Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 110

After Wang Jiameng left, Xia Mengyao shifted her gaze to Chen Feng.
“What did you do to them?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help asking. It was the first time she saw Chen Feng so angry, and she didn’t know how Chen Shengeng dealt with Zhou Li and Yan Chunmei.
“Nothing, it just taught her two unforgettable lessons.” Chen Feng smiled lightly.
Xia Mengyao nodded lightly without any doubt.
“Then you will be fine, are you? That woman looks quite background?” Xia Mengyao worried. After Yan Chunmei’s husband Qin Hu came over, he dared to cut off one of the security guard’s arms in public. He was so lawless that he didn’t rely on that. It is impossible. She is worried that Chen Summit will get into trouble.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “It’s okay, I’ve taken care of it.”
“You can recuperate in the hospital these two days, and don’t think about other things.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded, but there was a touch of worry in her heart. She found out that she seemed to understand Chen Feng less and less.
In a blink of an eye, two days passed.
At the gate of Jinling University, several beautiful young women were gathered around and chatting, forming a beautiful landscape.
Wang Jiameng stood in it impressively.
Since everyone graduated from Jinling University, the meeting point for class gatherings every year is at the gate of Jinling University.
“Jiameng, why didn’t you bring your husband here this time?” A woman who was wearing sexy and slightly fat asked with a smile on the other side of Wang Jiameng. At school, Wang Jiameng was the only beauty in the department with Xia Mengyao. Later, Wang Jiameng married a coal boss with a net worth of over 100 million yuan in Jinxi. It can be said that he was the best married in the class.
Hearing the words for her husband, Wang Jiameng’s eyes flashed a touch of sadness, but there was a smile on her face, “Hey, don’t mention it, there has been an accident recently in the coal mine of my dead ghost, and the workers there are all During the trouble, he went to Shanxi and Xi’an to caress the workers.”
The chubby young woman nodded and said, “Then you have to let your husband take care of it. These years, if one of these accidents is not handled well, people will be stabbed online, and the trouble will not be small.”
Wang Jiameng nodded, but smiled somewhat reluctantly.
In fact, everyone didn’t know that the year she graduated, she was not married to a coal boss at all, but a liar. The liar was the coal boss of Jinxi at the time, and she was partial to believers because of her desire for profit.
After getting married, she found out the truth, but there was already a child in her belly at the time, and she could only smash her teeth and swallow it in her belly to make ends meet.
“I heard that some of the boys in our class are quite good now.” The fat young woman turned the topic to other people. In fact, this is also the most concerned issue for everyone, even though they all graduated from the same school. Yes, but outside the society, the circumstances are very different. Some people have become executives of foreign companies in just two or three years, with an annual salary of five to six hundred thousand yuan, while some people are still struggling at the bottom of society. Can’t even find a job.
“Yeah, do you remember Zhao Youbing?”
“Just the ugly boy? I remember that he seemed to chase Jiameng.”
“Yes, that’s him. But Jiameng didn’t like him back then and threw the love letter he wrote into the trash in public.”
Everyone looked at me and said, Wang Jiameng finally remembered who they were talking about Zhao Youbing.
“Is he mixing well now?” Wang Jiameng couldn’t help asking.
“Well, I heard that after he graduated, he joined a multinational company. Within two years, he became a vice president. Now the annual salary is more than one million yuan, and it will increase in the future.” The fat young woman envied him. Tao.
More than one million? Will it rise in the future? Wang Jiameng opened his mouth wide, regretful in his heart. It would be good if he had promised his pursuit back then, and now he does not have to suffer.
“But Jiameng, you were right to refuse him back then. Although he is doing well now, he is still a lot worse than your husband.” The slightly fat young woman laughed. Although Zhao Youbing was doing well, but the coal boss still didn’t. Comparable.
Wang Jiameng’s face was stiff, if she really had a coal boss husband.
“However, among the sixty-odd people in our class, the best person is Xu Dongliang.” The fat young woman seems to be a knowledgeable person and knows everyone in the class.
“Xu Dongliang?” Upon hearing the name, a touch of inexplicable color flashed across the eyes of several young women.
If Xia Mengyao is the dream lover of all boys in the college class, then Xu Dongliang is the dream male god of all girls. Several young women in the field, more or less, have fallen in love with Xu Dongliang, but unfortunately, Xu Dongliang’s eyes There was only Xia Mengyao.
“Where does Xu Dongliang work now?” Wang Jiameng asked. She was also one of Xu Dongliang’s admirers, but Xu Dongliang threatened that it was not Xia Mengyao not to marry in this life. Because of this, she still hated Xia Mengyao.
“Go to work? People don’t go to work now.” The fat young woman shook her head, and said: “He now runs a clothing factory by himself. As a boss, I heard that there are only three or four hundred workers under his hand.”
“Three or four hundred?!” Several people were surprised.
“Well, they are no longer in the same class as us. His clothing factory has an annual net profit of more than 30 million. It has recently received strong support from the government, and even has a relationship with the Liu family.” The fat young woman envied it. Dao, most of the people in the field have an annual salary of only one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand. Even Zhao Youbing, the best player, has an annual salary of only one million, but compared with Xu Dongliang, he is not on the same level.
Wang Jiameng is also full of taste. If there was no Xia Mengyao back then, maybe she could be with Xu Dongliang. After graduation, she wouldn’t have to be deceived, let alone live the hard life like this.
“Li Xue, will Xu Dongliang come this time?” Wang Jiameng couldn’t help but ask. The first two reunions were attended by some little-known little people in the class. People like Xu Dongliang were simply Without showing up, if Xu Dongliang came this time, what she said would have to reconnect with Xu Dongliang and let Xu Dongliang help herself.
The chubby young woman Li Xue smiled and said, “Of course I’m here. Not only will Xu Dongliang come this time, but he has booked the place for our gathering this time.”
“Huaqi Mansion.” Li Xue said.
“Huaqi Mansion?” The women’s eyes widened. That place is the most high-end restaurant in Jinling. The chef inside was once a chef in a Michelin three-star restaurant. The average consumption per capita was as low as 3000 or 4000. A better meal may even exceed 10,000.
Will Seo Dongliang really please?
You know, there are more than sixty people in the class. If they are all over, it will be hundreds of thousands. No matter how rich Xu Dongliang is, he can’t help spending such a squandering. What should I do if I pay for myself?

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