Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1054

If what kind of thing now evokes everyone’s mind the most, then only Taihao can secretly hide it.

Starting from the token in the hands of Qianjia, given to Huang Taihao, everyone learned the information one after another. First, they watched the battle between Qianjia and Molang. They were entangled in their hearts as to which side they should help in order to win the final victory. Taste the sweetness in it.

But it was a pity that they had never thought that the Patriarch of Qianjia could be killed by Mowolf overnight, and what was even more unexpected was that Qianjia would completely lose his breath in a rainy day.

Everyone thought that this battle ended with the victory of Molang, and Molang finally got the gift of Emperor Taihao, and then went to the Sea Lion Tower.

It was also from that time that there was news of the collusion between the Molang and the Sea Lion Tower, otherwise it was only purely with the strength of the Molang, how could it be possible to kill Qianjia completely without the ability to parry.

It’s a pity that just when the overall situation felt settled, a man who changed the whole situation appeared.

Chen Feng didn’t believe in this man either. Unfortunately, Qian Xueqiu told him this personally.

“Do you know that he is Xiaoyao Sword?” Sitting on the bench, this is the night after the dark death, Chen Feng and Qian Xueqiu who accompanied him said.

It’s black to death, this is also Qianjia’s mistake, but after all, they can’t really be blamed on them.

However, Qian Xueqiu still came to apologize to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn’t care. He also knew that guy’s strength, if he got worse, even he could die in the opponent’s hands.

But Chen Feng was still curious about the little uncle of Qianjia, so he asked.

Qian Xueqiu didn’t mean to conceal anything. He shook his head and said, “I have never heard anyone say that his existence is what the Patriarch said before.”

The Patriarch here naturally refers to Chihiro Art, but unfortunately he was defeated by this impossible result. If he is still alive, he might not believe that Chihiro Sword will return to the Chin Family.

Chen Feng said, “I think he should be Xiaoyao Sword. His strength is very strong. If he comes to Suzhou, no one will dare to move here.”

Qian Xueqiu still shook his head and said: “He can’t come, he shouldn’t come. My uncle told me that he wants to come, so that Qianjia can quickly become famous in the martial arts world, but the previous shame is also wiped out. clear.”

Chen Feng was a little confused. This is a good idea. Molang killed so many people in Qianjia. What happened that night caused Qianjia’s face early. It will be much more inconvenient to deal with things in the future. At least many people will see it clearly. A few thousand.

Chen Feng asked: “In this way, I also think this is a very good thing to boost the reputation of Qianjia, why do you disagree.”

Qian Xueqiu grinned, as if she felt that Chen Feng shouldn’t have seen the reason for it, and being despised by such a chuckle, Chen Feng also seriously thought about it.

He seemed to have thought of a possibility, but he was still not sure.

“You are afraid that his sharp edge will be revealed, provoking the hostility of the entire desert.” Chen Feng said.

And since Chen Feng said this, Qian Xueqiu knew that he had indeed thought of it.

He smiled and said: “The wood show will be destroyed by the forest wind. What Qianjia is worried about is not the desert, but the entire Central Plains.”

His words made Chen Feng feel even more that he really couldn’t use this card on Gift Emperor Taihao. If they surrendered the treasure this time to Qianjia, this time it might be because of the power of Qianxun Sword, then next time, Should they continue to look at Qianxunjian’s face, after two or three times, who else would think that being with Qianjia would be a wise choice?

Therefore, what Qianjia wants to do is not to do it overnight, but to lay a solid foundation.

Chen Feng still said with some regret: “But I thought I could still see this character, but now it seems that I don’t have a chance.”

Qian Xueqiu said, “If you really want to see your uncle, you can return to Qianjia with me after this trip to Suzhou is over, but as for whether your uncle will welcome you, I don’t know.”

Qian Xueqiu smiled bitterly. For such a master, he actually has to always maintain his position. Even if he is the Patriarch of the Thousand Family, to Qianxun Jian, he is only a junior of the Thousand Family.

Chen Feng also gave a wry smile. Although he yearned for it, he was still a little uneasy when he really asked him to meet a peerless master who has been famous for a long time.

Maybe this may be the tension of star chasing.

He thought, there was another thing in his mind that he had always been curious about. He asked, “You asked Xiu Niang to find that one, what did you think, why did that one really follow me? Is it true? Is it just because of family affection?”

Qian Xueqiu looked at Chen Feng. He didn’t want to tell this story. There were some Mixins from the Qianjia family involved. Even if it was a close comrade like Chen Feng, he still had to keep some.

He smiled and said, “It may be family affection.”

From his smile, Chen Feng immediately understood that he was struggling, and Chen Feng was fascinated and didn’t say anything.

Seeing that the time is late, Qian Xueqiu originally wanted to say sorry to Chen Feng, but as he chatted, he even forgot the time.

Before leaving, Qian Xueqiu still said, “Since that person is Mowolf, when I start to move Mowolf, there will always be a chance to take revenge.”

Chen Feng nodded, but he was not for revenge, but because of Qing Zhi, but he didn’t say anything, just watched Qian Xueqiu get into the car.

Under the sunset, his shadow was pulled very long, and fell directly in front of a graceful girl in the distance.

Chen Feng knew each other and walked over slowly. The girl watched Chen Feng coming, and she was relatively close to Chen Feng.

When the two met, the setting sun didn’t give them any light at all. It was completely submerged in the darkness, but the faint glow was still on the horizon, but it should disappear soon.

The street lights on the roadside are far away from them. In the park here, they are just small lights with a faint light on the ground.

Chen Feng asked, “Why didn’t you go back, it’s already dangerous here?”

Xiaodie looked at Chen Feng, she wanted to go back, but after thinking about it for a long time, she didn’t even know where she was going.

She has money, but she doesn’t know how to spend it, worrying that she has no direction in life.

Perhaps in the eyes of those poor people, this is a hypocritical illness, but Xiaodie does feel empty.

She did not want to return to her cold home.

She whispered, “Can’t you take me with you?”

Chen Feng already knew that the Molang man knew about Xiaodie’s existence, and didn’t catch her for the first time, probably because it was not necessary yet.

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