Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 107

The audience was in an uproar!
If Chen Feng’s sentence that killed me just now was just a provocation, then this sentence is simply hitting Qin Hu in the face!
Qin Hu’s face was also completely cold.
Even if Chen Feng really has some background, he shouldn’t be prevented from coming to Taiwan. After all, he is a prominent figure in the Dragon Tiger Club and was humiliated in the street. If he doesn’t do anything, the three words Dragon Tiger Club will become a joke. .
Since you are looking for death by yourself, no wonder Lao Tzu! A cold murderous intent flashed in Qin Hu’s eyes. He wanted to try, what kind of monster Chen Feng is!
Just as Qin Hu was about to tell the little brothers to do something, the crowd began to agitate.
Qiao Xiaoyue rushed into the mall with a group of senior officials from Dalong Real Estate, followed by hundreds of thugs in black suits.
“Why are the people from Dalong Real Estate also here?!”
“Those people following Dalong Real Estate are the Dragon Tiger Club?”
“It’s the Dragon Tiger Club! And it’s still leader Cheng Long! The entire Dragon Tiger Club is coming out!”
“Fuck, this is a hornet’s nest.”
Everyone looked at Chen Feng with more sympathy. One Qin Hu was enough for Chen Feng to drink a pot. Unexpectedly, now, the entire Dragon Tiger Club will be all out of the nest. This is hundreds of people. , Chen Feng is Superman, and today he has to be fucked down.
And there is Dalong Real Estate, the local super consortium.
To sum up Chen Feng’s current situation in four words, it is impossible to escape with wings!
Qin Hu was also surprised when he saw Qiao Xiaoyue and Cheng Long, why did they come here? I didn’t seem to call them.
Although surprised, Qin Hu greeted him.
After all, the identities of Qiao Xiaoyue and Cheng Long are there, one is the gold master behind the Dragon Tiger Club, and the other is the true leader of the Dragon Tiger Club.
Outsiders think that he Qin Hu is the two bosses of the Dragon and Tiger Club standing side by side with Cheng Long, but only he knows that he is the puppet that Cheng Long has been promoted and concealed. There is only one true boss of the Dragon and Tiger Club, and that is Cheng. Dragon!
“Mr. Qiao, Brother Long, why are you here?” Qin Hu asked respectfully.
Seeing Qin Hu, Qiao Xiaoyue’s one immediately sank to the bottom, shouldn’t it provoke Chen Feng, this idiot?
“What are you doing here?” Cheng Long did not directly answer Qin Hu’s question, but asked with a cold face. Qiao Xiaoyue can realize it, and he can also realize that it is probably Qin Hu that is in conflict with Chen Feng.
“Brother Long, my wife was beaten, I’ll come and take a look.” Qin Hu didn’t dare to hide, and said the truth, but there was a strong sense of anxiety in his heart.
Cheng Long sighed, patted Qin Hu on the shoulder, pushed away the crowd and walked in.
“Brother Long, what’s the matter?” Qin Hu was confused, how did he feel that Cheng Long just looked at him with a trace of pity?
Qin Hu turned around puzzled, but the scene he saw almost made his eyes fall.
Qiao Xiaoyue and Cheng Long actually bent over to the young man!
“Mr. Chen, I’m sorry.” Qiao Xiaoyue was full of cold sweat on her forehead, and her tone was a little frightened. When she first saw Qin Hu, she thought that Qin Hu had provoked Chen Feng, but after arriving at the scene, she discovered that Xia Mengyao was injured.
Maybe outsiders don’t know what Xia Mengyao means to Chen Feng, but she is very clear!
Xia Mengyao is Chen Feng’s only inverse scale!
Touch it and you will die!
If you mess with Chen Feng, there may be a way to survive, but if you mess with Xia Mengyao, there is definitely a dead end!
The fear in Cheng Long’s heart was not much less than Qiao Xiaoyue’s. It was the first time he saw Chen Feng. Before meeting, he thought that Chen Feng was an ordinary rich second generation, but after meeting, he was horrified to discover that Chen Feng was not ordinary at all.
There is a frightening weather in him!
This energy may not be obvious on weekdays, but once Chen Feng gets angry, people close to Chen Feng can feel it clearly!
“Send Mengyao to the hospital.” Chen Feng put his hands on his back, his tone calm.
“Send to Miss Xia’s hospital!” Qiao Xiaoyue hurriedly shouted, and a crowd of people rushed up.
“Chen Feng…” Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng with some worry. It was the first time she saw Chen Feng in this state.
“Hey, you go to the hospital first, I’ll be here in a while.” Chen Feng’s tone became gentle again. He wanted to stay here to deal with Yan Chunmei and Zhou Li, with some means, he didn’t want Xia Mengyao to see.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao glanced at the respectful Qiao Xiaoyue and Cheng Long, and nodded with a complicated expression. Are these the secrets of Chen Feng?
“Clear the field.” Chen Feng glanced lightly at the passerby who was still in a sluggish state, and said.
“Yes, Mr. Chen.” Cheng Long nodded hurriedly, but didn’t need Cheng Long to speak, the passers-by onlookers were scattered.
They are so scared!
It was this young man who came from Dalong Real Estate and Dragon Tiger Club, but Nima turned out to be the young man’s younger brother.
Although I don’t know what the identity of this young man is, it is absolutely terrifying to heaven!
They dare not watch it!
“Now I can talk about the process of the matter.” Chen Feng glanced at Zhou Li and Yan Chunmei, and said lightly, although he was certain that this was 100% something that Zhou Li and Yan Chunmei took the initiative to choose, but he Still want to hear the process.
Zhou Li’s expression was dull. At this moment, she was about to be scared and speechless. She couldn’t even think of killing Xia Mengyao. If she provoked Xia Mengyao, she would make such a scene.
There are hundreds of black suit thugs, Qiao Xiaoyue, executive director of Dalong Real Estate, and Cheng Long, president of the Dragon Tiger Club, are here.
These people are legendary characters that she never touches on weekdays.
But now, they are gathered together, their identity turned out to be just the stinky little brother in her eyes!
Zhou Li felt that her intestines were about to be regretful. She actually thought that such a person would not be able to afford a Prada.
Such a person can buy the entire mall!
“Yes… I’m sorry…” Yan Chunmei shuddered, she understood that Qin Hu could not protect her at this time.
“I want the process.” Chen Feng said in a calm tone. He didn’t want to hear anything sorry. Not all mistakes can be made up by not being right.
“It’s her! She instigated me…” Yan Chunmei hurriedly pointed at Zhou Li, shaking the pot.
Before Yan Chunmei had finished speaking, Zhou Li screamed up and grabbed Yan Chunmei’s hair: “You bullshit! Obviously you are jealous of the lady who is beautiful and deliberately find the fault. You said you let me fan that lady. Give ten thousand yuan with a slap!”
Ten thousand yuan in a slap!
Chen Feng clenched his fist, his teeth creaked.
“Smelly bitch, you talk nonsense!” Yan Chunmei was also crazy, grabbing Zhou Li’s hair and fighting with Zhou Li.

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