Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1100

Chen Feng sternly said: “Can’t you see that they have encountered some problems, so they will invite the old man to go back now. They need someone who can make a final decision. They must be too noisy. If you are past now, you will fall into it yourself. Go into their whirlpool, and they will even be against you.”

Xue Leng could naturally think of what Chen Feng could think of, but she still chose to do it.

Xue Leng said, “I didn’t do this for myself, but for grandpa.”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect this to be the reason, but even for this reason, Xue Leng shouldn’t go.

Chen Feng said, “Since you are for the master, then you can’t go anymore. Why do you think the master hasn’t been back for so many years, or even talked about it with anyone, who said he had contacted him, but who knows him? Is it true? This shows that even the master doesn’t want to have any contact with there. Why can you make this kind of decision for the master.”

Chen Feng didn’t know whether Xue Leng had considered these things, but he had to tell Xue Leng what he thought of, so that she could not go to that place like a quagmire.

Since no one who came could prove that the old man had passed away, the other party had 10,000 reasons to make things difficult for Xue Leng, making his words less true.

Xue Leng thought about it, and said, “I’m just going to tell them, as for the others, I won’t pay attention to it, and after speaking, I will leave.”

Chen Feng has already said so much, but Xue Leng is still the case, and Chen Feng is helpless.

He looked at Xue Leng with a sigh, and asked, “Have you really decided?”

Xue Leng nodded, she didn’t seem to care about the things Chen Feng said.

“I just wanted to go with you, but I really still have something to deal with, so…”

Xue Leng said, “You don’t need to do this. It’s something that I decide by myself. There is no need for you to bear anything.”

Chen Feng didn’t want to show anything in front of Xue Leng, he just felt that if he was in this kind of thing, at least the Wu family might look at his face and wouldn’t do anything excessive.

But he really couldn’t follow.

The two returned to the middle-aged man again. He was afraid that Xue Leng would regret it earlier, so he hurriedly asked, “What happened just now?”

Xue Leng said: “I will help you to make it clear, and grandpa is kind to me, I just do something within my power.”

The middle-aged man sighed, “You must have a good relationship with the old man.”

Chen Feng was a little helpless, but since Xue Leng made a decision, he always had to respect her decision, so he didn’t say much.

“Then I will leave.” Chen Feng said to Xue Leng, like a hello, but it was more of a farewell.

Xue Leng looked at him and nodded, but did not say goodbye.

Chen Feng left the city where the old man was, and he immediately found Lin Lu. He only said a few words to Lin Lu about that batch of gold. Lin Lu was deciding all other things.

So, he wondered what happened now.

“Mr. Chen!” Lin Lu always wears a professional suit in the company. It looks very formal and also makes people feel serious.

After all, she is the vice president of the company, and it is necessary to establish a serious image in the company.

Chen Feng looked at her and said, “Sit down.”

I was already familiar with Chen Feng before, so Lin Lu was not polite, and she sat directly opposite Chen Feng.

“What did you do before, how are you doing now?” Chen Feng also asked directly.

Lin Lu is also a person who achieved the position of vice president relying on her ability. She quickly analyzed the current gold jewelry market for Chen Feng, and has begun to try to communicate with various jewelers in the past few weeks. NS.

And seeing everything in order, Chen Feng was very happy.

“It’s really hard work for you. If it weren’t for you, things wouldn’t go so smoothly. When this matter becomes formal, I will let Mengyao take you off for a few days, so that you can relax. Of course, there are bonuses.”

When Lin Lu finished speaking, Chen Feng smiled at her.

Lin Lu humbly said, “This kind of thing is my own business, Mr. Chen doesn’t need to be so polite.”

Chen Feng shook his head quickly and said, “This is not a matter of our own. This is a personal matter that I imposed on you, but you have done so well for me. I must thank you.”

Lin Lu no longer declined, and she deserved it herself.

But at this moment, the office door was knocked. Naturally, this came to Lin Lu, but Lin Lu turned her attention to Chen Feng. Chen Feng is one level higher than her here, and she also consulted Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said, “You don’t need to care about me. You are in charge of everything here, and we have already talked about things, so I will be fine.”

When Chen Feng finished speaking, Lin Lu shouted to the door: “Come in.”

The door was opened, and the manager of the personnel department came in, Zhou Chen, this time at least he knew he was going to knock on the door.

Chen Feng thought, this time it should not be a matter of blocking the door anymore.

After Zhou Chen came in, he greeted the two of Chen Feng, and then hesitated, “Mr. Lin, the people from Dafu Jewelry are going to return the goods.”

When Lin Lu heard this message, her brows immediately frowned, and she asked, “What’s the situation? Haven’t the previous contracts been negotiated? They will let a part of the counter come to us.”

However, Zhou Chen didn’t seem to be able to explain clearly. He just said: “They seem to have breached the contract for no reason, and they have already agreed that they will pay us liquidated damages.”

Lin Lu thought for a while. Since she is doing things in accordance with the contract, she can only do this. Although it is a large amount of liquidated damages, it is naturally worse than the future benefits.

“The plan over there will be cancelled. After all, we still have other counters to sell.” Lin Lu told Zhou Chen.

But just after finishing talking, another clerk came over. She was a little panicked. She didn’t even say hello, and said directly, “Mr. Lin, the people of Fu Liu will also return the goods.”

Hearing this message, Lin Lu couldn’t sit still completely. She stood up and asked, “Are they also directly breaching the contract?”

The girl nodded in panic.

But naturally, everything that happened could not be just a coincidence. If it was just a coincidence, it would be too coincidental.

But after all, Lin Lu is someone who has experienced big scenes. She shouldn’t be alarmed by this kind of thing. She said to the two people at the door: “I see. If there is any information, you don’t need to inform. Come over, make statistics, and then contact the other party to find out what is the reason, try to keep it, if it doesn’t work, then discuss it.”

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