Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 109

Xia Mengyao thought so, but Wang Jiameng felt that Xia Mengyao was talking angry. How could any woman hope that her husband was a takeaway?
Especially Xia Mengyao, he was famous for being arrogant when he was in college. Among the suitors, there were some rich second-generation and official second-generation, and there were amazing and brilliant Phoenix men, but none of those people could see Xia Mengyao. Eye-catching.
At that time, everyone felt that the man Xia Mengyao would marry in the future was definitely the dragon among the indomitable.
But no one thought that Xia Mengyao would get married as soon as she graduated, and the one who married her was still a takeaway.
That year, this incident shocked many people’s attention and caused a great sensation in the alumni circle. I don’t know how many men were drunk on the day of Xia Mengyao’s wedding.
Of course, there are countless women who have been excited for several days after hearing the news, and finally they don’t need to be shrouded in the shadow of Xia Mengyao.
Wang Jiameng was naturally jealous of Xia Mengyao back then, because the boy she liked did not like her, but she liked Xia Mengyao. Because of this, she was jealous of Xia Mengyao for a long time, and even reached the point of disgust.
But later, after hearing about Xia Mengyao marrying a food delivery man, her jealousy eased a lot.
Now, seeing Xia Mengyao’s miserable situation, Wang Jiameng is even more jealous, and even has a trace of sympathy. No matter how beautiful it is, it is useless. It is no use for a bad life.
It can only be said that the woman’s mind is too complicated. If Xia Mengyao knew, Wang Jiameng would have thought so much just because of a word of her, I am afraid that she would be shocked to speak.
“By the way, Mengyao, you said that the injury on your face was not caused by your husband, but by a woman. Why did she beat you?” Wang Jiameng curiously asked. Xia Mengyao’s personality is gentle and quiet. Wouldn’t take the initiative to pick things up at all, why was he beaten today?
Xia Mengyao repeated the story in the store again, but omitted the things from Qin Hu.
After listening, Wang Jiameng was also very angry, cursing, “This stinky bitch, why is this arrogant?”
Xia Mengyao shook her head and smiled bitterly. The reason why Yan Chunmei is so arrogant must be dependent on Qin Hu. But this time, seeing Chen Feng’s angry look, I am afraid that ten Qin Hus will not be able to bear it.
“You said that your husband stayed to deal with that stinky bitch. You didn’t ask him how to deal with it? You won’t wait for you to leave. Your husband just let the stinky bitch go.” Wang Jiameng asked, she didn’t Not stupid, if what Xia Mengyao said is true, it means that the woman who beat Xia Mengyao definitely has a background.
And Xia Mengyao’s husband is just a food delivery. When facing a woman with a background like this, let alone deal with others, it’s not bad to be dealt with by others. Even more serious, Wang Jiameng felt that after Xia Mengyao left, I’m afraid Chen Feng will directly apologize to the woman.
Xia Mengyao shook her head and said, “No, I believe my husband.”
Wang Jiameng curled his lips, believing in a fart, your husband was obviously persuaded, and he was going to be soft, or he should let you stay there and watch him teach that stinky bitch with his own eyes.
However, Wang Jiameng could only think about these words in his heart, and would not say them. Speaking them would obviously lose Xia Mengyao’s face and make Xia Mengyao unhappy.
At this time, Chen Feng came in.
Seeing Xia Mengyao safe and sound, Chen Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief.
“Husband, you are back.” Xia Mengyao raised the corner of her mouth. Seeing Chen Feng, her heart would always settle down somehow.
“Well, how do you feel?” Chen Feng said softly.
“It’s okay.” Xia Mengyao shook her head.
“Are you Mengyao’s husband?” Wang Jiameng couldn’t help but speak. After Chen Feng came in, she began to look at Chen Feng. Now it seems that she is very ordinary, and I don’t know where Xia Mengyao is interested in him.
Chen Feng glanced at Wang Jiameng suspiciously, who is this?
“Husband, her name is Wang Jiameng, and she is my university roommate.” Xia Mengyao explained.
“Hello, my name is Chen Feng.” Chen Feng smiled and stretched out his hand. He turned out to be a roommate of Mengyao University.
“Hello.” Although somewhat reluctant, Wang Jiameng stretched out his hand and shook hands with Chen Feng.
“Chen Feng, how did you deal with the woman who beat Mengyao?” Wang Jiameng asked.
“I called the police and she was taken away by the police.” Chen Feng said with a slight smile.
“Call the police?” Wang Jiameng was a little disdainful. “What’s the use of calling the police? That stinky bitch, obviously has a background and a way out. When he arrives at the police station, he will pay the police at most, and then there will be no shit.”
Chen Feng shook his head and didn’t say anything. He naturally couldn’t tell Wang Jiameng that he directly made Yan Chunmei and Zhou Li pay the price of their lives.
Xia Mengyao smiled, Chen Summit called the police? She doesn’t believe it anyway.
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Wang Jiameng was a little upset, and said to Xia Mengyao: “If you want me to say, you shouldn’t call the police. You should tear that stinky bitch’s mouth on the spot. You call the police. Wouldn’t it be Mengyao’s meal? I was beaten for nothing.”
“Jiameng, the matter is over, and we have to trust the police.” Xia Mengyao rounded the scene.
“Cut, if my husband encounters this kind of thing, he will never call the police. He must go up and tear that stinky bitch’s mouth on the spot.” Wang Jiameng curled his mouth and said that he despised Chen Feng even more in his heart. Those who deliver the food are just not capable, even if their wife is beaten, they can swallow their anger, it’s really useless.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and he was despised again, but there were some things that couldn’t be said, so Wang Jiameng could only be allowed to think.
“By the way, Mengyao, the day after tomorrow will be our class reunion. Don’t forget about this. When the time comes, bring your husband with you. Many of our classmates say they want to see your husband.” Wang Jiameng Glancing at Chen Feng, said. Since Xia Mengyao got married, she has not attended a class reunion.
Needless to say, Wang Jiameng can also guess that Xia Mengyao is afraid of losing face when attending a class reunion. After all, she married a food delivery company, and her suitors in the past were not company management or entrepreneurial bosses. If you want to meet, you don’t have to be embarrassed.
But this time, since Xia Mengyao has appeared in Jinling, even if it is pulling, she will pull Xia Mengyao over. Moreover, there must be many people interested in Chen Feng.
“Well, I will go.” Xia Mengyao smiled. She also knew that those classmates didn’t want to see Chen Feng at all, but wanted to see her jokes, but she wanted to see this time, who would be watching. Look at the jokes.
“Okay, then I’ll go first, let’s see you the day after tomorrow.” Wang Jiameng smiled and stood up, she was a little curious, what would Xia Mengyao’s suitors look like if they saw Chen Feng this time.

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