Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1121

Back to Yenching, everything is like returning to the ordinary and comfortable life.

He asked someone to arrange a house for Lu Xin, and Chen Feng didn’t care, but he directly let Lu Xin choose a house of tens of millions.

It took a week for Liu Xing to come to Yanjing, and Chen Feng personally picked him up.

Liu Xing was still a little moved. He knew that Chen Feng really valued him, so he might also be serious about the future.

The two sat in the rear seat of the BMW. Chen Feng asked, “Since you have come to Yanjing, the entire Yanjing is where you can display your talents. Are you ready?”

Liu Xing touched his forehead and brushed his fingers across the black band of the left eye mask. He smiled and said, “Is President Chen just looking at Yanjing? Yanjing radiates the entire China, so his pattern should be. It’s the entire China, from the southeast to the northwest, and then from the northeast to the southwest. There is no area where business can be developed.”

Chen Feng laughed mockingly, but his own pattern was a little bit smile.

“I do whatever you want. I never care about this. I am different from Xu Fu. He has a heavy attachment to wealth, but I just think it’s good to have money. You make money for me, I pay you salary, and even you lose money. I won’t bother you if I get the money, it’s yours for you.”

Liu Xing was stunned. He never thought that his new boss would be such a person.

The whole world is a world of assets, and you are the uncle if you have money, and Chen Feng doesn’t seem to be joking anymore.

Liu Xing smiled and said, “What if I lose President Chen’s company?”

Chen Feng was also stunned, and then smiled: “If you really have this ability, then I admire you, it’s not a simple matter.”

Liu Xing agreed with a smile.

The car stopped at the door of the hotel, and Chen Feng just rented Liu Xing a long-term suite here.

“I think you are just a person. If you arrange a house for you, you may not be so convenient. After all, you are a big man and your life will not be so meticulous after all. So I still choose to rent a suite for you in a hotel, where you can eat and drink. Here, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Liu Xing did not expect Chen Feng to be so thoughtful.

“This is just right. On the road, I was still thinking what to do if I live alone?”

“Should I go in and have a look now?”

“It’s fine to wait for my own past. Before I do it again, I want to talk to Mr. Chen about my plans for the future.”

Chen Feng looked at him curiously. He had just arrived at Yanjing, and he had already completed the plan. He smiled and said, “I didn’t want to pay attention to it. If it’s so positive, then I’ll just listen, but I can’t guarantee whether it’s good or bad.”

Liu Xing naturally wouldn’t take Chen Feng’s polite words seriously, he still took it seriously, took out a file folder from his bag, and then handed it to Chen Feng.

Sitting in the lobby of the hotel, people come and go, the specifications here are very high, and people who come here are rich, so even in the lobby, it is still quite quiet, and talking about things has no effect.

Chen Feng looked at the folder on the white cover, took it, and took a casual glance, but it was a bit too written. Chen Feng said, “You should talk to me roughly.”

Liu Xing nodded, and said, “In fact, I haven’t been idle this week. I did some surveys on Mr. Chen’s family business. Although it was not detailed, I still saw some problems.”

Chen Feng curiously asked, “Oh? Did this show you the problem?”

Liu Xing was outspoken and didn’t worry that Chen Feng was annoyed. He said: “There is a problem. President Chen’s company is very large. Only through some explicit information, there are more than 600 companies under the name of President Chen. Some are emerging companies, but some are in a state of long-term losses, such as Kehua Trading.”

Although Chen Feng knew that he had a lot of companies, he did not expect that he would have so many. This matter was actually known through an outsider today, and Chen Feng himself felt a little ashamed.

But when Liu Xing talked about a company, Chen Feng knew a little bit. It seemed that an uncle in the family was in charge, but as for the loss, he would be satiated.

“Then what do you want to do, these things are not just as straightforward as Xu Fu. I also have to worry about some emotions in the family. So I don’t think it is relevant to the transfer of necessary benefits.”

Liu Xing seemed to have guessed Chen Feng’s attitude a long time ago. He nodded: “I have no opinion if President Chen is willing to support these people, but in general, he still needs to be restricted. After my investigation, I found that they are not only in the family. Such bad debts in the company even affect other affiliated companies. If the atmosphere is allowed to form, when President Chen really wants to govern, it will be difficult.”

Chen also knew that he should not be alarmist. After thinking about it, he said, “Let’s do it for you. Don’t do it too harshly. As your current personnel officer, deal with some people and just be a warning.”

Liu Xing originally thought that was not the case, and he was willing to cut the mess quickly, but since Chen Feng had said so, he could only nod his head.

“These are just some of what I have seen. As for the others, I want to wait until I get in touch with them.”

“Yes, you can do it without worry, I will support you.” Chen Feng smiled.

But Liu Xing did not laugh, but still said earnestly: “But what was just now is just the beginning. The real plan is still about future planning. Although the Chen company I have seen has investment in emerging companies, even every time Following the direction of the wind, it’s a pity that he can’t be the first person to eat crabs, which means that he will never do much.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Isn’t it okay? As long as you live there, you can always make money. It’s just a question of earning more and earning less.”

Liu Xing shook his head and said, “If it’s just making money, I think Mr. Chen already has a lot of money. Even if Mr. Chen spends ten lifetimes, he may not be able to spend it all. Does Mr. Chen really care about making money? The annual profit is even a small part of Mr. Chen’s funds. What is the point of this?”

Chen Feng was stunned. He looked at Liu Xing and seemed to be thinking about Liu Xing’s problem.

Meaning, he never thought about it.

Money is used, and money is only used to spend. This may have a simple meaning.

But listening to Liu Xing’s words, it didn’t seem to be that simple. He looked at Liu Xing suspiciously and asked, “What’s the point?”

Liu Xing said indifferently: “Money is a tool, not a pursuit. Money is only used to complete one’s future, not to sacrifice one’s future for money.”

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