Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 106

Chen Feng took out his cell phone and called Qiao Xiaoyue.
“Come here.” After only two words, he hung up the phone. Calling Qiao Xiaoyue was not because Chen Feng was afraid, but because Chen Feng had a foreboding that this time the matter might be a big mess, and Qiao Xiaoyue needs to come over to deal with the aftermath.
After Qiao Xiaoyue on the other side received the call, for the first time a very solemn expression appeared on Qiao’s face. As the saying goes, the fewer words, the bigger the problem. This time, Chen Feng was obviously angry.
Even the last time Chen Feng faced Bai Guangyi’s family, Chen Feng was calm, but this time…
What happened?
Without time to think about it, Qiao Xiaoyue hurriedly summoned several senior executives of the company and the gray forces cultivated by Dalong Real Estate, and rushed to the World Trade Center.
At this moment, the Prada store was surrounded by water.
Many people gathered around to watch the excitement.
At this moment, the crowd was violently pushed away.
More than a dozen tattooed men with switchblade knives and various control knives broke in.
The head was a middle-aged man with a big gold chain and a scar on his face.
Seeing the scarred man, Yan Chunmei’s face instantly became bright.
“Husband, you can count as coming! If you don’t come again, I will be beaten to death by these bastards, ooh.” Yan Chunmei cried out with aggrieved expression.
Seeing Yan Chunmei’s miserable appearance, Qin Hu’s eyes flashed fire instantly.
“My dear, who did it?!” Qin Hu asked angrily.
“That bastard, he interrupted my hand!”
“And this dog security guard, he didn’t protect me, and he told me to shut up!”
Yan Chunmei pointed to Chen Feng and Wang Daquan, and said bitterly.
Qin Hu’s face was gloomy, he glanced at Chen Feng first, then moved his gaze to Wang Daquan.
He must clean up the Wang Daquan first.
As for Chen Feng, he has already been sentenced to death by daring to treat Yan Chunmei like this, and he wants to take it back to clean up.
“Why scold my wife?” Qin Hu asked Wang Daquan coldly.
Wang Daquan’s calves trembled, his lips were trembling, and he said, “Brother, I’m sorry…”
Qin Hu picked up the mountain knife in his hand and slammed the back of the knife on Wang Daquan’s face.
Wang Daquan screamed, and a foot-long red mark appeared on his face.
“I don’t want to hear what you say I’m sorry, I’m asking why you scold my wife?!” Qin Hu said angrily.
There was a “puff”.
Wang Daquan knelt directly on the ground and began to kowtow to beg for mercy: “Brother, beg for mercy, I didn’t mean to…”
With a grinning smile, Qin Hu kicked Wang Daquan’s head, and Wang Daquan was kicked to the ground.
Immediately Qin Hu stepped on Wang Daquan’s arm and said with a grinning smile: “Remember, I am called Qin Hu, and I will have more eyes when I go out!”
When the words fell, the mountain knife was swung, and then severely cut down.
A bloody arm rolled on the ground, blood in the blood vessels sputtered everywhere where the wound broke!
Wang Daquan let out a miserable cry and was directly fainted by the pain.
The crowd was in an uproar, and the onlookers retreated like birds and beasts, and their eyes looked at Qin Hu with horror.
No one thought that Qin Hu would do such a bloody thing in front of so many people!
“Qin Hu…Qin Hu! I know who he is!” someone trembled.
“It’s the Qin Hu from the East Street Dragon Tiger Club!” Someone said in horror.
“Dragon Tiger Club?!” Everyone changed their faces.
Jinling locals, especially those living in the East Street area, even three-year-old children, know about Dragon Tiger Club.
The Dragon Tiger Club is the largest underground power on Jinling East Street. All entertainment industries in the East Street area are under the control of Dragon Tiger Club!
In almost every entertainment venue, members of the Dragon Tiger Club are watching the venue.
In the Dragon Tiger Club, there is one dragon and one tiger. The dragon is Cheng Long and the tiger is Qin Hu! These two are the bosses of the Dragon Tiger Club!
Qin Hu turned out to be one of the two heads of the Dragon Tiger Association, and it is no wonder that doing things is so lawless.
Looking at Chen Feng at this time, almost everyone had an idea that Chen Feng was dead!
The security guard just said Qin Hu’s woman to shut up and asked Qin Hu to chop off her arm.
And Chen Feng not only slapped Qin Hu’s woman in the face, but also abolished Qin Hu’s woman’s hand. One can imagine how Qin Hu would treat him!
Killing him is all light!
Qin Hu shifted his gaze to Chen Feng. He thought that Chen Feng’s expression would change greatly after seeing his cruel methods, and he even knelt down to beg for mercy. However, Chen Feng’s expression was calm and his brows were not frowned.
Qin Hu’s face became serious, the man in front of him…very emboldened, unlike the little security guard just now, when he saw his knife, he was scared to wet his crotch.
“Brother tell me, how to solve it?” Qin Hu threw the bloody mountain knife in front of Chen Feng and said in a low voice.
“How do you want to solve it?” Chen Feng asked calmly.
Qin Hu glanced at Xia Mengyao who was sitting on the chair, and saw the palm print on Xia Mengyao’s face. He had probably guessed the whole story.
There is no doubt that it was Xia Mengyao who Yan Chunmei took the initiative to provoke. Qin Hu knows his wife very well. He has a bit of influence and is very arrogant and domineering. The beatings in the street are not done once or twice, but every time, He can come forward to solve it.
But this time, it obviously kicked the steel plate.
“Well, brother, I don’t make it difficult for you. Which hand you used to beat my wife, you can chop off that hand yourself. It’s a confession to my wife.” Qin Hu squinted his eyes. He still said. In the test, if Chen Feng’s clothes are soft, it means that Chen Feng has no confidence. Just now, he was purely pretending. Then after taking Chen Feng’s hand, he will still kill Chen Feng.
But if Chen Feng is not soft, then he will consider whether Chen Feng really has a great background.
“Husband, I don’t want his hand! I want to kill him!” Yan Chunmei hurriedly screamed. He didn’t know Qin Hu’s true thoughts, and thought that Qin Hu really planned to spare Chen Feng.
“Shut up!” Qin Hu glared at Yan Chunmei with a bit of dissatisfaction. This stupid girl knew that he would make trouble for him in one day.
Yan Chunmei didn’t say anything, but she still didn’t dare to lose Qin Hu’s face.
“Brother, how are you thinking about it? If you can’t do it yourself, I can do it for you.” Qin Hu said with a smile, and whenever Chen Feng showed signs of being soft, he would tear Chen Feng to pieces.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “I think your wife’s proposal is good, you…do you want to kill me?”
Everyone in the field couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Is Chen Feng dying?
Qin Hu is going to let you go, but you still run to provoke others?
“Brother, are you kidding me?” Qin Hu’s face was a little gloomy. He didn’t think Chen Feng was provoking him. On the contrary, Chen Feng had a lot of confidence. He was not afraid of himself!
“Are you kidding?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes, his face fiercely cold: “What are you, you deserve me to make a joke to you!”

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