Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1008

This question is actually a bit redundant, because it’s all things that can be seen.

But the problem itself is not to know clearly, but to care, as if to express one’s own attitude.

Qian Xueqiu nodded and said, “I was one of the first people to enter the secret room that day. I didn’t see how many thousands of people died behind.”

With that said, Chen Feng also remembered the rain that day.

“Apart from you, how many people are there in Qianjia?” Chen Feng asked.

But after finishing speaking, Chen Feng himself felt a bit abrupt, and the current Qianjia was actually like a frightened bird. Such inquiries might also make them feel that Chen Feng had any plot.

Fortunately, Qian Xueqiu didn’t think about it that way. He said, “Uncle Qian was hurt a bit, but it’s just that his life is not in danger.”

Hearing that Qianhiro Ken was still alive seemed to be the best message for the entire Qianjia.

Chen Feng was also a little surprised. After all, the last thing he saw that day was Chihiro Qian being hit by the old man and vomiting blood.

“That’s good, as long as he’s okay, your thousand families will have another day to rise.”

Qian Xueqiu seemed a little silent.

But then he asked, “I put you in just to ask what’s going on outside.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “In order to gift Emperor Taihao, Molang sent eyeliner to block the neighborhood. If you go out, they will know.”

“Gift Emperor Taihao?” Qian Xueqiu muttered to herself.

Chen Feng knew that the things were with him, but now that he is in a hurry, he would naturally not hide the things on his body, that is, they would be left somewhere outside.

“But even if you take out that thing, Mowolf won’t necessarily let you go. In this desert, they don’t need an additional opponent.”

Chen Feng thought he wanted to give the emperor Taihao in exchange for peace, so he persuaded him.

Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “I know, I’m not that stupid yet, I’m just wondering if I can use this thing against Mowolf. After all, there are not many people in this world who want to get this thing.”

Chen Feng was also surprised at his calmness, and he could still think about these issues at this time.

Chen Feng said: “If you have any way, I can help you.”

Qian Xueqiu glanced at Chen Feng and said thank you.

Then after talking about some outside matters, Qian Xueqiu wanted to send Chen Feng out.

“You still don’t want to meet with Uncle Qian. They don’t worry about outsiders now. If you rush over in this way, they may be excited and disadvantage you.”

Chen Feng nodded, feeling that Qian Xueqiu was also slightly guarding Chen Feng, but he didn’t think there was anything. After all, a person would become very cautious when encountering this kind of thing.

It’s just that Chen Feng has doubts about what Qian Xueqiu said was just a little hurt.

It was the secret road of the rockery in the park that was sent out. Chen Feng pushed it there again, but he couldn’t shake it anymore. He returned to the study and saw Qin Dabao still studying the floor.

Suddenly hearing the sound, Qin Dabao immediately threw the tool in his hand in Chen Feng’s direction.

Fortunately, Chen Feng’s reaction was also quick, and he immediately avoided.

Qin Dabao saw Chen Feng and immediately looked at him in surprise: “Why are you here? Didn’t you fall down?”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “This is a secret path below. A friend of Qian’s family wanted to see me, so he took me down. When the matter was over, he naturally sent me back.”

Qin Dabao still looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, but didn’t say anything.

“Did he tell you where that thing is?”

Qin Dabao still asked with concern.

Naturally, Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Naturally, it is impossible for this Thousand Family to tell outsiders easily. Now that they have encountered this kind of disaster, it is even more difficult to believe others. How can they tell me.”

Qin Dabao thought about it and felt that it was correct. Qianjia was already a dog that had been thrown into the water. How could he believe it if he saw people not barking too much.

But since there was nothing, the two had no choice but to go back. After the day, they were quite exhausted.

After three days passed, Chen Feng was still worried about leaving with the two sisters. While staying here, he didn’t seem to encounter anything, nor did the Molang people appear.

“I’m going out tonight, you will look after them yourself.”

After dinner, Qin Dabao said to Chen Feng.

Although he didn’t know where he was going, he didn’t plan to take him with him because of that, and Chen Feng didn’t care too much. Everyone always had their own secrets.

“I see.”

The worry is naturally Molang, but in the past few days, Chen Feng has also been relieved a lot. Although I don’t know why Qian’er didn’t tell others, she actually did so from the facts.

I thought it would be peaceful all night, but in the middle of the night, there was a rustling sound outside.

Then he saw the fire, and Chen Feng was horrified. As long as this farmhouse with thatched firewood was lit, it would almost quickly turn into a big fire.

He also rushed into the bedroom to wake up sister Long Ling.

Then pulled them and ran out.

And there are already people waiting outside, a few guys wearing this evil mask.

They seemed to be shocked when they saw Chen Feng. One of them said, “It’s you? No wonder we haven’t found anyone after searching for so long. You actually hid here.”

It seemed that it was not him that they wanted to deal with, but Qin Dabao.

But it doesn’t make a difference now, it’s all the same.

A guy seemed to be sending information to the outside world, and Chen Feng couldn’t stop it, but just guarded Long Ling and the others.

Immediately, a guy came up with a weapon in his hand.

Chen Feng didn’t dare to fall into it, and several pushers kicked him back because he saw that someone had been eyeing the two women behind him.

“It seems that these two women are your weakness.” The guy laughed.

At this time, the fire in the farmhouse was getting bigger and bigger, and it was about to cover the roof.

But now even if you want to fight a fire, there is no water source nearby, it is not easy to save it.

Chen Feng once again forced the people to retreat, protecting the Long Ling sisters and stepping back a few steps, but it was no way to go on like this, as long as they caught one of Long Ling, he could only give up resistance.

At this moment, suddenly a cold light dagger flew straight from a distance, and disappeared from the back of the head of the person standing at the end. There was no struggle, and he fell forward. Don’t look at it, knowing that he must not survive.

And hearing the sound, the few people with tattooed ghosts also looked back in surprise.

Qin Dabao was walking slowly, pulling his dagger from the back of the man’s head from the ground, and it seemed that something splashed out.

Chen Feng was delighted and fortunate that Qin Dabao came back in time, at least not worrying about safety.

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