Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 103

Now it seems that she was blind at first, this man has always been a real dragon!
For only three years, I have never bothered to open my eyes to see the world!
Now that the real dragon has his eyes open, it’s time to tremble in this world!
After putting the luggage at the hotel, he took Xia Mengyao and Xu Feirong to the hotel for lunch.
After lunch, Xia Mengyao suddenly suggested, “Fei Rong, Chen Feng, shall we go shopping?”
“Okay.” Chen Feng smiled and said, he doesn’t have any problems. He has been married to Xia Mengyao for three years, and the two have gone shopping together, and Xia Mengyao rarely visits Jinling on weekdays. Shopping is again a woman. Chen Feng naturally has to satisfy her with her nature.
“I don’t want to be an electric light bulb, you couple, go, I won’t go, I want to take a beauty sleep, and I’m exhausted after taking a flight.” Xu Feirong yawned, Xia Mengyao finally said. Only when she had a chance to be alone with Chen Feng, she couldn’t disrupt the situation.
“Well, Fei Rong, you can rest first, and I will go with Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao smiled.
“Well, go go.” Xu Feirong waved her hand.
“Let’s go.” Xia Mengyao naturally took Chen Feng’s arm.
Chen Feng is not very familiar with Jinling, but Xia Mengyao used to go to a university in Jinling, so she can barely be called half of Jinling.
After going around, the two came to the World Trade Center, the most prosperous business circle in Jinling, where all kinds of world-famous brands in the CBD can be sold.
“Chen Feng, I want to drink milk tea.” Xia Mengyao pouted cutely.
“Okay, I’ll go buy it.” Chen Feng smiled and said, unlike other girls, Xia Mengyao is the kind of physique that is born to eat and not fat. She drinks milk tea almost every day, but she has never seen it. She was fat.
After ten minutes in line, Chen Feng finally grabbed a cup of milk tea.
After getting the milk tea, Xia Mengyao was happy like a three-year-old child.
“Chen Feng, let’s go in and help you choose some clothes.” Xia Mengyao pointed to the Armani men’s clothing store on the side.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: “No, I don’t like this kind of clothes.”
Although he was born in the Chen family, Chen Feng has always liked to be frugal. Clothes as long as they can be worn. In his eyes, clothes of dozens of dollars are no different from clothes of tens of thousands of dollars.
Since he was a child, his mother warned him that he should not be superficial, but that he should look inside.
Some people are indeed flashy on the surface, but extremely barren on the inside.
And some people, even if they are wearing burlap, are sincere inwardly, but they are worth ten thousand gold!
“All right.” Xia Mengyao stuck out her tongue. She found that Chen Feng was indeed different from most men. He didn’t have that kind of vanity. He never cared about others’ opinions. He only pursued what he wanted in his heart.
“Let’s go shopping over there.” Chen Feng pointed to the brand-name bag store beside him. He is a man, so he doesn’t need to care about appearance, but Xia Mengyao, a girl, still needs to care about something. After all, women are naturally beautiful.
“Okay.” Xia Mengyao nodded obediently.
Then the two came to a Prada store.
As soon as the two entered, a female shopping guide greeted her with a smile.
“Hello, welcome.”
“Hello.” Xia Mengyao responded politely.
“Excuse me, what do you need?” The female shopping guide still had a kind smile on her face with heavy makeup.
“I’ll take a look.” Xia Mengyao smiled.
Hearing this, Zhou Li’s eyes were filled with disappointment.
As a professional shopping guide, observing her words is her most basic skill.
Generally, a couple of men and women enter the store and want to see if they have purchasing power, not by the woman, but by the man who accompanies the woman.
If a man is a local tyrant, then there is a 90% chance of becoming a single!
If a man is a dick, don’t think about it. This kind of person is bringing his girlfriend in to meet the world, wanting to rely on them to sell brand-name bags and earn performance? It’s a dream!
Naturally, Chen Feng was included in the ranks of diaosi by Zhou Li in the first place. He was a shopkeeper. The shoes were also the kind of ordinary travel shoes. As a man, he didn’t even have a watch on his hand, so he couldn’t make diaosi anymore.
It was Xia Mengyao, with a good figure and a good face. At first glance, she was the kind of beautiful school girl.
The typical flowers were planted on the cow dung, and the good cabbage was arched by the pig, Zhou Li thought, shaking her head.
Xia Mengyao was looking at the bags inside, but Zhou Li obviously didn’t mean to go forward and serve Xia Mengyao. The bags here are from Prada, and the cheapest one costs 20,000 to 30,000, and even the more expensive ones, more than 100,000.
Xia Mengyao couldn’t afford it at all, she didn’t need to go up and waste her words.
Chen Feng smiled on the side and didn’t say anything. Zhou Li’s little thought was ridiculous to her, typical of what she said.
At this time, Chen Feng’s phone rang. Seeing that the caller ID was Qiao Xiaoyue, Chen Feng frowned and went out.
“Haha.” Zhou Li had a look of contempt across her face, she was indeed a scumbag, afraid that her girlfriend would buy clothes and didn’t want to pay, so she slipped away in advance.
Zhou Li has seen many men like Chen Feng before. When she sees that her woman has the intention to buy a bag, she will find all kinds of excuses to drive away in advance, and then watch from a distance, and wait for her woman to go from the store after shopping. Come out, come back and say something happened just now.
At this moment, a beautiful young woman wearing sunglasses and a brand-name suit came in.
The young woman seems to be about thirty years old, perhaps because of the bad skin condition. The young woman’s face is painted with heavy makeup, but it still can’t hide the loose skin.
As soon as the beautiful young woman entered the store, Zhou Li’s eyes lit up, and her eyes instantly locked on a string of necklaces worn on the young woman’s neck, Swarovski Limited Edition! The official website price is 390,000!
Typical female local tyrant!
Zhou Li seemed to see her own walking pile of RMB.
“Hello, what can I do for you?” Zhou Li hurriedly stepped forward and said with a smile. Unlike Xia Mengyao, this beautiful young woman is a big customer at first glance, and she will definitely not come in just to see.
“A few new bags in France recently, do you have them in your store?” The beautiful young woman glanced at Zhou Li with a bit of arrogance.
Hearing this, Zhou Li was even more excited. This young woman obviously often buys this type of luxury goods and knows the frontier of fashion very well.
“Beauty, some and some, we just bought a batch of Prada limited editions from France the day before yesterday, please here.” Zhou Li respectfully took the beautiful young woman to the limited edition area, but found that Xia Mengyao was also here.
At this time, Xia Mengyao happened to be looking at a big red bag.
Seeing Xia Mengyao, there was an obvious jealousy in the eyes of the beautiful young woman. Without him, Xia Mengyao is too beautiful, even if she wants to find faults in Xia Mengyao, it is difficult to find the slightest flaw in Xia Mengyao.
She has the watery skin of a 16 or 17-year-old girl, a devil-like sexy tall figure, and an ethereal temperament.
The beautiful young woman is a big beauty herself, but in front of Xia Mengyao, she instantly becomes an ugly duckling.

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