Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1038

And since Chen Feng didn’t want to eat it, Xiaodie didn’t force it anymore. She put the thing aside, and then said to Chen Feng: “In fact, we really don’t know about this matter, but after you arrive in Suzhou, we will Received the order, let us approach you.”

Chen Feng said in a daze, “From the beginning, you approached me purposefully?”

Xiaodie nodded, and Chen Feng even had a cold tone, and said, “Even the day we met?”

Fluttershy nodded again.

Chen Feng also remembered that Xiaodie took the initiative to come up to him that day and asked him to invite him for a drink, but at the time he could never have thought that all of this was planned. He was a little angry. This kind of thing was for a man. Said, it is always unbearable.

He closed his eyes and let out a suffocating breath, so that his heart could calm down.

He is not a person prone to mood swings, but now his body is restrained, making him a little anxious. Now that he hears this, his emotions are a little out of control.

Xiaoyue looked at him and smiled: “Are you thinking that you are making women proactively strike up a conversation with your charm? Do you really think you are handsome?”

Xiaodie stopped with some annoyance, “Don’t say that, he is really a very good person.”

Chen Feng could hear Xiaodie’s words, but he did not open his eyes.

“Actually, after I got in touch with him, I really realized that he was a very special man.” Fluttershy said seriously.

But these words made Xiaoyue very unhappy. She frowned and argued with Xiaodie: “Have you forgotten our mission? If you like him, the organization will definitely punish you, don’t you even those Torture is also forgotten?”

Xiaodie seemed to really think of something terrifying, and she shuddered subconsciously.

It was also because of these words that Xiaodie stopped speaking, and Xiaoyue smiled satisfied as she watched all this.

The room became quiet in an instant.

Maybe it’s still night, maybe it’s still day, everything is in this dark and sheltered room, Chen Feng doesn’t know what’s going on outside.

Now only himself was left in the room, Xiaodie and the two women just left after serving the meal, but Chen Feng didn’t eat the meal and left it on the table.

After thinking about it for a long time, Chen Feng still calmed down. He opened his eyes, but a person stood in front of him.

Chen Feng didn’t know when he came in. He didn’t even hear a sound, but when he suddenly saw him appear in front of him, Chen Feng didn’t react in any panic, but just looked at him indifferently.

“You are calm!” said the masked man.

Chen Feng said, “Why should I panic?”

Mask male said: “Because you are in my hands now, and I can decide your life and death.”

Chen Feng chuckled, “But I am not dead yet, so I don’t need to panic.”

The masked man remained silent, but walked to the side seat and sat down. He took off his mask and put it on the table.

Chen Feng watched him finish all this and asked curiously: “Now I see your face, do you want to find a reason for killing me?”

The man who took off the mask was a pale-faced guy who looked only thirty years old. His eyes were very clear and he felt very energetic.

He said coldly, “I don’t need any reason to kill you.”

Chen Feng said, “Then why do you want to expose your face in front of me, not afraid that after I leave, your face will be exposed.”

He said indifferently: “I have the same surname as you, my name Zhou, and I will show you my face, just because I want to make friends with you, and since I make friends, at least I will show you clearly about me. Face, this is the basic etiquette.”

Chen Feng doesn’t care what his name is, he just wonders why he chooses to make friends with himself.

“If you make friends, I am naturally happy, but since ancient times, it has been said that if you don’t make friends, I don’t think you will do me any good.” Chen Feng said solemnly.

Chen Zhou said, “At least you don’t have to die if you make this friend of me. This should be the biggest benefit. I think there is no better benefit than this in the world.”

Chen Feng paused, then nodded: “There is indeed no better advantage than this, but I have never heard of a friend who will kill his own friend.”

Chen Zhou said, “But now we are not friends, so I can kill you.”

Chen Feng was stunned, but later burst into laughter, and said, “Yes, I have made you a friend, so now I won’t die anymore.”

Chen Zhou nodded and said, “You really don’t have to die, but you have something to help your friends.”

Chen Feng naturally guessed that there is no free lunch in this world. He also knew that the other party had taken his own life, and there must be something he wanted him to do.

“Let’s talk about it, since I am a friend, if I can help, I will naturally help. I can’t help but break my bones.” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Chen Zhou was still awe-inspiring. He wouldn’t really think that Chen Summit was broken and broken. He said, “It’s just a small thing, and it’s just a matter of effort for you.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “It’s not up to you whether it’s a matter of raising your hand. I’d better listen to what you want to say first.”

Chen Zhou said, “Kill a person.”


“A man. A sinful man.”


“Wu Xingyu.”

Chen Feng was stunned. He looked at Chen Zhou suspiciously and asked, “Is it really the Wu Xingyu I know?”

Although Chen Feng didn’t introduce it to Wu Xingyu, Chen Zhou nodded and said, “It’s Wu Xingyu.”

Chen Feng curiously said: “If it is indeed the Wu Xingyu I know, then he is just an ordinary person who doesn’t even have the power to do it, why don’t you do it yourself.”

Chen Zhou said, “Because I promised one person, I would never touch anyone in their Wu family.”

Chen Feng didn’t know anything because of his explanation. On the contrary, he was even more strange. He didn’t care how stupid this oath was, and he didn’t care who he promised to, but what did this matter have to do with him.

He asked, “Why me? I think anyone can do it. Even if you spend some money, you can find someone who can commit the crime.”

Chen Zhou was also staring at Chen Feng. He slowly said, “Because it must be you, and it can only be you.”

Chen Feng asked unwillingly, “Why?”

Chen Zhou said: “When you should know, you will naturally know.”

This is just a nonsense, Chen Feng didn’t know when he should know, and at that time, he knew whether it was useful or not.

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