Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1006

Chen Feng was noncommittal. He didn’t know if what Qin Dabao said was true, or if everything was just a lie by his editor.

Although he couldn’t think of the reason why he did this, he had no choice but to guard against others.

Seeing Chen Feng’s silence, Qin Dabao also thought that Chen Feng had agreed to come down. He said, “I’m going to a thousand houses in these two days. Do you want to go together?”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment before reacting. He was surprised and asked, “You are going to Qianjia, why?”

Qin Dabao said, “Giant Emperor Taihao is still in the hands of Qianjia. I will see if I can try my luck.”

Speaking of this, Chen Feng naturally thought of Qian Xueqiu, and didn’t know what happened to him, thinking that he had told himself before that he could be the head of thousands of families, but now there are even thousands of families gone.

Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “I will go with you.”

Qin Dabao smiled and continued to do his own thing.

In fact, the day they went to Qianjia was only the second day. Long Ling and the others were almost in good health, so they could naturally leave here, but Chen Feng also told them about the dangers outside, so they had to let them stay here for a while. time.

Neither of them had any objections.

Chen Feng followed Qin Dabao on the road back to Qian’s family.

In fact, the farmhouse was not too far from there. It was only after walking for more than an hour and I saw the road in front of Qianjia, but it was naturally extremely deserted at this time.

“Do you know that Qianjia is actually not as upright as it seems on the surface?”

The two were walking, and Qin Dabao suddenly said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng asked, “What do you mean? Could it be that you have been tricked by a thousand families.”

Qin Dabao said, “I’m just telling you this fact. These big families seem to be benevolent and moral, but they do more selfish things than anyone else.”

The more I listened, the more I felt that Qin Dabao must have an enmity with Qianjia.

“So your purpose of living near Qianjia is not that simple?” Chen Feng asked.

“I lived there to kill Chihiro Yi, but he died first by himself, which makes me a little regretful.”

Chen Feng was just a little strange and asked, “But why have you never done it? I have never heard anyone talk about the assassination of Qianxun Yi.”

Qin Dabao said, “I moved my hand once, and it was when he was already critically ill. At that time, I wanted to cut off his head personally. Unfortunately, I was stopped by someone. As for why I didn’t do it before, because I knew that even if I Do it, I can’t kill him either.”

If you summarize it, it is simply defined as that he is scared, or one word, then he is counseled.

But Chen Feng naturally wouldn’t say it. He nodded and didn’t ask any more.

But Qin Dabao himself said, “Are you laughing at me?”

Chen Feng shook his head.

Qin Dabao said: “It doesn’t matter if you laugh at it. I am just believing in my own way. If I can’t confirm that I will kill a person, I can wait forever.”

Chen Feng didn’t think this was a problem.

“Actually I am a killer.”

Qin Dabao suddenly admitted that Chen Feng was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, he didn’t care.

“Your identity does not mean anything to me, as long as you are not my enemy, I can tolerate anything.” Chen Feng said lightly.

As the two said, they had come to the door of Qianjia.

The big iron gate was hidden, and no one was watching at the door. He and Qin Dabao pushed the door and walked in.

I could see some people on the long road, but now they are calm, without any shadows.

Walking inward, Chen Feng didn’t see anyone. It is estimated that even those who were not from Qianjia were sent away by Molang.

And here it seems to be completely abandoned.

A quiet and huge place, but walking here has a sense of abandonment, like the wasteland of the end times, only desolation is left.

Qin Dabao looked at it and said in admiration, “It’s really well built here. The Thousand Family is known as a thousand-year-old family. It really doesn’t seem to be bragging.”

Chen Feng didn’t feel too much, maybe he saw too much.

The two have been searching for a long time, neither seeing what they were looking for, nor anyone.

At this time, the farmhouse was naturally only left with the Long Ling sisters, but not long after sitting there, someone came to visit.

Long Ling recognized the other party, Qian’er who had come over the past two days.

When Qian’er saw them, they also smiled and said, “You shouldn’t welcome me.”

Long Ling didn’t say anything, but Feng Qi said, “Huan welcomes you all here, and we all don’t have martial arts. We can’t stop you no matter what you want.”

Qian’er smiled and said, “I won’t do anything. I just found you because I wanted to tell you something.”

Feng Qi looked at Qian’er, but she didn’t feel too bad. She just came in and smiled at the two of them, and she was also very soft and looked like the one that won’t get bored.

Naturally speaking of hate, there is no reason. Although Chen Feng told them that Qian’er was a lunatic, they were also more willing to believe in their own feelings.

“You talk to us? There doesn’t seem to be any intersection between us, right?” Feng Qi said.

Qian’er shook her head and said, “My master actually knows your master, or it can be said that they are mortal enemies. If our relationship is based on inheritance, we should also be mortal enemies.”

Both Long Ling and Feng Qi were surprised. The pupils in their eyes were dilated, and their breathing accelerated a bit. They were surprised, “Are you the disciple of Poison Saint?”

The two Long Ling had heard these things mentioned by their masters, but they only treated them as stories, because they had never really seen them before, but now they heard the other’s heir right in front of them, if you are not surprised.

“Then finding us now wants to kill us so that I can avenge my own master?” Feng Qi asked coldly.

Qian’er still shook her head and said: “I never thought of this. The teacher would never take this kind of thing seriously. If someone could save the poison we applied, we would just study the toxicology more and let the next application. Poison is even more deadly.”

Feng Qi only felt a little relieved. If he said that he was not worried, it would be impossible. After all, the guy in front of him was a little scared even Chen Feng.

Long Ling asked, “If it wasn’t for this, what did you want to do when you found us?”

Qian’er said: “For one person.”

“For one person? Who?”

“This person actually feels very strange to me. I didn’t feel anything about him, but when I was alone, I would think of it inexplicably.”

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