Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1142

“You alone, I don’t worry about anything. Even if you do something, you are thinking of you in your heart. Do you think I can do anything with peace of mind?” Chen Feng said softly.

Lin Wanqiu also knew that Chen Feng felt sorry for herself, looked at him tenderly, and fell into his arms.

In the afternoon, Liu woke up to visit, and knew that Chen Feng had suffered a death while attending the banquet, so he came to care and condolences.

“This is really a rare visitor. A busy person like you still has time to come to me.” Chen Feng also teased.

Taking Liu Xing into the living room, Lin Wanqiu also came out to see him in the studio beside him.

“This is my sister-in-law?”

“This is Liu Xing, the very talented guy I often mention to you.”

“Hello, Mr. Liu.” Although Lin Wanqiu still has some sadness on her face, she still tries to make a smile in front of outsiders.

“Hello!” When Liu Xing and Lin Wanqiu met, they immediately turned to Chen Feng and said, “Mr. Chen, am I just a very talented guy in your eyes?”

Chen Feng just forgot his usual ridicule with Lin Wanqiu, and said it for a while.

He smiled and said, “For a moment, you are not only a very talented person, but also a very modest person.”

“This sounds better. It is really difficult to hear some compliments from your President Chen.” Liu Xing said with a sad expression.

Lin Wanqiu looked at it and smiled knowingly.

Chen Feng knew that Liu Xing was because he knew what happened to Lin Wanqiu at the banquet, so he deliberately became humorous and amusing Lin Wanqiu, and he was very grateful to Liu Xing.

After chatting casually about homework, after each laughed, Lin Wanqiu went back to the studio.

Chen Feng and Liu Xing sat opposite each other, the tea in front of them was made by Lin Wanqiu just now.

“How are those things done?” Chen Feng asked.

Although he is at home, Chen Feng still cares about his affairs in the company.

“Actually, I have almost grasped the general situation, but I have never known the identity of one person.”

Chen Feng asked strangely, “What do you mean? Is there anything else you don’t know?”

Liu Xing nodded, and said, “I actually know the information about all the executives in the Chen group through the personnel department. They don’t seem to have any contact, but it seems that it’s not that simple in terms of capital transactions. .”

“You mean they are colluding in secret?”

“It’s almost like this, but now there is no evidence, and I can’t find it. They sold the company’s internal data in exchange for excess profits. No matter how you think about this kind of thing, someone may be taking the lead, but who is this person? Who, I still can’t find.”

Chen Feng was also meditating. He thought that when he hadn’t taken care of him, it was at most some affair, but he didn’t expect that they would betray the company’s interests openly.

“Isn’t he a member of the company?”

Liu Xing thought: “Maybe it is, but the identity may not be as simple as it seems, otherwise the entire company will not be united, but no loopholes will be seen at all.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading ! Page 1 of 2

After Liu Xing finished speaking, both of them fell silent for a while.

In the end, Chen Feng broke the silence: “Come on with this kind of thing slowly. I never thought that I could turn the company’s affairs around in one step. Come on, have tea. I brought this back from Wuyi Mountain. There. All of the tea trees have a history of hundreds of years.”

Chen Feng picked up the cup himself.

A sip of tea in my throat makes everything cool.

Although Liu Xing felt that things were complicated, he didn’t really worry about what he could achieve now. After all, this kind of thing is a long-term job.

“Yesterday I saw the third son of Sun Tianxia, ​​Sun Yongxu. He seemed to want to sit in his father’s seat, so he came to Yanjing to look for my help.” Chen Feng suddenly remembered.

Liu Xing did not seem to be surprised at all. He just put down the cup and said, “The Sun family is now a bomb that may detonate at any time. Sun Tianxia is not dead now, but the few sons and daughters below him have already begun to stare at him. Fortune, although he has his own ideas, there are not many people who can really listen to him now, except for those old people who followed him from the beginning, new people who don’t want to stand in line early, and get more in the future. benefit.

As for this Sun Yongxu, I think he is helpless. His position is too awkward. There is no supporting force in the Sun family, and he can only seek help from the outside. ”

“Then do you think I should promise him?”

“I think I can give it a try. Even if this kind of person doesn’t get anything in the end, for us, it won’t lose anything. At best, it will only deepen the grievances between us and the Sun family, but what does it have to do? But it’s different for the Sun family, internal friction is the easiest thing to make a guy collapse.”

Chen Feng nodded, in fact, his thoughts are almost the same.

“Then I just want to respond to him.”

“Don’t worry.” Liu Xing waved his hand and said, “Leave him alone for two days. Only by letting him know who is the dominant party in this transaction can he finally succumb to us.”

Chen Feng smiled indifferently, and said, “Sure enough, people like you are going to torture people’s hearts.”

“I’m just doing such dirty things. As for the overall situation, Mr. Chen still needs to grasp it.” As he said, he didn’t forget to flatter Chen Feng.

Although this kind of praise is worthless, it still feels comfortable in people’s ears. Chen Feng shook his head and smiled.

If he knew that this matter was Liu Xing’s attention, Sun Yongxu might hate him to death.

But he also regarded this opportunity as the only chance he could stand up, so even if Chen Feng’s final result was rejection, he still had to wait until Chen Feng told him personally that day.

Everyone knows that the two sons of the Sun family are well-known geniuses. Regardless of demeanor, cultivation, or talent in business, they are all first-class talents.

But how many people know that there is actually a third son in the Sun family.

In the early years, he had deserted himself. The family didn’t have enough relationship with him and couldn’t get the love he deserved. He also felt painful. He was drunk in nightclubs and exposed beatings and rapes. So anyone who knew him would always It is an attitude of disgust.

But one day, he knew that even so, he still wouldn’t get anything. If one day, Sun Tianxia died, he would be the one who would definitely be abandoned.

He still clearly remembered what his elder brother said to him.

“You should be kicked out of Sun’s house forever.”

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