen Feng’s waste? !
Xia Mengyao’s small face was also full of consternation. She was the person who knew Chen Feng best. She would not believe that Chen Feng was the owner of this supercar.
“Let’s go, Mengyao, let’s go home.” Seeing Xia Mengyao still in a daze, Chen Feng waved his hand and said.
Xia Mengyao’s face blushed, and then he realized.
Chen Feng opened the door for Xia Mengyao, and Xia Mengyao cleverly sat in the passenger seat.
Afterwards, Chen Feng glanced at Zhao Shihua and Xia Zilan with a smile, and sat in the driving seat. Amid the roar of the sound waves, black lightning shot away.
“No… impossible!”
“This car must be rented by that waste!”
Xia Zilan couldn’t care about the humiliation of being beaten just now, and she scolded again. She didn’t believe that she was killed. The car was Chen Feng’s own.
“Idiot! That car is not rented!” Zhao Shihua gritted his teeth, his eyes were full of fear. He can be sure that this car is definitely not rented. He is an employee of Shen Hongchang’s company. Three days ago, he Seeing that Shen Hongchang drove this car, according to the company’s management, this car was newly proposed by Shen Hongchang, valued at 26.8 million, a global limited edition supercar, there are only six in the entire China region, Shen Hongchang mentioned this car The car is to be given as a birthday gift to a big leader in the province.
But today, this car was in Chen Feng’s hands. Zhao Shihua didn’t know why, but he was sure that this car must not be rented by Chen Feng, because this car could not be rented at all!
“Husband, what do you mean?” Xia Zilan looked dazed, not renting it, could it be buying it?
“It’s nothing! I won’t provoke Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng in the future! I advise you not to retaliate for today’s hatred!”
Zhao Shihua said coldly. After speaking, he ignored Xia Zilan and went straight into the driving seat.
Xia Zilan stomped her feet with anger, and followed.
In the car, Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng and couldn’t help but said, “Don’t do such things in the future.”
“Ah? What’s the matter?” Chen Feng was stunned and said.
“Rent a car.” Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng angrily, and said: “I know you don’t want me to lose face, but you don’t need to rent a car. Renting a car like this will cost a lot of money.”
Chen Feng looked weird. He originally thought how to explain the origin of the car to Xia Mengyao, but Xia Mengyao did well and found the reason for himself.
“Uh, it’s not much money, but don’t worry, I won’t be anymore.” Chen Feng said without changing his face.
“That’s good.”
Xia Mengyao turned her head, the expression on her little face was still serious, but a slight smile was raised from the corner of her mouth.
Chen Zhong’s work efficiency is very fast, and it took less than half a day to finalize the specific cooperation matters with Shen Hongchang.
The Chen family invested 35 billion yuan and Shen Hongchang invested 15 billion yuan. The two jointly established a tourism development company, the company named Dingfeng!
Dingfeng Company will build a large-scale resort in Yuquan Mountain and thoroughly develop the Yuquan Mountain scenic area.
The news soon spread throughout Cangzhou and detonated the streets and alleys of Cangzhou!

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