Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1147

So after leaving the club, Chen Feng still thought of Liu Xing.

He didn’t want to let this matter go to others, what he most wanted to do was to punish this guy himself.

And if he really wants to do this, Chen Feng is waiting for Liu Xing to take action. As long as Liu Xing breaks down those originally strong alliances, then he has the opportunity to ask him personally if he has done anything.

Chen Feng went to the company and wanted to see Liu Xing, but after asking, he knew that Liu Xing was on a business trip and had not come back in these two days.

Chen Feng was a little surprised, because he didn’t even know about Liu Xing’s business trip.

“Then he said when he will be back?” Chen Feng asked the female secretary in the personnel department.

“Mr Liu said he will be back next Monday.”

“What is he going to do, do you know?”

But the female secretary shook her head and said, “Mr Liu didn’t say anything.”

Chen Feng had no choice but to leave, but if Liu Xing was not there, then Chen Feng would not be able to do Huang Shengzhi’s affairs now, but if he just went to the last meeting, it would not cause any problems.

After all, he is still the big boss of the company.

But it is a pity that his big boss doesn’t know where the company’s resource allocation department is. He still found an employee and asked about it.

Maybe even that employee was a little surprised. Didn’t it mean that it was not the boss of the company who asked me just now, but an outsider who looks very similar to the boss.

Chen Feng can only be helpless.

According to the employee, Chen Feng came to the floor where the resource deployment department was located.

Looking at this, the employees are busy, people come and go, it seems that there is no free time at all.

Chen Feng felt curious, even if there are many deployment places, it is not the case for everyone.

He stopped a girl who was holding a file.

And the girl was a little surprised when she saw Chen Feng.

“Mr. Chen, what are you doing here in our department?”

“Just take a look, and talk to your Director Huang about some things by the way.”

“Director Huang is in his office, right there.” As she said, she pointed to a room to the side.

And looking at this girl, she seemed very anxious, even Chen Feng stopped her, she couldn’t calm down.

“Are you doing anything that is anxious?” Chen Feng asked.

“Yes, Mr. Chen, these data must be verified before get off work today, so…”

Naturally, what she meant was to hope that Chen Feng would not disturb her here.

But Chen Feng still said, “I’m so anxious, because is it necessary to use it?”

She shook her head and said, “It’s just a special regulation of the department.”

Chen Feng is a little strange. If he is really so busy, he needs to contact Liu Xing and ask him to recruit some people in the resource deployment department, so that he can share some of the pressure of these people, at least not in such a hurry.

He didn’t want to continue to stop him, so he could only let the woman leave, and he walked to the office the girl pointed to just now.

He knocked on the door politely, and then some old voice came from inside.

Huang Shengzhi is a person who is over half a hundred years old and will be able to retire in a few years. In fact, the company does not need to put him in this kind of decision-making position anymore, but more in the consultant position. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

But I don’t know why Huang Shengzhi has been in this position and has not been transferred.

“Come in.”

After hearing the sound, Chen Feng pushed the door in.

Huang Shengzhi was also a little shocked when he saw that the person coming in was Chen Feng. He hurriedly got up and came to Chen Feng and said.

“Mr. Chen, why are you here? There was no notice in advance.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Do I need to notify anyone in my company?”

There was some sarcasm in this remark, but Huang Shengzhi just pretended not to understand it.

“It is naturally unnecessary. I just don’t know what Mr. Chen is going to do when he comes to the resource deployment department. Do you want to check our department’s business? If that’s the case, I will immediately ask them to bring the latest work report. Have a look at Mr. Chen.”

Chen Feng waved his hand and said, “No, I’m not here to inspect. I just suddenly remembered that Director Huang seems to be the oldest person in the decision-making position in our company. So I want to ask Director Huang how hard it is to work.”

Huang Shengzhili let Chen Feng walk to the sofa inside, then talked on the phone and asked the secretary to bring in two cups of coffee.

He then sat down in front of Chen Feng and said, “Thank you, Mr. Chen. The current intensity is nothing to me. Although I am a little older, my body is not bad at all compared to those young people. . This is mainly because of my good diet and maintenance.”

Chen Feng nodded: “That’s good, but I am worried that the current job is not suitable for you.”

While talking, Chen Feng has also been observing.

After coming up to the age, the panel can be seen, wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, and age spots, these are all saying that his age is really not young.

And if you just look at him like this, you can actually feel some peace in your smile and think that he is a kind person.

But because of preconceived thoughts, Chen Feng looked at this guy but felt the hypocrisy of those smiles, and couldn’t believe that this guy would do that kind of thing.

The coffee was delivered and Huang Shengzhi said, “Mr. Chen, the manager Liu from the personnel department has been here for a long time.”

“What? It’s been almost a month.”

“Mr. Chen, in the past month, this manager Liu has actually done nothing, and even some personnel arrangements are not as serious as the previous one. I don’t want to veto Mr. Chen’s appointment, it’s just that I, as a company. The elderly people still hope that the company can be better. I really feel sad to see such a person in his position but doing nothing.”

He is playing the seniority card with Chen Feng, but Chen Feng can only endure it. If Chen Feng rebukes him loudly now, he believes that this matter will spread throughout the company tomorrow.

Once the atmosphere of a company becomes subtle, work efficiency will definitely decrease a lot.

“Is that so? But if it’s just a month to judge a person, is it too arbitrary? Let’s look at it.” Chen Feng said perfunctorily.

“Mr. Chen, one month is not too short. Just say that recently, in the first month, a manager of the personnel department had not even figured out the affairs of the company, so he applied for a business trip, but what did he do? , But didn’t tell anyone at all, I think he is just going to be lazy.

Mr. Chen, this kind of person staying in the company is a scourge, and we must never stay! ”

With that, he made a heartbroken expression, which made Chen Feng feel that he was really thinking about the company.

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