Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1058

Entering it, walking through a very narrow road, you suddenly open up.

As if enclosed in a cliff, it was actually a basin similar to a circular shape. When you looked up to the sky, you could see the sky, blue dotted with some white clouds.

And there are bare rock walls all around, and occasionally seeing one or two green plants, it is also a little unexpectedly happy.

A group of people gathered there, and Chen Feng and a few people from Qianjia followed. After they came in, they looked for a corner to stand there, still waiting for the last person in the Sea Lion Tower.

After a while, the other party walked in.

Except for the narrow entrance just now, I couldn’t see any place to go through. When I waited, they discussed curiously, and even talked about conspiracy and fear.

Naturally, I am afraid that if the Sea Lion House has an ambush here, blows up the mountains, closes the road, and directly bury this group alive, it can be said that they are the seeds of good strength, then the Sea Lion House can even dominate the outside.

Chen Feng also had this faint feeling. He and Qian Xueqiu said, “Will the Sea Lion Tower really have this idea? It’s more secretive.”

However, Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “The Sea Lion House shouldn’t do such things that are not worth the loss. Even if they want to deal with the families, they have to wait until the end of the secret trip to come, and they still need to do secretly. , Otherwise the entire army will be destroyed, I think it’s impossible for people outside to doubt the Sea Lion Tower.”

Chen Feng nodded: “Perhaps those people may be better, but they will not be merciful when dealing with us. We still have to be careful.”

Everyone knew it too.

After the person in the Sea Lion Tower came in, he seemed to have heard this kind of remarks, but he dismissed it, and did not even refute. He just walked to the side of the rock wall, and then took out something similar to a key. To a place, insert the key in.

Everyone was watching his actions, and naturally they saw the process of inserting the key. Everyone was curious about what would happen.

There was a sound of cracking, like a boulder falling down. This sound also shocked everyone, especially those who were holding the Sea Lion House conspiracy just now. They thought that the Sea Lion House was about to do something, and they backed away in shock. Step, but also keep the whole body on guard.

But when the loud noise echoed in the valley, the huge rock wall in front of the person listed an opening, and then the whole mountain began to move, shaking like an earthquake.

Everyone was terrified, but no one explained to them.

Chen Feng was also a little horrified. After all, he had never encountered such a thing before, but he was more calm than others.

He looked at the people in the Sea Lion Tower just now. He was still there, just trying to stabilize his figure, without much panic.

Qian Xueqiu was also supporting the person next to him, and said, “That person is still there. It should be just a normal reaction.”

Sure enough, the vibration came and went quickly, but in a moment, calm was restored.

Just looking at the front again, an entrance was already vacant in front of the person in the Sea Lion Tower, but the high cliff about tens of meters seemed to have been split from the middle, listing the gaps.

The people who stood firm just looked at the magical mechanism, and they were mostly shocked. Chen Feng was no different, but he saw that someone was not like that, and that was Aji.

Chen Feng just glanced at him. When he was shaking, he didn’t panic at all. He just tried to calm himself. It felt like he knew that this kind of thing would happen, so he wouldn’t make a fuss, but now he looks cracked. The gap is also the same expression.

Chen Feng was thinking about what kind of person this mysterious Aji was.

But it seemed that he noticed Chen Feng’s eyes, turned his head, and smiled at Chen Feng. Chen Feng was a bit embarrassed like a thief caught by someone, so he had to smile back.

At this time, I heard the people in the Sea Lion Tower shouting to everyone: “From then on, I have entered the Taihao Secret Treasure. Once this door is closed, the Grand Master is also unable to open it. So if anyone wants to regret it, it is best to stand now. Come out, don’t let you wait inside, the Sea Lion Tower will no longer be responsible for all the consequences.”

It’s like an announcement that put aside the relationship, but since the people who came here, they are naturally prepared to try something. Maybe even if they are killed, they will not hesitate. So after he finished speaking, no one stood. Come out and express yourself to give up.

The man waited for a while, confirmed it, and continued: “The Sea Lion Tower and everyone are working together to crack this secret hidden secret, aiming to find the secret that can solve the limited realm of the master for so many years. So I hope everyone All can work together.”

In fact, everyone knows this sentence, but if someone really knows the secret, then he will be told, but no one knows.

The hardest thing to test is human nature, and greed is part of human nature.

But Chen Feng is more than that. His purpose in entering it is to find the ancient book “Return to the Sea”. Although it is not clear what is the function of it, but even the things that Qianxun Jian and Qingzhi need, it should be It’s more important than breaking through the master’s secret.

While thinking about it, some people have begun to walk inside one after another.

Chen Feng and the others were slightly behind. When they passed the person in the Sea Lion Tower, the other side glanced at them. Although it was a very inconspicuous glance, Chen Feng felt something.

It’s just that he has already walked in.

This is a long stairway towards the bottom, and the entire bottom is dark, but with human eyes, you can’t even see it with your five fingers.

But at the beginning, there was still light from outside when you walked down here.

Someone shining brightly, it should be an electronic device. After a while after being completely unable to see the route, everyone has to take out their mobile phones. Chen Feng and others are no exception. People who don’t have mobile phones can only rely on their side. People.

The avenue is very wide, and there is no problem with three or four cars side by side. As for the length, the light of the mobile phone can’t be seen at a glance, but it dissipates in the middle of the road.

As he was walking, suddenly there was a huge vibration behind him, and the earth trembled.

But everyone immediately understood that the door had been closed, and the previous person said that as long as the door is closed, no matter how powerful it is, it cannot be opened.

Thinking like this, only the road in front of me must go on.

But everything is still dark.

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