Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1155

“You don’t need to pay attention to him. He just can’t forget his previous days. Even when he gets home, he still has such a stern face, and he doesn’t know who he was shown to.”

Hearing what Lin Qiuniang said, Chen Feng could only smile awkwardly.

But because of Lin Qiuniang’s dismantling of the platform, Ye Haidong was a little annoyed. He angrily put down the newspaper in his hand, and then walked to the balcony alone.

Chen Feng looked at his back, a little at a loss.

Still Lin Qiuniang said, “Come and sit down, I’ll pour tea for you.”

“Auntie, I really don’t need it anymore.” Chen Feng just sat down and stood up and said, still quite cautious, but naturally this kind of thing was deliberately disguised, and he wouldn’t be really nervous in front of the other party. what.

“Sit down, just like at home, damn girl, I don’t know if that thing comes out.”

After speaking, he talked about Ye Ziqing again.

Ye Ziqing walked out with a bit of resentment, and put a large bag of French fries in front of Chen Feng.

“I really don’t understand how they can be so enthusiastic to someone who just met.” Ye Ziqing whispered beside Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I think they might be so enthusiastic because of you. Without you, they would only be a stranger when they see me.”

Ye Ziqing thought about it, and said nothing.

Lin Qiuniang brought tea, and then went into the kitchen to prepare lunch for noon.

Since it’s here, this meal must be eaten.

And Ye Ziqing and her mother began to whisper in the kitchen. Although Chen Feng couldn’t hear it, he knew that they must be talking about him.

While he was doing it, Ye Haidong walked over from the balcony. It seemed that he was embarrassed to come out because of Lin Qiuniang’s absence.

“The last name is Chen, right?”

Ye Haidong asked stiffly.

Chen Feng nodded and said, “Chen Feng, the peak of the mountain.”

“Well! The sea reaches the boundless sky, and the mountain climbs to the top. I am the peak. If you want to come, your parents want you to have lofty ambitions.”

Chen Feng could only smile, he hadn’t really thought that his name would still have this meaning.

“What are you doing now? I should have been out of school.”

Ye Haidong was talking, and Ye Ziqing came out of the kitchen and said, “Dad, there is someone like you.”

Ye Haidong seemed to have taken his daughter out of nowhere, and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with me?”

“When you come up, ask what they do. If it is not as easy as you, do you have to drive others away.”

“How is it possible, I’m just asking, isn’t this all right?” Ye Haidong said with his face.

In fact, even Ye Ziqing didn’t know what Chen Feng did, and Lin Wanqiu had never told them, so Ye Ziqing thought it might not be a good job, otherwise Lin Wanqiu must have shown off to them.

So she came out now naturally to relieve Chen Feng.

Chen Feng relieved the atmosphere and said, “Actually, I inherited the company from my family. I should be considered a small entrepreneur now.”

“Yeah!” Ye Haidong’s expression eased, and he said solemnly to Chen Feng: “It is a good thing to have money at home, but at this time character is especially important. When you are a business, you must also consider being serious and responsible. If you have money, you will start arrogant and extravagant.” This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Chen Feng thought about it, maybe he hadn’t received this kind of education for many years, and he even felt nostalgic for a while.

Hearing Chen Feng said that she had inherited the company, Ye Ziqing was quite surprised, but when she heard her father’s preaching attitude, Ye Ziqing was unhappy, and she was also afraid that Chen Feng would be bored.

“Dad, what he said is also a guest.”

Ye Haidong said, “What’s the matter with the guest, even if it is a guest, he is still a junior.”

Chen Feng nodded repeatedly and said, “Yes, naturally I still need to learn more from the seniors. After all, the experience of time is not easy to obtain by learning.”

Ye Haidong looked at Chen Feng with satisfaction, and seemed very satisfied.

But watching the two people sing a harmony, Ye Ziqing was very unhappy, and she went back to the kitchen angrily.

“It’s rare to see a humble young man like you now, and I can’t point you to anything else, but being a person is about integrity. I have always practiced this, but many people will praise it.”

“It’s really rare that people in this world can still pay attention to integrity. Nowadays, people’s hearts are impetuous, so many people are just looking at benefits.”

Ye Haidong looked at Chen Feng, the more he looked, the more he felt this guy’s appetite for him, and if Ye Ziqing agreed, then he had no opinion at all.

He stood up with a smile and asked, “Do you know how to play chess?”

Chen Feng said: “I can play a little Go, but I don’t have much contact with chess, so I can play it.”

Ye Haidong didn’t say anything, just walked under the TV cabinet, opened the drawer and took out a pair of Go.

Go itself is very simple, but the lettering on the side is impressive, not like ordinary people’s handwriting.

Seeing Chen Feng staring at those words, Ye Haidong said, “This is an old friend’s character. I looked like it, so I asked him to write a few for me. Songhai listens to Tao, it’s still very artistic.”

Chen Feng said: “Uncle’s friend’s words can definitely be called everyone.”

“Why, you also know calligraphy?”

Chen Feng said: “A few years ago, I studied with Master Liao Xiangjie for a few days. Although I didn’t learn too much of the essence of the master, I can still tell one or two if I look at it here.”

Ye Haidong hadn’t thought of who Liao Xiangjie was for a while, he just nodded, and then began to put the Go game on the coffee table between them.

“Are you holding black or white?”

But just after asking, he remembered who that Liao Xiangjie was.

“You just said Master Liao Xiangjie?”

Chen Feng knew that he finally remembered, but just nodded faintly.

“My family used to have some commercial propaganda contacts with the master, so the family let me learn calligraphy for two days. However, I have no talent, so I didn’t learn very well, and I didn’t get the true biography of the master at all.”

As long as you touch this kind of thing, it is already incredible, let alone learning calligraphy by his side.

That Liao Xiangjie can be said to be one of the best masters in the world of calligraphy. Now he is no longer writing, but as long as any pair of the previous characters is taken out, it is a treasure that many people are fighting for.

Even if Ye Haidong likes it, it’s just enjoyable to watch the photos, and I can’t get a pair at all.

Although Ye Haidong was shocked, as an elder, he couldn’t lose his temper in front of Chen Feng, so he slowed down. He just said, “This is your conviction. Just hold on to it.”

Chen Feng looked at him, but knew that there were still some things that could be seen.

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