Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1122

At that moment, Chen Feng seemed to understand something, but he felt as if he didn’t understand anything. If he had to say this state, it was just that Chen Feng was in a state of enlightenment.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Although what you said is very mysterious, I don’t want to leave this to you. Anyway, you know more than I do.”

But Liu Xing shook his head and said, “I may be able to do other things for you, but this kind of directionality problem, I can’t be the master, I can do what I want in my field, but this kind of leadership The things that can be decided, he is like a goal, if I just try to accomplish this goal.

So, Mr. Chen, you must seriously think about your future goals. If you just want to become the richest man in the world, I will also find a way for you to accomplish it. ”

Chen Feng was a little surprised, and said, “Are you a bit exaggerated? I really never thought about becoming such a rich person.”

But Liu Xing said seriously: “I don’t feel exaggerated. If a person is penniless, if he wants to reach that position, I still have to persuade him to be more practical. But Mr. Chen, you are different. You only need to use the wealth you have. If he gets it, the speed of his appreciation will be terrifying, because money can attract money, he just lacks a reason, and this reason can also be bought with money.”

Reasons can be bought with money, and reasons can produce money. Isn’t that endless?

Chen Feng looked at Liu Xing curiously, but his expression was telling Chen Feng that he was not joking, and Chen Feng had to seriously think about what Liu Xing was talking about.

There was a long silence, and Liu Xing didn’t bother to bother him, just drank coffee and watched.

Chen Feng said: “I may not be able to understand it for a while, but I will think about it. When I almost know it, I will tell you what I think, which is the goal you mentioned.”

Liu Xing finally smiled and said, “Mr. Chen is bothered, but I think I will be your most loyal executor.”

Chen Feng looked at this loyal guy in front of him. Chen Feng didn’t know if it was correct to bring him from Demon Capital to Yenching.

“Well, you just got off the plane, and now you have told me so much, I don’t dare to bother you to take a rest. You take a good rest for a while. After two days, you think you can go to work. I will take you to the company again. .”

Chen Feng was kind, but Liu Xing waved his hand and said, “It won’t take that long. I think tomorrow will be fine. I’d better familiarize myself with the environment earlier. I even thought about where to start and go more for President Chen. Solicit a few talents over here.”

When Chen Feng heard his words, he remembered that this guy’s current job is to manage personnel.

“Well, I’ll come back tomorrow and take you to the company.”

Leaving Liu Xing’s place, Chen Feng wanted to go straight back, but he thought that he had already dried Lu Xin for a week, and he was going to take a look. Chen Feng is also sorry to Xu Fu.

At the high-end residential building closest to the city gate on the Ring Road, what Chen Feng started thinking for Lu Xin was to buy a better place. After all, this woman is a rich man like Xu Fu, and Chen Feng doesn’t have to make her feel that I have treated her badly, and it is not worth much in itself.

When the car entered, although it was only a Mercedes, it might look shabby in this high-end community, but fortunately, the guard at the door did not stop it, but just made a registration.

Chen Feng came downstairs to Lu Xin’s house according to his memory, and there happened to be a parking space, and he stopped in without much thought.

I got on the elevator and pressed the floor. A young mother and a little girl walked in at this moment. The elevator was about to close. Chen Feng extended the time for them, so after the woman came in, she smiled at Chen Feng slightly. , Said thank you.

The girl looked at Chen Feng and curiously at the basket of fruit in Chen Feng’s hand. Chen Feng bought it to Lu Xin on the side of the road. Chen Feng also noticed and took one from the banana inside. Handed it to the girl.

The young mother hurriedly refused: “The child is just looking greedy, no need.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “The child wants to eat, and I have already broken it off, so I can’t pretend to put it back.”

Although the woman refused, her gaze at the girl was clearly what she wanted, but she didn’t dare to take the initiative.

The young woman thought about it for a while, then stopped rejecting, and said to the girl: “Uncle gives it to you, so you can go on, but you have to say thank you to uncle!”

Hearing her mother’s consent, the girl immediately laughed, took the banana in Chen Feng’s hand, and shouted thank you uncle to Chen Feng crisply.

Chen Feng also smiled at the girl.

The elevator stopped quickly. Chen Feng arrived first. He walked out and happened to see Lu Xin waiting for the elevator.

“Why are you here?” Lu Xin was also surprised to see Chen Feng appear, she asked.

“Come and see you.”

“Don’t you want to have more contact with me?”

Only then did the elevator doors close, but Chen Feng might not have seen the surprise on the face of the young mother in the elevator.

Chen Feng said, “I haven’t said that before, and you don’t have to think I’m repelling you.”

He carried the fruit and was about to go into the house and say, “If you are not an important thing, then go back first, and you will do it after I’m gone.”

Lu Xin said, “Why do you want me to wait for you to go? I’m going to do it now.”

Chen Feng looked at her, knowing she was arguing with herself, thought about it, and said lightly: “That’s OK, you can hold the fruit, I’ll go back, and I won’t bother you anymore.”

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Lu Xin’s attitude changed immediately.

“Go back and talk later.” After speaking, she turned back.

Chen Feng gave a wry smile and followed.

When you enter the room, you can see the scenery of Fragrant Mountain directly across from the large French windows of four or five meters high. At this time, it is the season to watch Fragrant Mountain. Naturally, you can see the red maple of Fragrant Mountain, stained with the color of the mountain forest.

Going down the stairs, Chen Feng asked, “How is life here? Is there anything else I need?”

Lu Xin didn’t speak, but seemed to be angry with Chen Feng. He took out a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet beside him, and walked to Chen Feng with two goblets.

Chen Feng, who looked at Xiangshan, turned around and saw that Lu Xin was about to drink, as if he still wanted to accompany him, he frowned slightly.

“Your life is like this, you have to drink during the day?” Chen Feng asked coldly.

Lu Xin said, “I just want to drink it. I don’t usually drink.”

Lu Xin didn’t know why. Seeing Chen Feng was a little unhappy, she hurriedly explained it.

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