Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 104

Zhou Li saw the jealousy of the beautiful young woman, so she hurriedly said to Xia Mengyao: “Let me give in, you are in the way.” There was a hint of impatientness in her tone.
Zhou Li’s heart is clear. At this time, she must behave in front of this beautiful young woman, to please the beautiful young woman. Her commission this month depends on this beautiful young woman. As for Xia Mengyao, beauty is beautiful, but in performance In front of me, I’m sorry, let me roll as far as I can.
Xia Mengyao frowned Liu’s eyebrows, didn’t she stand in the way?
“This customer, would you please let me please?” Zhou Li’s tone became even more impatient. As a shopping guide, she hated this kind of things that can’t be bought.
“I’m looking at this bag.” Although Xia Mengyao felt a little uncomfortable, she explained patiently.
“What kind of bag are you looking at? Can you afford it?” Zhou Li sneered disdainfully. Although Xia Mengyao wears clothes that are one grade higher than Chen Feng, they add up to only a few thousand yuan, which is not as affordable as Prada. Girl.
“What do you mean?” Now Xia Mengyao’s pretty face sank. Her temper is good, but it’s not so good that it makes people ridicule and indifferent.
“Don’t you know what I mean?” Zhou Li sneered with her arms around her chest, “You and your dick boyfriend, are they just students? Two students, want to buy Prada, and toad want to eat swan meat. the difference.”
“Just the red Feiji Prada you are looking at. The price is 99999. What do you buy? Do you rely on your dick boyfriend to buy it? He ran away early!”
Xia Mengyao frowned. She realized that Chen Feng was gone, but it was estimated that she had gone to the bathroom. Chen Feng is not the kind of person who can run, but this female shopping guide made Xia Mengyao very angry.
“How do you know I can’t afford it?!” Xia Mengyao gave Zhou Li a cold look and said. Don’t fight for the steamed buns, although the price of this bag is indeed a bit expensive, but this time she still wants to cure Zhou Ligou’s low-profile problem.
“Oh, if you can afford it, I will eat this mop on the ground!” Zhou Li raised her voice and sarcastically said.
“Okay, swipe the card!” Xia Mengyao sneered, and took out a bank card from his pocket. There was one million in it. Last time, Gu Dongchen paid 1.5 million in apologize, and spent 500,000 to buy a car. One million remaining.
“Do you have any money in this card? Don’t bluff someone with a blank card.” Zhou Li was not calm now. She just wanted to be angry with Xia Mengyao, but she didn’t expect Xia Mengyao to actually take out her bank card. If there is money in it, is it possible to let her eat a mop?
“If you have any money, you will know if you try.” Xia Mengyao sat firmly on the Diaoyutai. According to her temper, she would not care about Zhou Li, but Zhou Liqian shouldn’t be wrong, shouldn’t scold Chen Feng for stinky dick.
This time, Zhou Li was embarrassed. She didn’t dare to bet that in case Xia Mengyao was really rich, her face would be stepped on the ground today.
At this time, the beautiful young woman on the side spoke out, pointing directly at the red Feiji Xia Mengyao liked and said: “I want this bag, wrap it up for me.”
Zhou Li looked happy and hurriedly nodded and said: “Okay, beauty, I will wrap it up for you.” She understood that the beautiful young woman was rewarding her, and rewarding her for mocking Xia Mengyao just now.
Xia Mengyao was a little upset, what this beautiful young woman mixed with.
“This eldest sister, this bag is my first look.” Xia Mengyao said.
“Is it yours that you saw first?” The corner of the beautiful young woman’s mouth raised a touch of disdain.
“You have to come first, then come later.” Xia Mengyao was a little angry.
The beautiful young woman snorted coldly and said, “I don’t want to come first and arrive later, what are you doing?”
The beautiful young woman made Xia Mengyao angry immediately, but Chen Feng was not there at the moment, and Xia Mengyao didn’t even have a word to help.
After Zhou Li reverently wrapped the bag and handed it to the beautiful young woman, she immediately looked at Xia Mengyao with provocative expression in her eyes. What if you have money, you little bitch? I just won’t sell it to you.
But Xia Mengyao was very angry.
Xia Mengyao didn’t want to be entangled anymore, picking up the milk tea and preparing to go out.
At this time, the beautiful young woman twisted the waist of the water snake and walked towards Xia Mengyao, and then seemed to inadvertently hit the milk tea in Xia Mengyao’s hand.
The milk tea cup was hit on the ground, the black chocolate milk tea splashed Xia Mengyao, and the beautiful young woman also splashed a lot.
Xia Mengyao didn’t say anything yet.
The beautiful young woman raised her hand first and slapped Xia Mengyao’s pretty face with a slap.
“You don’t have eyes on walking!” the beautiful young woman scolded.
Xia Mengyao was almost mad. It was obviously this beautiful young woman who hit him by herself, and at this time she scolded herself for not having eyes.
Xia Mengyao raised her hand angrily, ready to slap back.
But the beautiful young woman had already prepared, and kicked Xia Mengyao’s belly with one kick.
Xia Mengyao was staggered and slammed, hitting the back of her head heavily on the shelf, and was directly knocked out.
“Smelly bitch, dare to do something with my mother!” the beautiful young woman cursed in relief.
“Beauty, are you all right.” Zhou Li hurriedly stepped forward, but she didn’t even glance at Xia Mengyao, but cared very much for the beautiful young woman.
“It’s okay. Go over and slap this stinky bitch a few more slaps. A slap is 10,000 yuan. The harder the better.” The beautiful young woman pointed to Xia Mengyao. It would be best if she could ruin Xia Mengyao’s jealous face.
“How many slaps can you slap?” Zhou Li’s eyes flashed green, and she slapped 10,000 yuan, which was more money than her doing shopping guides.
“As many as you want! Fan until you stop!” The beautiful young woman sneered. Money, she has it!
“Haha, okay, I’m going to fan this stinky bitch.” Zhou Li walked over excitedly. At this time, she left behind all the things that customers are God. Sorry, money is God!
Zhou Li raised her hand and slapped it severely. A blood-red handprint appeared on Xia Mengyao’s pretty face.
“Ten thousand yuan in hand.” Zhou Li was about to faint with excitement, never thought that making money would be so easy.
Another slap was slapped on Xia Mengya’s pretty face.
At this time, Chen Feng walked in after the call.
But the eye-catching scene made him burst into tears!
Xia Mengyao closed her eyes, blood oozing out from the back of her head, but Zhou Li smiled like a demon and slapped her big slap on Xia Mengyao’s pretty face.
Terrible anger!
Chen Feng’s eyes were blood red, and he would never be so angry for a moment!
“Look! Die!” Chen Feng almost popped these two words from his teeth.
For an instant, Zhou Li and the beautiful young woman Yan Chunmei felt that the air around them was suddenly cold, as if they had fallen into boundless hell!
An extremely cold murderous aura rushed toward him.

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