Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 111

As if he could see what everyone was thinking, Li Xue smiled and said, “Don’t worry, in our opinion, hundreds of thousands may be a lot, but in the eyes of Xu Dongliang, hundreds of thousands are not money at all. The garment factory can earn it back in a few days.”
Li Xue’s words dispelled the doubts of several women, and also made them excited. That is Huaqi Mansion, where a meal can be enjoyed in the circle of friends for a year.
Wang Jiameng is also very excited. This time she must seize the opportunity. In any case, she must find a way to hook up with Xu Dongliang, even if she is a junior for Xu Dongliang.
Although she has been unsatisfactory in the past three years, her figure and appearance are still very good, especially her figure. When she was in college, she was famous for having big breasts and fat buttocks. There are many boys in the class. Regarding her as an adulterous object, secretly using her photo to fly a plane, her figure is her biggest capital to seduce Xu Dongliang.
“By the way, Xia Mengyao, the shameless fox, won’t she come over?” At this time, someone finally remembered Xia Mengyao.
“Probably not, she didn’t attend the party in the first two years.” Someone hesitated. When Xia Mengyao was in college, he was almost the public enemy of all girls, and a mountain that weighed on all girls.
And because Xu Dongliang had madly pursued Xia Mengyao, if Xia Mengyao came this time, Xu Dongliang would not even have a look at them. At that time, they would like to have a relationship with Xu Dongliang, but it would be difficult.
“She will come this time.” Wang Jiameng said with a somewhat ugly expression. If Xu Dongliang doesn’t come, then she would be happy to see Xia Mengyao coming. She can show other students how miserable the school flower back then is. , But when Xu Dongliang came, she didn’t want Xia Mengyao to come, because Xia Mengyao would steal her limelight, it would be difficult for her to hook up with Xu Dongliang again.
“Jiameng, how do you know that the sorrowful fox will come? Didn’t she always have no face because her husband delivered food?” Li Xue asked curiously.
“I saw her in the hospital the day before yesterday…” Wang Jiameng did not conceal the fact that she met Xia Mengyao in the hospital the day before yesterday. However, she was vague about the reason why Xia Mengyao was beaten and did not say clearly. Her purpose is very simple, I hope people like Li Xue can think crookedly.
“I got slapped a lot? Hahaha, but the sky has eyes.” As soon as Wang Jiameng finished speaking, someone burst into laughter.
“Is that Sao Fox hooking up with someone else’s husband? How else would he be beaten by another woman?” Wang Jiameng’s guidance worked. The same women, especially married women, are very sensitive to this kind of thing .
“It must be that her own husband is a notorious trash. She is not reconciled. She ran to hook up with someone else’s husband and it’s normal to do three things for others.”
“That’s it, don’t look at her fashion in school than anyone else, but in fact she is a sorrowful fox. She can do anything if she initiates a sorrow.”
“Bah, shameless, really shame on our school.”
“I don’t know what those men like her, this kind of slut, if you marry in, you won’t be able to cuckold you every day.”
“Her trash husband, the top of her head must be green now.”
Seeing that many girls unexpectedly reached agreement on this matter, Wang Jiameng couldn’t help but sneered. Her goal was half achieved. Rumors, such things as more people, will become the truth.
So many people say that Xia Mengyao is a junior, and it will definitely reach Xu Dongliang’s ears. She doesn’t believe that Xu Dongliang will still be interested in a married junior.
“This time her husband will also come with him.” Wang Jiameng brought the topic to Chen Feng again.
“Her husband? A stubborn takeaway, come to join in the fun! Aren’t you afraid of embarrassment?”
“It’s not that I heard Xu Dongliang is going to treat guests at the Huaqi Mansion, so follow me with a faceless expression.”
“It’s really possible. After all, food delivery like her husband can’t afford a meal at Huaqi Mansion with a month’s salary.”
“The thought of having a meal with a takeaway delivery made me sick.”
“According to that sentence, it’s not a family, don’t enter the house, these couples, one is a shameless sorrowful fox, and the other is a scumbag, they are a perfect match.”
“Don’t say that. I saw her husband the day before yesterday. It’s just a shabby dress. Others are okay. Besides, Xia Mengyao also said that she likes her life very much and doesn’t dislike her husband as a takeaway.” Wang Jiameng’s hypocritical way.
“Hahaha? Don’t dislike it? Xia Mengyao, this stinky bitch, really knows how to pretend. If she doesn’t dislike that her husband is a takeaway, I will eat this telephone pole.”
“Huh, she was so arrogant back then that even Xu Dongliang refused. She thought what kind of super rich second generation she would marry after graduation. In the end, she married a takeaway foodie, which made me laugh.”
“That sorrowful fox, I guess my regretful intestines are all blue at the moment, or else she wouldn’t be eager to come over to join a class reunion, she must still want to hook up Xu Dongliang.
“That’s right, today we have to guard against this shameless fox. If she dares to make a molestation, she will interrupt her shameless hoof when she hooks up with Xu Dongliang.”
“Yes, Xu Dongliang is still single now, and he must not let this sorrowful fox harm him.” Li Xue reminded.
Everyone, you and me, seem to regard Xia Mengyao as the enemy of life and death.
At this time, several Audi A4s and Volkswagen stopped at the school gate, and other students in the class also arrived.
A few women just glanced at the model of the car, and then withdrew their gazes. They were not interested in who was sitting in the car. It was not Xu Dongliang anyway.
Because it is impossible for Xu Dongliang to drive this class of car.
Generally, those who drive this kind of one hundred thousand two hundred thousand and two hundred thousand cars are usually mixed after graduation. This kind of person is unknown in the class when he is in school, and it is almost the same when he leaves the society.
After a few men got out of the car, Wang Jiameng and Li Xue greeted a few women happily.
As for some taxis, Wang Jiameng and the others are not even interested in saying hello.
The essence of the class reunion is to cheer up those who are better than yourself. As for those who are inferior, who cares about you?
“Everyone should be here. Now that we are here, let’s find a place to eat first.” A gentleman with glasses suggested. His name is Zhang Jun, who was also considered a man in the class back then. He looked handsome. He also plays the guitar well, and he was a well-known figure in the class in the past.
But today, no one responded to his proposal.

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